Comfort Dogs Provide Hope After Tragedy in Orlando

The fluffy first responders flew down this morning.
4:09 | 06/13/16

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Transcript for Comfort Dogs Provide Hope After Tragedy in Orlando
Why did he do it it's a question many continue to ask one day. After the worst mass shooting in US history the FBI saying 29 year old Omar retain. Was likely inspired by foreign terrorist organizations. But the White House noting today that it is unlikely that one of those organizations directed this attack. We also learned this afternoon that mark T travel to Saudi Arabia on two occasions and once worked for the Florida Department of Corrections. Meanwhile the 49 victims were murdered the medical examiner has led and it 45. Of them and in the wake of this tragedy. A massive show of support that stretches from Orlando to cities in Europe to white here. In New York we have several reports tonight beginning with Eyewitness News reporter Josh I never. It was live and all I'm Josh. Yet Dave it's filling up here a lot of the media and at a location where there's going to be a large. And really the first official vigil that the city of Orlando has had since this tragedy first unfolded early. Sunday morning. Let's turn around a little bit to your right David meet me over here this is a lawn in front of the performing arts center which is right side at City Hall in the middle of downtown Orlando they are expecting. That starting at around 7 o'clock they're going to happen. Thousands of people possibly killing this long this is a city that tonight is searching for solace. I'm just worried about money available almost 36 hours after the siege on that night club 36 hours with no word. We only knowing he was there and whenever his Pleasanton he was gone. To Lisa Lia out drove through the night her stomach filled with dread to this makeshift family center in downtown Orlando prepared to hear the worst about her brother frank Hernandez. All day families walked in that way and left in shock. Volunteers linking arms around them to get them home. In Frank's case shortly after a Stanley arrived his name appeared on the list of the dead. Our hearts. Are broken in the week. For the people who were lost in Orlando. Those wounded and their families. Today the director of the FBI address the growing investigation into this weekend's mass slaughter. And for the first time revealed that when Omar Mateen stormed the pulse nightclub he connected not once but three times within 911 dispatcher. He called and he hung up. He called again and spoke briefly with the dispatcher. And any hung up. And then the dispatcher called him back again and they spoke briefly so there are three total calls during the calls he said he was doing this. For the leader of iso who we named and pledged loyalty to. Meanwhile federal investigators today revealed the teen was armed with two weapons of assault style rifle and a handgun both purchased legally in Florida in the past week a third gun turned up in the car he drove to the nightclub minutes before the bloodbath began. Coming here. They've got on the lunar Mendez wasn't that pulse that night but she didn't lose to friends there and almost two more. Today at the family center she met this Golden Retriever one of a group of comfort dogs brought in from seven states and for a few minutes this agonizing day. She had a reason to smock. Coming up real quick. I cried yesterday night I'd rather than have it right there's Courtney ended yeah. This is a Smart. All. And coming out now to this growing Memorial Day really started to take shape in the past. Maybe a couple of hours when this vigil was first announced the first official city vigil here. They are operating at a hash tag. One Orlando coming up but I wouldn't season at 5 o'clock we have new information it was revealed today about. Why authorities have waited as long as they did. Net between 2 in the morning when this siege started and 5 in the morning when they finally stormed. The premises and killed the suspect we'll have that and a lot more when I see you at five. But are alive and Orlando Josh anger channel seven eyewitness.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"The fluffy first responders flew down this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39829208","title":"Comfort Dogs Provide Hope After Tragedy in Orlando ","url":"/US/video/comfort-dogs-provide-hope-tragedy-orlando-39829208"}