Community comes together during ICE raid

Michael Bermudez helped children whose parents were arrested during a raid on undocumented workers in Mississippi.
2:21 | 08/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Community comes together during ICE raid
Let's get on the ground in Mississippi there with Michael Bermudez to see how. The community came together as it immigration officers where the going through the community and Michael we heard so feet. Report to us that kids were in school while parents from being arrested so how did this all unfold. Well yeah ER and the race around Ryan Clark. Mostly kids you know where obviously a school. Does the teachers were informed school reform so they were real good inning to keep home with somebody the any item that the music can be safe where it. I'm. Well it that was they did their part. As we still wonder where mom and ports I am saying Jordan Barnes a local. Business owner here or on the fitness center. He saudis where he said he you'd open door and allow kids to Kunming Indonesia shelter. In the last night out Saturday and meet meet up with you and get this in here end its brutal images. And she'll let them get information he ordered held. Or I'm food and the communities really came together are. We we we all were in what we did. It was not a big deal but yeah we did our part. Number edited a big deal of those kids though whose parents have been detained and it really seems like as you say the community. Mobilized. Jack direct I mean it Lewis was impressive for me this you way to community came here. It is to his mental lots of those kids. And with people from Texas running in. Opera and help people from California been calling me operated. Donations including school supplies and I think is biscuits I don't advocate who work three days you know most of them probably your ears supplies. And now with their parents are out there this ink or. Without a doubt that again and need help. As it is great to see and snatches the forum community it is horrible re not expect their verdict Arlington and help. Well Michael we appreciate you bringing us up to speed on the ground and Mississippi. Michael Bermudez. After the immigration raid saw unfolded in several counties in Mississippi.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Michael Bermudez helped children whose parents were arrested during a raid on undocumented workers in Mississippi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64859990","title":"Community comes together during ICE raid ","url":"/US/video/community-ice-raid-64859990"}