Community marks anniversary of Thousand Oaks shooting

Thousand Oaks, California, hosted a private ceremony for relatives of the 12 people who were killed in the shooting on Nov. 7, 2018.
2:49 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for Community marks anniversary of Thousand Oaks shooting
Did you think the senator and rescind prisoners at a birthday. Cope an anniversary or something. Right outside the door of border line are the faces of twelve lines that ended too soon. Some photographs of since feted at this memorial in Thousand Oaks. The countless notes hats and messages of love continued to a knife here from around the world. And one year later this once bustling bar and grill remains closed. For now. There were not political and we're gonna. Fight one way or the other find a new Lucas and attempts to remedy you know sort of rebuild this location does possible. If it was up to us we wouldn't we just awaiting other people to. Make decisions before we can. Borderline co owners Brian Hynes and Troy he'll sit before they can reopen. They're waiting on proper steps to be approved by the city insurance companies and the building's owner. Reconstruction is needed following the devastating shooting that unfolded inside on November 7 2018. At that my parents that they played a black candidate a black he blacked. Philip that the park. That evening hinds heard the gunfire as he was released to the parking lot and officers had swarmed the area this all kind of the mayhem the people trying to rally the other. And help each other. So it was definitely. Scary. And almost daily people continue to come here to pay their respects. This is clearly become a place for healing and while borderline remains close right now the owners have taken the victims' families inside. At their request. Because of Gymboree jumped over there that night. Some of him as a result vestibule inside got to understand until a lot of those walked who's gonna walk into the building and let them get their part of the clothes and they need. But the dance floor onto wanna go on the dance floor we've had people committed the first in the noose incidents they're doing that I. Troops home but. I've had people come back and say it is so abundant that night in the absence. Salute that's dealing for me. Their friends are also among the victims including Justin meek a promoter for the bar. Use those kind of guys that we just he wanted to be a part of borderline so bad and run the night it's that it. He would sit Astride that we wanted to hire the guy who can you know there are co workers they were friends. Some every day. And they say each of the victims' families agrees border line should reopen. There was more onerous on as a place to go where they felt safe so they can dance and they could entertain. I think it was kind of a getaway for a lot of people. Now it's deciding what should remain and what to change while keeping the heart a borderline intact. In Thousand Oaks brandy hit ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Thousand Oaks, California, hosted a private ceremony for relatives of the 12 people who were killed in the shooting on Nov. 7, 2018.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66839664","title":"Community marks anniversary of Thousand Oaks shooting","url":"/US/video/community-marks-anniversary-thousand-oaks-shooting-66839664"}