Community mourns Mollie Tibbetts

The small town of Brooklyn, Iowa, is remembering the 20-year-old student as the suspect in the case remains behind bars.
2:59 | 08/23/18

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Transcript for Community mourns Mollie Tibbetts
We're back now with new details this morning in the death of Molly tidbits as her accused killer made his first appearance in court Alex Perez is in Brooklyn Iowa fourth Alex. So many questions around this case are there any more clue. As to a motive here and to how this guy I was living and working in the US illegally. Well. Hey there Diane you know investigators are not telling us too much about a motive just yet they say this case is just beginning. Make its way through the legal systems reveal a lot of those he knows just yet but. We do know authorities say they suspect when he forgo Christian Rivera. They say he confessed the crime they say he followed Molly back in July 18 which for Ron. Followed her abducted her and then. He'll hurt dumping her body in a cornfield. The judge has ordered that he be held money five million dollar cash bond due back in court. Next week August 31. The idea of just. How much impact my activities happen this community there are signs like this one still up just about everywhere you looked in town. Missing Molly if it's these signs went up for weeks in the entire community. Played a role in putting them up because people here really is still connected to Molly her family she became a family member here. People wanted to see this story this case have a different outcome. Turn around a little bit here to show you if you walk around towns is downtown Brooklyn here these blue ribbons there's one resident that went through with these blue ribbons up. Just about every poll here that you see downtown and across town. There are signs. Molly reminders that so many people here wanted to find her now this story this case as really launched a political firestorm investigators. Have said that the suspect is in the country illegally he's from Mexico and that. The fact that he's here illegally has created a political firestorm president trump has been talking about this released a video and social media let's take a listen to. What the president had to say in that media. They person came in from Mexico illegally. And killed her. We need the wall. We need our immigration law is changed we need border laws change. Sit there and so many people here. Really just working on accepting the reality of this of course the immigration portion of a polarizing hot button issue we know from his employer dairy farmer here in the area based say that they've now learned. That the suspect they gave. Documents false documents. When he gained employment there so they thought he was somebody else he gave them a different name. Now there are they are also working on figuring out. Accepting all of this that happened. And expressing their apologies and well not really apology but expressing their condolences to the family of Molly its diet such as that story in so many questions still remaining counts for their worth in Brooklyn Iowa. Alex thank you.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"The small town of Brooklyn, Iowa, is remembering the 20-year-old student as the suspect in the case remains behind bars. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57359507","title":"Community mourns Mollie Tibbetts","url":"/US/video/community-mourns-mollie-tibbetts-57359507"}