Congresswoman says Trump made insensitive comment to service member's widow

Rep. Frederica Wilson says the president said to Myeshia Johnson her late husband "knew what he signed up for ...but when it happens it hurts anyway,"
5:25 | 10/17/17

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Transcript for Congresswoman says Trump made insensitive comment to service member's widow
Yes you are you sure you heard what he says that the president take you know he knew he was signing up. We fit. You know as a lump it to me that is something that you. Can say and a conversation. Still grieving widow and unknowns when you go to war. It need not come back live picture of him behind a grieving we look. At the and it. Is not it's sad that it is it's used in the sand. It's almost indicative of saying you know would you send them through investment you sing them. There's something like this can happen. When what the family wants to hear they want to hear words of encouragement. Words of how people what is essentially what did what his sacrificed him to this country. That you know which Hussein. Keeping the conversation and it. I didn't he. Any of that is what stood out in my mind that I didn't hear him tell our conversation. But when I was glad to find out what did confidence. If in the case she say that this kid. That stood out in every one's. Heart it cost. You don't think. The president of igniting it. This is so. Cool he saved his life like his country he hasn't all. And and our communities. That is an insult. Giving him time Miami Gardens community and Tarrant district wouldn't want that Miami Dade county and to this points. And I hope he did not think it. The other three. Congressman Wilson's directly. You would side. Yes. There aren't anything right minute conversation. He expressed his. Bad bad bad that way. And it's almost like if you are. And it. You don't have to answer it and it. Eric are you predicted I heard it. I heard him say that yeah. He designs he was on this because there isn't it. And you are part of this. So good morning. In the fire truck. My streets. All personnel saluting. This is they yell at me. We have yell at me and every day dying on the street. Sometime. We haven't all feel it. Catastrophe going on in that country. And Flores to graduate. From lease and a strong. Young man like this. With the family Hawaii and soon. And to move him on the battlefield. Is there it. Seoul. You're grieving. We're grieving. We're sad and hoping. For peace and comfort the mother. Children. Twenty. The whole family. And all of the young boys glad. For his eleven Brothers pulled every. So I'm. And we don't call. We don't experience this off. Well queen Julie experience. It hits us real hard. Every. Week she owns on all the time. And I very seldom every Yankee. So let David. Johnson. Was. And you. Praying. They definitely reach down. To the various police departments because we wanted to make sure that this young man. Got the honors that he deserves. That when his body came off of that plane that the family understood that he made the ultimate sack. Every law enforcement agency that we contacted. The fire depart. They were more than willing to participate. And as you could see they gave him the shower. When that airplane came in they started street by giving this hour with the fire trucks you saw the greeting as you came into the airport. This young man needed every time. That we could possibly bestow on him. All of the law enforcement agencies along the way saluting him. It's eluding the family and as we really easy and 95 to ten minutes of ground it couldn't have been more touching. Good to see that ship hit of all of the police department's landing here with the hands over their heart. To pay homage to someone who has given the ultimate sacrifice.

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{"id":50550166,"title":"Congresswoman says Trump made insensitive comment to service member's widow","duration":"5:25","description":"Rep. Frederica Wilson says the president said to Myeshia Johnson her late husband \"knew what he signed up for ...but when it happens it hurts anyway,\"","url":"/US/video/congresswoman-trump-made-insensitive-comment-service-members-widow-50550166","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}