Congresswoman urges peaceful protests, says Trump ‘needs to change his attitude’

Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Ohio, who was pepper-sprayed by police during an Ohio protest, discusses the unrest gripping the nation and President Trump’s response.
6:59 | 06/03/20

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Transcript for Congresswoman urges peaceful protests, says Trump ‘needs to change his attitude’
And for more on the protests and how cities across this country are handling them let's bring in congressman Joyce Beatty who represents the third district of Ohio thank you so much for joining us. Thank you glad to be here so you like to see law enforcement handled this moment in Ohio and Ed around the country. I think we need to see is a look and looking at the protocol most certainly we have all hit a lot of lessons learned. That there is a difference when people are protesting peacefully. And regain our prisoners coming in in strike Forrest and Wright moved. And I think they're two different approaches and attitudes America has been watching grass we he had seen what happens with. Turow we as. George Adelaide or whether it was Ahmad Aubrey born Rihanna Taylor or many people right here in Columbus, Ohio and so hopefully we would look dad. Different trying different class. Access is making we also need to look at who is actually a citizens review. I grew up in the air time when officers lived in the communities so. They knew the people and the people who knew them. That's no longer the case in many places so there is not their ownership in accountability. It's one remote one strategy. And we have to break that cycle because what's alone. Too many individuals in us so when African American man and women are down. Kind senseless thing. And I think the president comes language about quote domination and his dispersing the crowns last night in Washington DC's that he could take a picture in front of a church. I think it's just horrible. When the nation is lent by here and you have the person who should be the commander. In cheek is standing up higher. Is just awful but however say it is saying not surprise. While thousands are taking to the streets in peaceful protests were also seeing some violence and and looting how do you think that authorities should separate the bad actors from every 1000 what's acceptable use of force when people start to destroy things. Well I think you just said it best I think you do have to separate. Those who are protesting. Peacefully. Those who are but I. Rioting that followed the rules of the permits. It counts enacting those who are tearing cities and ruining. Small businesses and offices and that they saying. A government or other buildings. Street Dan and drastically different certainly. None of the last Clinton's own Bernice into airing we're NN. And useful new normal in our country be nine this we're in the middle of Kobe nineteenth. So we have a lot of things different lengths this time last year I wasn't wearing a mask. In gloves when I went. I wasn't voting on the house floor by alphabet in one person at a time so police officers are no tech brand new or I thank you have to change when change is needed. If you're to have the president's ear what change would you tell him. We need to act on immediately what would you advise him in this moment. He needs to change is so and it suit in his own governing strategy that's a very difficult question. For me to say about what gift to someone who has never. Demonstrated. That he wants to listen or that's he's reasonable. Or that he has the sense that man is what it takes to be president this let me be the first time that we had an accident matters that we can not. Call police what a president should want to do. I don't think he cares I don't think he would listen. This is the same man that he's made so many racial statements when you're alluding comes the shooting but watery curtains were devastated he threw them rolls of paper asks when. Cleats will immediately call them obese what does funds acts. They. He went across the street to take a total box with a bride well. And yet people were harms who were protesting peacefully and the list goes home. With the number of things so I can't tell you what acting I but he didn't say that he would. Listen to or did he wouldn't do it he runs this. Wonderful America. Through Twitter. Within itself tells you something. The same man and its saying that the corona virus was a hoax the same may end its own people to take Clorox. Liz slower. Really. That's what we hand as the commander in city. The you're in Columbus on Saturday when you experienced firsthand being hit with pepper spray by authorities was used to force where you were appropriate. I think for what happened at that station in where I was in a peaceful. Protest was unnecessary. And I think it was too much force needed catalyst spray certainly is not a rational. Well it was not directed directly in my face. If you are 68 or ten inches away from where it's directed in someone else's space. Are you all feel it. This nation come together in this moment in begin to heal. I think this nation kind of used to gather up by bringing all of us again hints at some point we have to seek you out. What the changes and that doesn't mean another white people or task floors below are. One of those things that we had repeatedly diamonds this is not new racism is still a lot of people steal our pool of cheap tricks much of that is because we have not kid changed. This is something that has been rated in. The despair these four black and brown people. Whether you look at the wealth gap in the economic inequalities. Living it housing education. Incarceration. And the list goes Owen Nolan and now even with Kobe night saints across the nation more. African Americans are dying from this. Now let's get our health care. African Americans don't always at every level have a primary position because they are underinsured or uninsured or they don't I don't stay here. So this is a systemic thing so we are all in our respective areas make a commitment to be intentional. About moving their needles away from discriminating. Alone waved from. Racial overtones. Did that is at least the first. Congresswoman baiting we thank you so much for your time. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Ohio, who was pepper-sprayed by police during an Ohio protest, discusses the unrest gripping the nation and President Trump’s response.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71034350","title":"Congresswoman urges peaceful protests, says Trump ‘needs to change his attitude’","url":"/US/video/congresswoman-urges-peaceful-protests-trump-change-attitude-71034350"}