Controversy continues over Trump holding altered storm path image

President Trump is facing backlash for displaying an inaccurate National Hurricane Center map showing Alabama could be hit by Hurricane Dorian.
4:33 | 09/05/19

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Transcript for Controversy continues over Trump holding altered storm path image
So we moved to Washington now where am president trump is also. He's been tweeting quite a bit about hurricane Dorian but for a different reason should we call it map gate to when he nineteen. The president defending a map he showed yesterday in the Oval Office that it accurately showed Alabama. In the path of the storms I want to bring in. Monaco's are add the at the White House the Mona let's just talk about his forecast. And this map and the way it was altered. Well I call this our negates out navigate and I have to steal that was Kimberly but. Honestly in the grand scheme of things this doesn't seem that important especially as hurricane Dorian is barreling right now towards the United States. But it does seem important president Ron to make it known why he said on Sunday that Alabama was set to be hit by the storm. So as the Carolinas prepare for Dorian to potentially make landfall the president today treated in part. In the early days of their hurricane certain model strongly suggested that Alabama and Georgia would be hit as it being hurricane Dorian. Made its way through Florida to the ball now the president. Repeatedly insisted that that was the case during a hurricane briefing on Sunday here in Washington the FEMA headquarters. Which prompted her and it response immediately from the National Weather Service that Bennett tweet it quote. Alabama will not see any impact from dory and we repeat no impact from hurricane dory and but then yesterday the president created again what I called Selby Ers surfing gate. We are calling amount gate when he at held up and not. The national it was doctored not from the national hurricane service. Senator excuse me where. You see there the Kona. But I believe they call at. The cone of uncertainty which was extended with what appeared to be a black sharply. Two that's right include Alabama when asked about the revisions to that not the president dismissed it saying I don't now I don't know but. You know it's important note also that it is a federal crime she'll. Falsely knowingly. Represented an official weather forecast the so far the White House isn't commenting. And when you when we asked him about it as well they are referring all questions. That the White House but it does seem again in the grand scheme of things when that hurricane Dorian is still an imminent threat. A little frivolous to be talking about a projection that happened last week. Absolutely none and drag them on I want you to stay with us but Greg you are also telling us that though the weather community was very. Upset about this what we noticed the second that that happens that something had been changed on the map I mean that press conference was even off over yet and we are trying to screen grab it and see what that was on the under the track because it didn't look anything like the five the outlook in. Well the reason that no up puts out just that five day outlook is because it gets really uncertain capacity of five you're talking about airs in the tractor to be 300 miles wide. So that's why they limited to five days and while maybe some of the early models did Shelley tracking in Alabama that was 67 where model averages for heirs or somewhere around 30350 miles so we don't want hope we don't warm people needlessly and you're right this does take away from the focus of the Carolinas where we should be focused now. Yes and none are you still with us yeah yes I just wanted to ask you before we go switching gears just a little bit the president is also. Diverting funds again from the military funds this time to that border wall. That's right the Pentagon announced yesterday that the secretary of defense. Has it didn't authorize a diversion of three point six billion dollars. In military construction funds to be diverted to fund the president's border wall half of that about one point eight billion. Will be front shifted from domestic projects. The other half from overseas projects. The biggest impact is set to be felt in Puerto Rico where about 400 million dollars. Sleet it for a military reconstruction after the devastation due to hurricane Maria. Will be should diverted to the border wall the White House says it's a matter of national security. But at this has sparked bipartisan backlash we even heard from Republican senators. From U top Michael the and that Mitt Romney who sad at that. They voice their concerns about the president sidestepping congress didn't like the fact that he by high the bypass congress in order to get the funds for his wall. Democrats were a little bit more skating and their objections. A group of senators from the senate appropriation committee said is that the president promised Mexico would pay for this wall not the military and their families Kimberly. All right Monica coasts are Abdi right there at the White House some thank you for joining us.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"President Trump is facing backlash for displaying an inaccurate National Hurricane Center map showing Alabama could be hit by Hurricane Dorian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65409566","title":"Controversy continues over Trump holding altered storm path image","url":"/US/video/controversy-continues-trump-holding-altered-storm-path-image-65409566"}