A conversation with Black women: Finding joy: Part 5

ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts leads a candid conversation with Yvette Simpson, Dr. Leah Wright-Rigueur and radio personality Angela Yee about turning pain into Black joy.
8:28 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for A conversation with Black women: Finding joy: Part 5
Wanna talk about something that I notice all the time and I'm just always constantly amazed how. Black people for centuries in spite of what we've gone through women in particular. Have somehow always figured out how to turn their pain in two meaning. How to make some way out of no way as many people used to say and managed to find joy in spite of it all. And you know we've talked about a lot of heavy subjects here today and things have been very hard. But we also have to talk about joy and I mean how do we keep going if we don't find joy so how do you find joy at. You know somebody said to me impart because I'm always saying you know speaking truth to power is my love language it is my mission to change that were thought of I'm not yelling that he body. I'm not doing my job because I had my you know my mission like this believe the world better. And I founded in the change the world for people and that takes real work me but I think the real joy in life is just lake. The idea that we can start to see the promise we can start this see the progress. And so you can be a progressive if you're not an optimist because you can't fight for world can lose and so I see these glimmers of hope you talked about it the end of gore me talking about. Watching Connolly Harris we are talking about the fact that. Finally people are real as in the black women are magic leg upstart magic ever glad you raven into. I'm back and he can't have this conversation today you know that brings me great joy and I think the promise. Tomorrow I think what I think about yet we just laughed at grace's top three. And the video that they did. The queen V now. And I watched that video and I realize I'm not alone. Indeed taking that case it did I mean it's just like I'm not alone ice I stand on great shoulders. I know that I have what it takes. And not in there are so many women who were cheering me on. That I know that the fifth to circle appeared dead that are going through it making it through every day just brings me to. And that's so important to us how remember when I was growing up and we have black history week. Before became Black History Month in the south. And I kinda hated it because you felt singled out a new had to do these projects about black people and it was always Mary McCloud Bethune and you know the usual but I have to tell you this year. This year or something has just really just lifted me because we are here is so much about joy. And trying to find something in the middle. Snacks so I have to say young people. Bring me so much of it. And I think they bring me joys and an a lot of different ways so certainly I'm believed by these young people who were participating in this movement in this march but there are doing the work they are not afraid to put their bodies in their lives on the line. And they do it with just so much you know the next thing with so much joy and I think I take joy from that the other saying I think really that is important for me. It's like the students that I have in my classroom. And I have to say it like there was a student who came up to me this a couple of months ago and had a black woman in my class of solar co teaching together she said after the class. I've never been in a classroom with two black women before mainland U black women instructors let alone one black woman district but two black women instructors and she is on the verge of tears and it was like. Why out waited secondly this is something baker this isn't all I think this moment and I think having that kind of energy and having that kind of joy is really important to me. And certainly I takes away from my family and my friends but my family has really just. Held me down. In the darkest of time this is been a very dark year for all of us and it's been a very you know burnhams and I think burdensome and and your were we've been forced. To adapt my mother comes over every single day and helps me with a smile and never complains about it. My grandmother drove miles rich in draft yet driven tissues a hundred. But you have to come nicer. Then. I don't I don't know pandemic is going to keep me from seeing my great grandchildren. And zone mass six feet this bands like. Over here held the baby up and on the stock but. That was like choice find so I think thinking about coming out on the other side of this men and being able to hug her. Being able to coast somewhere would my family members and my friends like. That's what gives me joy and that's what's keeping him motivated the emotional news hearings. And Hank and that you anything bringing you particular to a Norris it isn't hard to come. I think for myself everything that I do out sat having my nine to five jab at the back this kind of I costs I'm very intentional about doing businesses that benefit other people don't. And so even like they'd used by that brings me joy when people come up to me in LA county's not load eating habits and admire Brett bad blood pressure is normal now and things like that that means relaxing in the pipa tell me how their lives have changed us from being healthy aunt. And united is left Wednesday's saying it just being able to help people out financially and give them free help in MIAs things like that relieving me enjoy especially when people circle back around. And they tell me how eighties their lives. That's great you have to turn reached for any thing that just can give you spark. My 22 year old daughter is abroad in college. And you know we don't get to see each other that much and we talk up Chris on the phone will face time. But we started doing with the most social media thing look at is to Graham live hit and. Johnson went. Dream which is doing whatever. An actor bushel condi she's mom that just really lifted me. That lifted me so I think we just have to look for moments you know invented that can help lift us because. It's it is a very heavy time in I think it's black women you know we have often have that burden of finding a way out of no way but also somehow. Bringing something out of the paint. Yeah and I think that's him that's how it takes at the moment I think about the moments that I spend alone singing a stronger. Doing a dance. The moments when I just take a breath. You know and those are the ones that it think. I remember the most of internally a lot more. Before and after. So I have to say gang. As women who worked so hard to regulate across all classes are groups and avarice when he worked so hard. I'm taking joy in the idea of leisure who Manhattan. I like seeing a lesion. Yeah I was losing other black women's joy in being leisurely in like taking leisure and so precious so much to think of richness in that sound. Be leisurely being legally. Get it done in a bad and yeah whatever you have to do and that as a revenue. And baby video and that's media is just didn't have a blind masses get me through what I totally apparently lab didn't you need to pass right into sometimes on instant and I you find something and you just laughed out Lockheed and I knew the cat you know I'm not a cat yeah. And laughed out loud and I kept playing it's not the my daughter forbids me mom you can't know what else you watch. I'm not go to not do them. I hate that we will not be doing here if you didn't we will not be giving them I think. It just talking to like this and I missed this I can't assist with my girlfriends and joy in all of us have really just gotten to know each other for the first time we've seen each other that we have and then you know we haven't had a chance to meet each other puts this kind of thing we got to do more of this with a resume or whatever right hand as in particularly as black women we had a letter hair down and kind of remember right he got to. Find something that isn't worth living room for an excited about on a regular basis. I think what I love about our conversation today as they we talked about the joy in the pain and I think that is something that is so. Reminiscent of the black women experience that we have to live in these extremes and somehow navigate all of this sometimes that can come in one day. All while things there is going crazier ran out there you know you might go from real fears just a belly laugh at one moment and you've just got to give the Bruins. Think that is what I love about what we covered today in the conversation we had it since we know that there are a lot of black woman and we're gonna watch this and really relate. To that feeling having navigated a year chewing.

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{"duration":"8:28","description":"ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts leads a candid conversation with Yvette Simpson, Dr. Leah Wright-Rigueur and radio personality Angela Yee about turning pain into Black joy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76006994","title":"A conversation with Black women: Finding joy: Part 5","url":"/US/video/conversation-black-women-finding-joy-part-76006994"}