Coronavirus cases grow to over 1,000 in US

Universities are ordering students to stay home and take classes online.
29:21 | 03/11/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus cases grow to over 1,000 in US
Good afternoon I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us as more and more schools are closing and sending students home over concerns about the corona virus we want to make sure you have all the latest and most accurate information every day at noon we will meet you here on ABC news live to take your questions on club in nineteen. And get you answers from the experts you can send us your questions on Twitter at ABC news live or if you're watching and faced a live just add your questions of the comments. And we will answer as many as we can. First here's some the latest numbers from the John Hopkins tracking center more than 1000 cases of the virus are now reported in the United States with at least thirty deaths. More than 1000 schools have shut their doors affecting 775000. Students across the country. Eighteen states have also declared a state of emergency. And here in new York community just outside of New York City is under containment order right now numerous shell is believed to have the largest cluster of cases in the country. Now the National Guard is there with Johnson has more. Diane Governor Cuomo is calling this a dramatic effort to attack this outbreak at the source. Up to 200 members of the National Guard. All arrive here in New Rochelle tomorrow to help clean and sanitize schools public areas and even deliver food if needed. This morning New York ordering the nation's force containment zone as a number of those infected continues to climb. The governor deploying the National Guard to new Rachelle a suburban corona virus hot spot north of Manhattan. It is a dramatic action and this is literally a matter of life and death. That zone consisting of a one mile radius around the young Israel synagogue where dozens of people were exposed by that infected attorney. Schools and buildings that hold large gatherings will shut down for two weeks. But most businesses and grocery stores will remain open and people will be able to enter and leave the area you're not containing people. Its facilities. According to some residents many are staying home. It's empty I would air and I'm Eric usually every weekend running errands stores or anti. And don't want around. Among the new cases statewide to a school bus drivers testing positive. Across the country the death told rising to at least thirty at least eighteen states declaring a state of emergency. Washington State reporting at least ten nursing homes with confirmed cases infections in Massachusetts more than doubling. With the lease ebony of the cases connected to a Biogen employee conference held in Boston last month. And in Minnesota a thirty year old patient now in critical condition after experiencing flu symptoms and visiting a health facility last week but was sent home. Without testing. You have to start taking seriously what you can do now that if and when the infections will come. And they will cost concerns of this. Earning virus prompting a wave of cancellations. Including the New York City half marathon and Ivy League basketball tournaments. Popular music festival Coachella postponed it till October to avoid crowd contamination. Major companies like apple and Google in purging their employees to work from home. And universities like UCLA duke and Ohio State University or canceling in person classes. Harvard University forcing students to move out of the dorms and take on line classes. Instead but he that's not. Where credit virus is it pops an art capital. In the New York Times launching a deep cleaning of their newsroom in new York and DC notifying employees to stay home for fourteen days. After some New York Times staffers attended a conference in New Orleans. Where an attendee not with the paper tested positive for corona virus. Back here in New Rochelle the mayor is telling people that this is not going to become some type of militarized community. This is primarily a shutdown of schools and large gatherings most businesses will stay open and people can't come and go as they please Diane. All right wit thanks and one of the big concerns right now across the country is testing an ABC news analysis shows just over 7000 tests have been administered in the US. As opposed to 200000. In much smaller South Korea. ABC news correspondent Steve Mohsen Sami has more from Atlanta Steve is live. From outside of the CDC and seen I just wonder what is the CDC saying about these testing numbers. Well I think they're trying to get out as many of these tests as I possibly can as you mentioned that date. Have put out to about 7000 tests and you know one thing about that number that need to be understood is that that is not saying that there have been 7000 people who have received Tesco some people been tested. More than once but there are now private companies. That are working with the different states are trying to test individuals to produce more tests. The government is of course is trying to get out as many test as they possibly can at this point. An art in our government officials are trying to reassure the states that these tests are on the way. And as Steve we have heard from the president and the vice president that there's a robust number of tests. Coming their way what is a CDC saying about that. Well you know we're hearing most of the talk on this from the administration the CDC saying saying very little other than that they are working hard. To produce as many tests as they possibly can but you know we have to really point out that. A lot of the help that we see coming to the government's aid right now is coming from private industry also for example in the state of Washington. Two of that State's most famous residents the state that has been hit hard by the corona virus with the largest number of deaths across the country. Bill and Melinda Gates are now working we're told on a test that people can use at home Diane. And we are looking to innovators in every area here and it seemed rose or that the number of tests doesn't necessarily show how many people have gotten tested. Explain that. Well the the issue is that some people have gotten tested more than watts. And so as people become sick they get test didn't. In many cases there are some people who are struggling with the crude buyers have been tested isn't as many as three times. So there is also an issue debt that's happening now with. With what what are the qualifications. For getting a test then. And they're different by state and so states are struggling with determining who can get one of the few tests. That are available and that's part of the crisis here. All right Steve us and sonic from Atlanta Forrest thanks Steve. Green ABC's chief medical correspondent doctor Jennifer Ashton I know that we're gonna get to your questions at a little bit about this testing thing first. What do you see between the numbers that we're getting from the government and then some the complaints were hearing from positions and they don't have an. I think it's important to remember Diane ware carrying from the government this is how many test kits we have an even if they and shipped. Now the bottleneck is at the state and local level because it's one thing to have a test kit me it's another thing to process that test. That takes special equipment and special manpower and so right now and weakening in constant touch with big centers. In Massachusetts right outside Boston which has quite a number of cases. Where doctors are literally trying to test people. They still have to go through their state and local Health Department to get approval to run that test. And the department helped as saying that person does not meet criteria. Even though the CDC. Revised act criteria early last week to give clinicians doctors. Basically free rein using their judgment to decide who should be tested and who should not be tested. Now the bottleneck is at the local and state level because of manpower equipment and processing so. That's where the disconnect is you you do hear the government's angle we have a you know one million tests or however many tests but running those tests. Is not the same thing it's a very very different and you're still a lot of confusion because he didn't clinically and the interesting thing about this virus is if you think you had an exposure right now and you come to me and say. Doctors and I think I I was just exposed to someone who knows they have. Corona virus I want to be tested. I don't know when to test you doing testing right now to test human and today my testing in five days which is the average incubation period because we don't know that much about how this virus keynesian in terms of clinically and that is also presenting a problem that's why we talk about testing. Eventually we will need to be testing. Hundreds of thousands or even millions. Of asymptomatic. People to learn. When in the course of a two week period let's say does someone who's exposed. Start to shed virus or test positive we don't know that. And in that incubation period you may not just be asymptomatic you may test negative. When you dig you I think that's right it doesn't come up until later that's correct so right now we're waiting for clinical Dina and I should say. The CDC now with Arab 500 plus cases documented in the US. Has yet to release any clinical data on that we're looking for or case series on that number. China put out their first 425. Cases what we knew about that in The New England Journal of Medicine very early on. The CDC is compiling that date of a we don't have any behavioral. Data on how this virus is hitting Americans yet and we need that information. Doctor Estes. They with us you're gonna get you with your questions and a bit. First you want to head overseas where the whole of Italy is on day two of the lockdown aimed at containing the outbreak. ABC news pork or foreign correspondent James long man was just there he made it home to the UK and now James and earlier and self quarantine but even in south or continue to not get a day off my friend. Adults right that doesn't seem like any of agony balcony times stated. Yes I mean I came back to the UK we felt that this is the best quarterbacks and I'm not displaying symptoms and as though Jones says you know it could take some time that just an abundance of caution on justice saying that the amendment a in the UK and is Andy and me I'm not going time and not the UK is dealing now we've beat the biggest jump. In daily reported cases actually series quite seriously Health Minister has not reported she. Also contracted the virus and worrying me she met the prime minister that they do foal she was testing center. This you can imagine incidents and the UK into kind of arugula. Agency you're talking about testing that that's been a big something today he would the United Kingdom the government is now pledging to test 101000 people a day. Already testing about a thousand people it is a big jump and it just costs huge stimulus package. I threw Holloman around thirteen billion pounds forty billion dollars out. More money for the national health service. Extended sick leave just UK trying to do everything counts and ensure that situation doesn't in his article saying now now. Well and speaking of Italy and a you're just there one big concern seems to be the Italian health care system not just the people who are sick but the system itself. Being overwhelmed what are you hearing about that. Get us right I mean. Why it's quite. Shockingly I think what the what tsunami all. Iris was not news hound was used by. Health and the licensees the prime minister talking about just. How extraordinary this has seats have taken over. Outstretched health services on who see is hospitals and being built outside icu a reply. There's a real issue around specialists. We were able to the united kinda. Be able to treat as many patients as possible there was something quite dull that I read which is that. Even yesterday there was a suggestion that and fewer people testicles it actually because they just didn't out of room in the hospitals to be able to process people. About meant that people are actually just getting united. About treatment possibly as a result of getting this virus the big issue in Italy is of course but he. Really impacting the elderly community in the country a little girl asking why. There isn't a thinker a sense that out the Albany in Italy united a patent it. We've been equally if I'm need at all until autopsy are nesting and that they are in the UK about the United States possibility for weeks now. Although virus being being kind of mobilized by younger people. And it reading old people such a blows it extends. Is really very worried indeed they on the front lines of this. Epidemic in inside it it amendments I. I think united the Italians are hoping that this massive. Locked down to sixty million people who live in Italy now being heavily restricted hoping that somehow kind of brings this to an end. And James is there any sense of when that lock down could end. Non Lyman I think I was hearing us talk to speak just the other day he said that he expects that. Situation regard cases to peak in about a week or even two weeks time so do the moment that saints look that in April school coloring clothes. Until about that time sporting pictures against counseled and on a daily basis the Italian government is going to be reassessing. It's tried to say this these heavy restrictions do you love her and decent good needs a couple of days ago could done yet. First place where he's come and its first few case is not patient there reminds you to any outbreak began. Now reported no need daily cases it looks like this restrictive method out really worked very well what the Chinese. I'm pleased to let the Italians. This might be something on the European countries the United States that it could look at it. We will take the good news story can find it and James doctor Jenn QOK meantime me make sure James is checking his temperature so are you checking your temperature in. I have I was bring back. Couple of us I happen. I have to take my. But I will now I'm he's a Canadian and half Hackett an outlet pass that on do everything you tell me to it and it. France and doctors' orders check your temperature change and we're glad to see you are feeling well. Thanks James. I want to head over to central Italy now we're carrier Alaska which is joining from her own quarantine in the town a little. Carrie thank you so much for joining us and it to you moved there from Florida last year how have you seen things changed since this outbreak started. New. Orleans socially because Italy and such a new. In. Space. Or just hours are eight. And now not. Only does. We're should be in pain dinner and we are not be. So she'll be eating together eat together adding. It's huge ships are now northern Italy seems to be the biggest area of concern here in central Italy what is it like in your area right now. In. Every eight. Where he have in. And not. Your routine that I. Really not a situation. In. But hoping that it works and you get the sense that people are eating these warnings from the government and you know what the general sense com about this aren't worried. And come. Out. In east. Instructing. All and it wasn't a lot of which act. There is east and his ass and he only. Works is not on an eye. On. Just trying to weed out. I'll carry good luck to you as you waited out more got on well thank you. And back here in the US the CDC officials were on Capitol Hill this morning answered questions from lawmakers and their message overall. This is going to get worse let's take a listen. We immediately need it you know what I say things they're immediately considered political because I'm I'm I'm I'm a Democrat I'm elected. But you know this you have a a certain level of credibility and honesty I think. That that should should be persuasive to the American people. Nam. Saw and I just attribute more more forthright. When the president. The president make statements like this what we need leadership. But but we need people to be very much aware of the dangers that are out there. You know. The cases are not going down the American people should be aware of that should be forthright in explaining that. When the secretary of the when that president's economic director says we got this contained. Not quite airtight but almost there. We need you who we need you lop public health officials to step up and say that is not to rule. That is hurting us that is making the spread of this virus. You know malt more extended more prolific and an aunt and wall possible the American people really have to step up here and make sure that you know. They are aware of the dangers. The dark felt this village I appreciate your comments but I can tell you absolutely. That I tell the president the vice president in every room of the test was exactly. While flying at I don't know daddy is and what the evidence is via I have never ever held back telling exactly. What is going on from a public health standpoint. Let's. In Karen Travers there at the White House carried on all the NC health briefings get heated but it did today. What did you make of that exchange. This is were a lot of what I was hearing this morning an AT radio I and that there are mixed messages coming from the administration you have doctor out there a widely respected. Public health officials saying that's the message keep getting to the president. The evident though yesterday responding to a question mark colleague Mary grew said. Everybody should stay calm at corona virus is going to go way. Morning health and human services secretary Alex is ours said this is just the beginning of the spread here in the United States is once again warning that there will be more pollutants. And I got a lot of questions today about how the president can say that on Tuesday. And then top officials today can say he warned it could get. Worse and looking at the market Karen the doubts we opted another rough start this morning as concerns linger over effects of this virus. We saw numbers up after that stimulus proposal was announced but now the Dow's down about 800. I know the White House is meeting with Wall Street executives today what do we expect from that meeting. President John is looking to get input from Wall Street executives. He's going to sit down today here at the white house with thinking CEOs including. The top heads Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. The president on Capitol Hill yesterday you make its sales pitch four year old tax cut or a reaction to that has been. Luke warm at bats Wall Street with happy you're that the residents said they wouldn't use something very substantial very big. But the reality is it's going at some time this proposal that's the stimulus plan is not likely to come together over. I Karen Travers at the White House thanks Karen. And let's get back to doctor ration now with your viewer questions we have many I don't want to get right at them first how does a quarantine work as far as who gives a specific person the order to or entity. So this funding and most people are completely unfamiliar with because we really haven't feast quarantines in this country in in large proportion like this but. It reminded me of it when I was when you were talking to James long an who's on self quarantine in the UK. Here's the first thing that's important for people to understand. Self quarantine is not a stay patient self quarantine is done for a person who may have had an exposure to known corona virus and for James it was travel. On and prolonged exposure it into Italy multiple times. And when you sell quarantined the premise is that your positives that you actually have been infected that's why has to be rigid has to be by the book. There has to be significant and aggressive distancing if you live in a home with other people you know it's Alec you're having family meals. It's not like you're all in the kitchen together is how you're sitting on a soap that together. It's hard. It's logistically hard it's psychologically hard but it is done out of an abundance of caution assuming. That a person who Hispanics closed will in fact become positive. In terms of what will we're seeing here in west Chester outside of New York City in that kind of hot on her at the center. That is done for really three reasons number one from an academia logic standpoint we call it flattening the car with act does is it slows the spread of the virus. Which then does two things. As a result number one it protects the vulnerable populations because again it's not just. You might get sick and do fine but you might get sick and then infect someone with a preexisting medical condition or an elderly person who could potentially and very Hillary and die so it protects vulnerable populations. And it buys time. And the timeline on this virus. Especially here in the US is critically in cordon. Because there have been studies that have come out with very limited data we have on core this corona virus but based on other. Behavior of corona viruses that suggests that if left unchecked. This virus doubles the number of cases doubles. Every week. So literally every day in tatters and and as part of a question about who gives the order took quarantine this is coming up in a case in Missouri right now we're a family is denying that's right that they were told to Koren rain so where does that order so there's Dan Abrams that our senior legal analyst spoke about the legal aspects and that you know I stay in my lane and just talk to the medical aspects. Yes I think judges can give orders but most of those recommendations are coming from positions. And right now it's generally one person removed so it's not if you know a person who knows a person who knows a person that you would self quarantine it's really. Have you had contact with someone who either is positive or could likely be positive so right now it's one person but again. This is evolving it's dynamic it's changing and we're seeing a lot of kind of you know. Figuring it out on the spot with it with this issue and electing self quarantine. Okay this next question my fifteen year old is leaving for a field trip to a student convention with 3000 kids from all over the country. How worried should I be they are flying and staying at a large hotel for forty. This is. A really hard question you know I'm a mom of two college students who had just had. The remainder of their academic years canceled in person one of them is moving out of her college dorm room as we speak. I think at different schools and different levels are figuring that out on their own. In real time obviously a lot of large gatherings and schools are canceling. Or rescheduling it which is unfortunate in some ways but I think it speaks to the uncertainty here that we don't know about the severity certainly when you have groups of large students large people period. From all over the country in closed prolonged contact. That is a risk. And we heard doctor Tony Saatchi yesterday. Kind of start to shift his hone in two. It's not a matter of of if but when and it's not a matter of where you are in the country it will be everywhere. So I think that's an individual I'm concern and only the person can decide for them solve their level of risk tolerance. Next question is if you do get the virus what exactly is the specific treatment. No treatment right now it's recorded so we think that the vast majority of people will have milder or even possibly no symptoms so you would stay at home just like he would do if you would gotten a virus or cold or flu six months ago when you had even heard this. He would stay at home you arresting me take plenty of fluids. If you had a fever or anybody he would take as he diminished in her ivy growth and for the smaller subset of people who would develop severe symptoms and what we call lower respiratory tract illness which would be bronchitis or pneumonia. They're gonna need medical attention and it and in some cases hospitalization. What we worry about even though this is a virus if it causes pneumonia and then you can get a bacterial super infection which then would need antibiotics. And IV fluids in some cases oxygen but that's for hospitalized patients so again. The good news is the majority will be fine and resolve on their own at home again that's why we link people to stay home and they're sick. But we are gonna see people that need hospitalization and and I think people need to be prepared for that actor Ashton. We appreciate the information and no we always have doctor Jan here because we know how important it is to get you information that is reliable from a reliable source. Especially with all the misinformation going around for example. Some are going so far. As to attribute false information to UNICEF. Are joining us now from that organization. Is Brett Robinson Brett what are some of the more egregious mixed use seen attributed to your organization of. Out running by. On. Around yeah there is a lot mr. mission here. Is on us news com. Bet. He's. A minute. RS. Also show. Were you immunity. Stop it also arrange Richard Butler. Bringing in acts trusted reliable source. Inmate weren't choices are asked. So what kind of efforts are being put in place to stop this spread of misinformation. Our soup can be worked we are a lot. Are they spoke like. It out. Let's make sure that nation that is being out well wires. Cell. I'm from trust like. BR. UNICEF art he's rotavirus and and it does or searching and promoting a life. And I do have to say I had a text message sent to me personally by a friend. And it turns out that information that's xmas was Brohm of viral face opposed sheet and know that. And it is just a long list of fallacies about the virus and what how to tell whether or not you have it so and it seems like these efforts. As robust as they may be there is still a lot of misinformation getting out there are so what can people do to ensure that what they're seeing as factual. Short so the first thing is you're receiving something he will be all don't share. It's the first extra us on where. The next step his many angels are out. I'll be out services group in them to flank in Leigh news. Outlets yet digital our act. Do you care more and it is in fact also nation. All right Brad we appreciate taking the time and we appreciate what you're doing to try to make sure that those myths don't spread any for that in the house and plus. We appreciate telling us meet in the ice in most in. Tech and at Beulah and before we go we just wanna go back or doctor Jan doctrine final thoughts words today. I think hands today their we're gonna start to see a shift of what's happening here in the US primarily because of the cases and Washington cruise ship off the coast to California and what's happening. I hear in the New York City suburbs I think it's important for people understand that because this situation is so dynamic so involving they're so much unknown about this virus. To try to stay in the middle of your reaction in terms of a measured response it's not. Going to be the end of the world but it's not going to be knocking either and we have to therefore stay in the middle in terms of erring on the side of caution. We taking common sense precautions either as individuals or as populations. And also as you always say keeping here air opened four new. I'd credible and credential data and information on that's because this is a time when that level of communication is more important than ever because this does affect people's lives. Well that we'll do it for us accurate and we always appreciate you being on thank you and you remember Tuesday with ABC news live all day for the very latest updates. On the corona virus and you can get more from ABC news prime tonight at 7 PM. I'm Diana say don't thanks for watching everybody Stacy.

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