Couple considers divorce to pay for daughter's health care

Maria and Jake Grey's daughter Brighton was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder.
3:23 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for Couple considers divorce to pay for daughter's health care
The what did you feel. He was nine years ago they took their wedding vows on that beautiful Florida beach. We should have been married outside and. Ignorant man around the ring and for Maria and Jake grade the meaning behind the house has only gotten stronger with every passing year. During a man has our answer. Are you. Can't imagine going through what we've been through with anybody else he seated craze who now and saying or have two little girls. Here and who's Q. And Brighton who sixth cave in that as a batter but developmentally. Is still a baby. You know any avenue Boren everything gets relation throwing it to really attack tan. Somebody needing torn will force them honest belief that in newborn snakes and. You know the door open for ranked Briton was born with wolf Hirsch warns syndrome a rare chromosomal disorder that's left her needing fulltime care. He's hearing impairment vision impairment he's used his left her family's. Financially fragile. Ways to get things I eat is opening the mail scared at what the content or what bill would come or what denial. Even with insurance the family says they spend up to 151000. Dollars annually out of pocket for brightens care. More than 30% of their income. Because Jake an army veteran makes about 40000 dollars a year they do not qualify for Medicaid. And while there is state assistance available there are tens of thousands of people on the waiting list son have been waiting up to fourteen years. You guys and are considering something extreme yes and tell me what that it. It would just need to get a divorce it would be to. Not be there to get our childhood we need. A divorce so Maria could on paper become a single jobless mother of two. And qualify. For Medicaid you just have she struggled and struggled with it and I don't know what it's now we've gotten to a point where we feel like it's a real possibility. But for family like fifths. Then the really. Or or in a tops off. Doctors had millers an expert health care policy UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth. We asked him about the families out of pocket costs. Is that number very Heidi you it is it's very hard doctor Miller says he's never known a family to get a divorce because of these circumstances. But he believes there are many many other families in this theory same position. It's it's just shocking and I think it speaks to our need to really rethink. What we do and now especially for the most vulnerable to for somebody to take. Kind of make you choose between your marriage in your child is just. The system really weird spot to being but they fear they have no choice that's morally wrong. I think like and I think there's conflicting from YouTube because I feel like what's happening to us is morally wrong. He promised to each other to her that related. Do whatever we can do to make her life. However log she's going to be that acts as good as possible. It. Just never imagined that would mean. Edible. And act and yeah. Daily news.

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{"id":56517180,"title":"Couple considers divorce to pay for daughter's health care","duration":"3:23","description":"Maria and Jake Grey's daughter Brighton was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder.","url":"/US/video/couple-considers-divorce-pay-daughters-health-care-56517180","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}