Couple Uses to Murder a Man for Thrills

Elyette and Miranda face homicide charges after using the popular website to choose a victim.
3:00 | 12/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Couple Uses to Murder a Man for Thrills
A junior way murder. There. Two year old Elliott barber of steele's group remained quiet as he was let out of his arraignment an over to the northumberland county prison. But is charged with criminal homicide for the death of 42 year old Troy -- Ferreira. -- for -- his body was found in the backyard and son -- on Ken Lewis avenue last month with multiple stab wounds. On Tuesday police made their first arrest in this case charging -- eighteen year old wife Miranda with homicide. Police simmering and it told them she met -- Ferreira for the online site Craigslist and they met up on November 11 with -- -- a driving -- for a parent to son Barry. Miranda told investigators she stabbed -- -- when he put his hands around her neck. Now police say her husband Elliott told them the night Miranda -- -- Ferreira he was hiding in the backseat of her car under a blanket. When Miranda stopped and son Barry Elliott put -- cable cord around -- offers neck while Miranda stabbed him repeatedly. Elliott told police they dumped the body then drove back to -- -- grove where they cleaned up the car. Then went out to eat. Police say Elliott told investigators they killed off -- because the couple just wanted to kill someone together. They had tried to kill other people in the past but we're not successful. -- -- -- and -- a barber have preliminary hearing scheduled for later this month they are both being held without bail. Do you -- -- -- sixteen reporting from northumberland count me.

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{"id":21134526,"title":"Couple Uses to Murder a Man for Thrills","duration":"3:00","description":"Elyette and Miranda face homicide charges after using the popular website to choose a victim.","url":"/US/video/couple-craigslist-murder-man-thrills-21134526","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}