COVID-19 crisis

California joins multiple states in lifting stay-at-home orders as the United Kingdom fights a new variant.
8:20 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for COVID-19 crisis
But California is lifting its stay at home order for all regions statewide today as new cases of covered nineteen hospitalizations. Declined. Meanwhile on the darn it says its vaccine is expected to protect against the new variants of the virus that are murdered merging in the UK and South Africa. And white house Press Secretary Jen Saki announced today that the by the administration would begin holding regular briefings featuring public health officials. And members of the cove in nineteen response team. So let's bringing Caylee Harding in Los Angeles and in panel in London for more on what's happening with this virus here and overseas Caylee let me begin with you. How there's a big big deal in California lifting these restrictions what other restrictive egg roll back there. And what indicators are the officials looking at to get the confidence to do this. Hello Carrie I wanna be irresponsible for Jane sadness because this is big news here in California and we will know a lot more especially here in Los Angeles and about two hours after we hear. From Los angeles' mayor but the hope is there restaurants like this one behind me will soon be reopened for business outdoor dining specifically. Here so lines could be reopening first Pacific limited indoor service is but this is big news in the sense that these restrictions eased. Incredibly strict stay home orders that have been in place for about two months now up and down the state for about 90% of the residents of this state. Effective immediately they are lifted but it is up to those local jurisdictions exactly what will be allowed moving forward. All of this comes with the caveat that this pandemic is far from over but the governor's office saying they are promising signs that California is slowly emerging from the most in tents. The most intense stage of the pandemic and these restrictions have been absolutely devastating to restaurants in. And other businesses throughout the state and now there is hope that we could get back to some form of economic recovery here as these numbers improve Terry. Hope indeed in its gone the other way over over there and we heard this morning on Good Morning America doctor crouch is saying that the new very first detected there in the UK is more contagious seems to be more likely to cause serious illness in the original strain. So how's the British government reacting to this mutation what's it like. Yet I strides is interesting hearing Caylee tool can in my head on one drink. Is she talking about Britain in the past or is she talking about the future that we're looking forward to. And that's a challenge with this very and 3117. It's more transmissible. Somewhere between fifty and 70% more transmissible which means about go to it I've got an increased chance of giving it to someone else. But now what doctors are saying is they'll also I think potentially it's much more deadly. Then men in their six days about ten of them would potentially succumbed to corona bars of the what they would die from it with these new variant that goes up to about thirteen. So potentially. Achieved with cents. More deadly. Her whole number of factors and speaking to medics say say we'll look at all of the rules that it doesn't necessarily make. Any difference who doesn't follow the rules you can increase your chances of getting hits and if you do get it. Them potentially you increase your chances of ending up in a hole for blood there's. Which has been overrun this new variant known cast for something like 70% of all hospital admissions it's easy to get as much harder to get rid off. And potentially it is more deadly that's a huge challenge hospitals are pretty full around the UK at the moment we sing the numbers start to wet ball. The vaccination programs going well. There is certainly can't keep up with the rates of transmission of the virus and that stands potentially as a warning to other countries because of remember we've already been through two major law. Fans absolutely and we are already seeing in. Clusters of this new virus University of Michigan closing down all athletic programs because of it Caylee in California are doctors and nurses there. Are they breathing a sigh of relief because above what you're talking about the numbers going down there. Feel any don't really scary yes and doctors and nurses to any extent we'll tell you. Then threw really scary moments in the last two months when you think of a surge upon a surge upon a surge and out the total number of cases it has dropped significantly can we. That is some sort of a light at the end of the tunnel but even here in an LA county. They death told. Is still staggering this is a county 16151000. Deaths because the virus and 5000 those steps have come in just the last three weeks. Bite there is belief that we're past the worst debate here so many doctors telling me in the last couple of weeks they putting imagine it getting any worse than it what that implies. The indicator that's vendor real benchmark here is an icu capacity and it for much of the last two months we've been saying here in Southern California or 0%. Icu capacity that has meant naked at hospitals had to create more capacity put that ends in places they never would have thought like conference rooms and gift shops. Build up field hospitals but because of that. That I seen capacity has grown in and now even though. That oh we're saying that the number of cases has dropped significantly justice insists riding in the UK we are seeing hospitals continued to be overwhelmed they district. Hacking is more under control than they have in the past there isn't thought of some sort of light at the end of the tunnel but again. All of these the lifting of restrictions come with that caveat we've still. Got to Wear our masks practice social distance in all of the best practices that were becoming so familiar with and and in addition to that UK variant he had been discussing there's also the growing concern for another variant that's been detected here in California so much more research and study needs to be done and that buddy. Eight in Gary is that concern that it could beam. More contagious as well. Edward. Yeah every meal and other friends in the UK that that that life is is qualitatively. Different with his variant with a more turn transmissible. Corona virus had does it feel that way do you know what lessons can we learned should this thing come ashore in the way it did there. Yeah eight absolutely does Terry and you know the UK well I'm we've been through these two law dines an uphill fight. We've gone through these emotional physical. At some flows whack you see those numbers stops a full we see businesses start to reopen these dogs are believed. There is some hope the life he's gonna stop sorts. A dead in the numbers start to rise again we've seen this happen a couple of times he relied. Two ways. Good day when they say it's yes it definitely felt different. I think even just anecdotally my wife and I were talking about meeting with friends at the end of the last lockdown which ended on December the second. Misha with friends at a restaurant town schools. It's unthinkable now we wouldn't even go nearest. Closest friends we haven't seen in the question this year nobody has seen anyone children are home they universe DH haven't I just can't tell you how. Much of an impact he's had on this country how much he's changed everybody leads analyze people are taken its airspace by and large people and go to work if they need to. London is a changed city. I think we Willis starting to grasp the severity of this. I just be speaking to he's a neuro surgeon who's been on the front lines of dealing with the corona virus. Here in the UK Gupta dove in fact go I think and I asked Dave. Did he think that that was lessons from the UK experience. For America does what he said. It is did you grow even with patient numbers we have without having to deal when. Edit stuff. I'm. Problems or ice. Patients will come when column. Or would country aren't nearly mr. gangs. Eden hospital spread amongst tossed off. But the experience of every country is of cools very very different but the truth is what we're all waiting for what we believed is that shots in the arm. Two jabs and then passed though he then. We can start talking about the old world will collapse the new one. All right. Both in panel and Caylee art and reporting on the front lines in this global pandemic thanks very much.

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{"duration":"8:20","description":"California joins multiple states in lifting stay-at-home orders as the United Kingdom fights a new variant. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75476245","title":"COVID-19 crisis ","url":"/US/video/covid-19-crisis-75476245"}