COVID-19 & the election: Tony Green thought COVID was a hoax, until family died

“I believed the mainstream media and the Democrats were using [COVID-19] to create panic, crash the economy and destroy Trump’s chances at reelection,” he said.
10:44 | 10/08/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 & the election: Tony Green thought COVID was a hoax, until family died
Imagine gasping for air with every step he. Imagine collapsing. Waking up in the yard only to find out who at nineteen attack you're nervous system was. I believe liars we know. School. I believe the mainstream media. And the Democrats. Reusing it to create panic he crashed the economy and destroy trust chance at reelection. Carter and I Husted family Saturday June 13. I woke up singing something wrong father in law's mother. We all tested positive for in nineteen rule. I'd love to take it back. I'd London still have him and her hair. More than a dozen of tiny greens and the members contracted cup in nineteen sir Stanley capturing summer. Two of them have passed away. I'd like to have the opportunity go back and same others. And take this whole thing. Much more seriously. Consumers lost is just one story and the more than 200000 Americans who have lost their lives she earned income in nineteen. The president himself has contracted the minors only a month out from Election Day breaking news. I'm president front. And the First Lady have tested positive for the crown a virus. The president tweeting today about leaving Walter Reed telling the American people don't be afraid of Kolb and don't let him dominate your life. We drew outrage from many point out this country just to name him 2101000. Lives lost. And then even as infections continue to rise in the world in the facts in this information through the devastation of the pandemic actually has an influence on the election. From what was clear from even very early on me in the was that there were differences in how Democrats and Republicans were seeing at the pandemic and responding to Republicans were less likely to stay in the I'll personally threatened to. It by the virus. They were less likely to support policy measures that sort of restricted various parts of our lives in response to the virus and as things move Don. They were more likely to think that we got worse. You know as a spectator. And a voter. You know I'm I'm looking at it and I'm saying OK that I want to blame well I've seen how people you know from. The opposition. President trauma. Have handled their. Suspicions or their politics. Or their beliefs that batting. In other areas and other subjects. For the last four years so. You know I dismissive. That side. Because it's just been an all out assault against him from the beginning. So. I don't put a lot of credibility and what could sing and I mean this is the reason why. So many people. Like me. Didn't trust the information that they were getting. We don't trust anybody. You're not going to be able to know the end of this election. In my opinion for weeks and months. Maybe never don't pay any attention to what the president is saying. We're removing toxic policies were the only thing that T sides seem to have in common is that the greatest enemy is the other side. Little world where if you're a liberal or Democrat you get once and a fast. And once an abuse and if you're Republican or conservative he gave very different capacities. And in order dead. Confronted him getting we really you know shared reality. Now the Democrats are. Politicizing. Rotavirus. You know. Michigan is close all of these stations are closed North Carolina is closed. He staged sit at loans are run by Democrats and the reason that closed just because we have an election on November 3. American people looking for responsible leadership program today. They wish they shared sacrifice missy weddings general's family events since they should expect the same responsibility. Coverage from their president or presidential candidate. Disasters. Our local and they're also political. And not just from the vantage point out how things can be politicized. But also just understanding that their taxes hate political will ask is so cute or the actual funding infrastructure and sustainability practices. I will allow us to write out a disaster whether that Sahara keen or. If you actually look at the open air hotspots where or at the largest incidences of Kobe and the highest quality rates across in the east and which he tend to find is. They've not resisting that stare Time Warner's quite as much as. The county's jury in the states that we're not act severely impact. That this sentiment essentially became it's not happening too lax. Why we he. Two and I think that's where this blinks hearing really became more. Do when your who is polling people that are within your social media network. It seemed to me that no one old hand at any it is. Pirates are symptoms or any day I'm in a few people are caught the flu but. You know mean the blues lick duplicated every year so when it came to you this rotavirus. I'm thinking OK nobody has its nobody that I know lists. Is this somehow kind of made or is it high debt clue. My impression. The virus and is it was politicized very early on by both parties. It's my belief that the city and Atlanta still has little room rings meetings meeting men. We shouldn't need a massive mandate for people to do the right thing. I think it's a political hoax. And I am against him happy. I just didn't see the it was reaching the magnitude of what everybody was suspecting it was going to be. There's no way for us to process. Or any political information. Into Jordan or in the case there there's always team since there are side constantly in the recesses are those that are sinus the right the other side it is wrong and unless there's a 100% from sharing agreement on the reality wish there is clearly not anything. Is unity not a partisan issue. I voted. In every presidential election. For the Republican candidate since 1976. Including reluctantly. Donald Trent. Big mistake and they want it the worst mistakes. In my line and when the pandemic he adds. I'm watching this and watching. Him abdicate his responsibilities. And I can not be harder this. Republican Party anymore. Our people are gone home. I don't want to go supporters saying. It's the president's fall. And many doctors think it is extremely successful. The hydroxy clerk would I happen to think it's. It works in the early stages its Frontline. Medical people believe that do some and he. And I look at the president I say there's a man you know really wants the best for his country Seattle haven't doubtful. Did he handle the corona virus. In a way that. Reflected in good leadership. In this instance. I would say is intentions that matches. Even after the pricing contracted the virus. To me still supporting Princeton child. I worry about. Joseph Biden being in office in. I want a competent leaders don't want and effectively. The end. We know what we did and a crowd. This is an insufficient. It's not concerns about the health safety and well being of the American people and. But we're voting for at this point is. In an hires this needs to be able to occur here to give us things that we eat any time to street and I think I needed. Green what I am hoping. Is that by the time we get to the end of this year we're going to be moving towards Coke and ninety. We still aren't aren't middle moderates are. A Beagle being. With clients. Understanding. All of the dynamics that are going to be critical for us to recover from this catastrophic and understanding. It's going to collect a salute. No one president. No one mayor Mel counts and can do this item style. Tony still wrestling with the loss of this union members who helps others realize the severity of the pandemic. It's emotional. You know. My concern is is that people are still. Either denying are downplaying the virus thinking that somehow is it really is about the election. And for some it may be but. You know people's lives are at stake including your own. I think that our country. Is on life support and rider along the left or right. Republican or Democrat. We're all Americans. Take it seriously. It might cost you your life if you don't. They cost someone else their life if you go. He may care about that person very much.

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{"duration":"10:44","description":"“I believed the mainstream media and the Democrats were using [COVID-19] to create panic, crash the economy and destroy Trump’s chances at reelection,” he said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73488574","title":"COVID-19 & the election: Tony Green thought COVID was a hoax, until family died ","url":"/US/video/covid-19-election-tony-green-thought-covid-hoax-73488574"}