Crackdown on legal immigration

The U.S. is closing its doors to high-skilled foreign workers and international students -- even some on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle.
5:05 | 07/09/20

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Transcript for Crackdown on legal immigration
Of course we are nation of immigrants but lately doors have been shut to illegal immigration and leaving countless high skilled workers and students in limbo. Thousands are on the front lines of the battle against covic nineteen but could now face deportation ABC's Caylee hard time. Has this report. Like so many doctors putting their lives on the line every day in the fight it's coping ninety. Doctor auction common sleepless nights Saturday to ask you this banks because us. Thinking at Clinton because we know what what their life do you not Olbermann to be. Didn't you something when and the need. But unlike his. Colleagues in southwest medical center in rural Kansas and it Dr. common skin sick from Kobe nineteen Stanley flights in no way we'll be true. Seemingly unending. Get the back of some of my mind not always what he'd known him to see bush. Are out of new look so baited I don't mean it. On the net Vasily. Dan my life and mind no T enough yet doctor arsenals didn't have Google and notes cells and in order to. I'm India. Can quote me Spartan. Doctor comments knows he's not the only one living in America with this year illegal immigrants stuck in green card gridlock. Yet advocating. Slaughter she didn't mediation laws. Arms so that it can just let it don't but he added Guillen and people like us who are. Fighting to save America who lives. You don't have to you don't have to worry about what's gonna happen to us. It's so it was a scenario ounce to -- Doctor comets came to the US from India to practice medicine more than ten years ago he has a FISA but he can't work Stanley can't stay easier. Green card would allow for the common mainly to be permanent residents in this country paving the way to eventual citizenship. But just last year the senate rejected legislation that would have eliminated green card accounts in the high skilled workers like doctors. Good read the greatest disappointment desert nights it's harmless. Imagine the doctor who's taking care of those that are Rowland our nation and then has to worry about his own back. Doctor comments believes it'll be years into least grant a green card. Indians applying for employment based green cards are disproportionately. Affected by the backlog at the current pace. It would take 49 years to process all green card applications from India. Just six years for those applying from China. According to one study. But our qualitative and quantitative history of abuses. Starting in 1950s who will return that are developed and more politically if you were an Indian doctors treated very differently from a doctor London there is sadly a hoping to screw torrent system in and. Place that the US needs people like doctor common especially now. In 20182. Point six million immigrants were employed as health care workers and the US. What and a half million of them working as doctors registered nurses and pharmacists. Immigration has been a partisan issue of US politics for years. President trump this touted that he wants people to come in legally got to come into archives Palin really. Ohio and it's just not appropriate it's not appropriate when the president Lawrence insult from morning America based Immersion them and there are people that are not only. On the ability of our economy and restoring and maintaining our lives. Government has to have more are. According to the National Foundation for American Policy 32% of applications for skilled worker visas were rejected in 2019. Compared to just 6% 25. Teen. The American dream now meet even less teen book by the pandemic. 70% of immigration officers who process visas and green cards peace furloughs unless congress passes a bill to fund them and just this week. Ice announcing it will force international students to lead the country they don't attend in person classes this fall. Principals being Barron international why am I eight did anything wrong and it and number eighty. An uncertain future for so many to Dr. comic doesn't seem self anywhere else. Stating alliance of others while he risks his own. Thank consider this to be met all of these spite of everything that's happening at never hesitated in. I mean do work and doing what and change are angry and what I love doing the killing our town ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"The U.S. is closing its doors to high-skilled foreign workers and international students -- even some on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71684554","title":"Crackdown on legal immigration","url":"/US/video/crackdown-legal-immigration-71684554"}