Crafting the perfect Valentine's Day

ABC News' Maggie Rulli is at the Hay-Adams in Washington DC learning the tips and tricks to making Valentine's Day a memorable occasion.
23:42 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for Crafting the perfect Valentine's Day
Eight at Maggie really hear it live with ABC news digital and I have a PS eight for you. If you have not looking at a calendar. It's almost a hundred times at you have less than 24 hours until Valentine's Day will be upon us and it you have not made a reservation yet. You're probably not gonna get one but don't worry we are here to help you I I. He's wearing a red ties so you know even the Herrnstein and the net of food and beverage for Hayes Adams and we are meeting with a slew of hospitality expert at Adams. Right now to show you. How to make a wonderful cocktail for your loved on how to make a souffle at which you know and impressed them people and how to decorate the table to make sure that. It's filled with love. On beyond a good buzz words should honor. Wrote Miami creativity. Irate so stick around gonna show you all of that and like the next ten minutes. And that. And I start when. The beverage because that's really the most important part. Probably. I walk on the bar with you here. And let's take a little. Moments. What do you think is the most important part of creating the perfect Valentine's aimed at. Cuts and avenue on very welcome top OK well. Champagne it's of Zia very important product here we have a long strawberry reaches of the Zia fruit which is popular for some island and in. In a couple of police crew that we combine to get that he making this strong Bible which is a fantastic great taste the cook that for some other things. Did you just straw Bobble heads. Up. That wouldn't. Everything will be in a Valentine's Day if you serve up to stall bubble. Tomorrow night so you mention champagne at the great way to start the romance. Aren't that way and so how how do we know that this cocked me just probable. So we got stuck two months on strawberry and and base it. Where. Just an eagle I don't we'll choose. Bonds to be precise. Beatles show morally coral which is fantastic taste heroes really quorum vote comes. Alfonso to mankind don't you just change your record from France. And so ice. It and one any shake it would add drama and lightning to strike. I just went out just makes you hold on I. What is important people. Contribute to that back. And in the annals. And pop out. Now before we do we just on a glass of champagne there. A Beagle pearl strawberry who which has very casing that just it's consistency. In in its drinks. That's a pop a bottle. We got a lot of collect all the bottom yeah he did. I was at the health. We really need to bring in the Eck out. We normally they'll make any. All. Have. And oh. All. That's all impress. Every. And that is gonna the champagne. Now can you ever go around with champagne for romance are celebrated celebration and it seems like when in doubt if you're struggling coming up with a fancy cocktail at least get some type a bottle Motley. That's currents that happens it is. Yeah well you do it. Wiley can be can be percent can be sparked and wine from America can be sparking one from Spain a couple of but this is definitely a very fine and refined champagne that. Young ladies women and guys men who love them and and and we lots to sort of get in our house. So when in doubt everyone for your dinner tomorrow night in pressed the bubble. And to really impress. Like this make a strong public and it still much of stealing but could do not know union island. Strawberry means that will will with the way the current Robert Earl of strawberry if you don't have problems breaking. Well this isn't let's toast. Use. So yeah. And day. So this at your table tomorrow his shirt and pressed again. The summit as you're trying to impress. So Starbucks is probable think some now on that we have. The struggle. Tick that's with and I apparently taken a drink with. Now we pretty hard to do that I remember now we have to drink but there's also the table setting and desire to. Fix what what's most important at all important. I believe there is certain there has never gonna think Alan and later years. I need my struggle here at the table when we discuss table. And an amendment. To the kitchen RA. So anyone just tuning in and checking it out accurately hear it need new digital. Whitney ahead of food and beverage you're gonna hit Adams will be meeting up with hospitality actor expert. To given. How to death threats we just like how to make those strong I'll eat what's in the cocktail thinking that certain. Clean and number walking into the kicked it all I don't I don't. Giants. Chef extraordinaire over there already. Beginning to whip up that could play. They don't like it would probably have. I'm art now on the next big old I don't dispute either a day. Take it took me. I's I mean it shut the front door and married of the holidays. Really the way to my if you certainly thought that I don't love you forever. Multiple learning to. I'm heartless when. We'll bravery. Decorated the Philippine. The I think Rick actually he'd been doing grosans. About the certainty any type of fancy. Now what are the about my. Why should be but it can play other out at table. Whether to period because it. Think that's going to be. The with whipped cream and Emory Macvicar. Witches. It gives kicker. River. Again we're gonna pull them together. In the breeze through the cook about the report. So I had all the Obama but he played an up from the red yesterday falling in real isn't perfect of the great naked at home of the fact that what actually believe it Brett. But. You know everybody. Exactly what I needed to have a different path to the first that if we're gonna work hard create we have a continent and a quarter. We're gonna what that's like talking. Backed by. Just when Clinton and nothing else sent out into my second car. Rich it's magic are eight euros here it which is three ounces. How many eggs about. The sixth and I. Him are going to put our shooter who. Which is happening. We have little bit of water tables. And then the third a cup of grammar. If things get fun. Center at U. Last I. I RA in an island today. There a quick look and I mean it's ago. A paper that about the outlined that the thinking that there. The Hilton about think tank that should Eritrean. Weighing on the little apparently. Not visit. Contaminating can and all I really do events. Water that only might have we. Now we're gonna learn talk. And about a 146. Starts to get back. Yeah that's been. I know. And it happened on. Fearing yet otherwise you're gonna spend my in the work of love yet of loved. Really sugary. Other great. I didn't Mavis is at. City chocolate in the. You're really struggling defiant. But ideally I feel like Stratford in. Some chocolate strawberry strawberry. And quote. For about. Are excellent that's just about thick enough you then acted pictures yet never gonna. We're oh you bet we're equipment. Eyewitness into the. Revealed with the. You that's that's. I'll take a look. Admit. He made sure that her family. They affect. I've been very. You totally have math after. I didn't look. Up at half the time. Today though. Because these are you sure you. Panic that probably would. I got a feeling. Event ever. It. Could hurt again. OPEC. This into our green. I think that the old vs very that area. Very important because you don't want to. Tilt features like. That's. And I wish you could smell it because it smells of this. Graham are NBA and the fresh worries that is so that's what we're looking at right there beautiful beautiful a love all the things. It just isn't it an old running but yeah. You pay yet and then we're gonna make this a little bit and we're gonna have a habit pumping it blew how fun I've had one. Little rim in here. And when it built my these regular happy that they expected. So safe. I'm minute counts dad I just made up it that beautiful souffle that I am trying to play but I have no pastry bag I have. No little rant against what ninety you can use the. If you don't have I think this is after the big if but I didn't. But you can use take well. Arts fever and pay to sit tight around. Pretty much no excuses you can be romantic even if you have nothing but coffee cup. He's up eight and target created three. Let's act play ball. Like that numerous sprinkles and in the minutes time. In that I made this is a chocolate crunch. So it's chocolate and instantly. Like workplaces. Didn't matter and I seen an extra I just think thank you just make Sheraton Tacoma Seattle added. Old news nights I approve all my and ended as they're gonna put some more of I'll Lyndon it will. That when you dig into it. See I got back indictments in the top of the things they're wonderful. That's so that you couldn't be you don't want. And then you take them and you put them in the recent. So that when they come out of the freezer. Feet but then every there. And then that. There's no cooking the food and no bake at that fits they. That's goodness America Online Baghran that's great weather in DC where you are inspired you have equity would chocolate. Yeah it forever gotten an act out of its okay. After you how do you think different that reason why they should go in there were probably over at least. You have to kind of middle little bit yeah not much it's best that you do that David. OK let's start now start tonight when you get home so now we're gonna take this one we had in the freezer. Look at it and take see how long and I hope now is hopeful that eight. So the Merc and its me. And our. Mark powder sugar on it to see everything everything he'd better check Eric. It that he. Chalk am shocked and the little. I'll. I. Davis' progress theory. That went about from the hearty. And. You do anything you haven't gone you can hear that if you have little things like heart or raspberry port you know who doesn't. Taxable chocolate diamond drilling program that. It absolutely. Court. Nobody to die alone even better is neatly. The Euro failed knowing that he did. You can make this our loved blood and it. Well you Marty Meehan at that anyone that makes me and he's there. The definite. You. I know yeah. Out. Now there's one thing that's beautiful people know that we need to go when it's OK so that now we're gonna walk with their. I'm a little nervous walking with consistently well this certainly not going well so you're going to be just. Looking just fine the only danger meat eating it before it to the table but big. I caught on camera eating him flag. We have one last step in our how to me it perfect Valentine's Day in. We learned how to make. This drop bubbly about the champagne cocktails and all of their cocktail. We played had to make it's beautiful no makes you flag yesterday and you thirty impressed you're not one but there's what happened to. We have to put that cocktail letdown and a beautiful absent. The current Mia asked Alison. Are coming well our. Lives Julie. And and cameras at worsening Allen beautiful Angel. It looks yummy. I don't. Expect it. Lion and out and very tempted to take and right now but as just saying the last step in making. Valentines day super romantic and perfect even if its last minute. If the beautiful table I don't hear about the industry gets cricket you can ago they have a beautiful view. Of the White House yet. If it's slightly ridiculously beautiful but. Don't have that kind of England Holland and I. Looking out over the White House. You consumer press near Munich another eight you can think that it's so what are some tips and tricks how can he make it tables actual here's special someone actually. Assault arson and ultimately here's the really needy at. Happy hour until there. And writes wonderful. This is. In of them years the look at this couple's wedding. Memory as. The sometimes it's about the married if you don't use it and other love's face on Mars what can't just my flower. You can't hit Aaron. That if I'm afraid that you may make it look like he did this IP you know grocery stores just think a little bit about what your favorite thing is a pre. And I and if you don't. The funds for hours but it just look at some of those having your tiny cabinet like we all these beautiful crystal pieces but. Would be fun on your table wow that's an even. Nick Nixon. If you didn't plant had just used with a candlelight only looks pretty even be. You know you pick up that I am. That the trips. Our you know convenience store any extra thought you on the table a priest at the end he had it would be Allaire that just add a little color thinking even if you're. I'm. Here. Years now. Oh yeah. You know like these remind me which you may have answered among Colin growing up. In heaven and the College Board added you can grab all the red wine at him on the phone with you are looking at and I. Don't. I have to be. If you don't have anything seniors are just think our electricity an X and an instrument and her ex top of the on the table a checkpoint at an actress Elsa have. Yes. Champagne in the that. Q how that if you are. There really nice date for someone on them and put a little menu card together it doesn't district he's even and a little off. Are you. I didn't get a violent and it Amtrak ticket. All from the south apps beautiful and not a nice place yes that's shine. Take up the sport. He. Agrees. Oh. He hit and they learned one thing and augmented that we have here saying you'll be impacted. I think he's so I don't think I'd act that patient on TD and additional privacy of what they felt. Often closely assuming every actor to make ebitda I think it just might actually be. Working out than you might at a it is late here. Well it didn't end tendency flank until I get the tribe bite before it's difficult. No might about it. Out and I ended up having their. Valentine. Oh and we found Sasha I bought the upcoming hearing. That needn't have export. And on and control room are you jealous. That they think I. Let you know if you know if I had a Monday afternoon yet at. You know toxic and other on the heart on that one. Hitler final might might. Are. Yeah. Happy now and they from AB candidate on all of up at the hate that. I'm. Hot or not I I.

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{"duration":"23:42","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli is at the Hay-Adams in Washington DC learning the tips and tricks to making Valentine's Day a memorable occasion. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45479180","title":"Crafting the perfect Valentine's Day","url":"/US/video/crafting-perfect-valentines-day-45479180"}