Creators of Netflix documentary 'Pray Away' talk about importance of the film

Filmmakers Kristine Stolakis and Jessica Devaney talk about their groundbreaking documentary about the dangerous practice of conversion therapy.
11:35 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for Creators of Netflix documentary 'Pray Away' talk about importance of the film
Home nervous. They came out of Trenton the week and he let there at. Rapid conversion. And I cannot be had I knew about this movement from occurred Alka. I did you read or at the omni air. Many years later added that I realized how you bet it is it is we know that. You know that it continued on every major continent. And and we know that it being cracked egg and any militant organization Pincher. We admire Adam and more important and community on three so we know that it. Year and we're really headed background is why this. Economic pregnant and all go away in which we hope. It better dialogue about had a meeting early and the arm. I mean just how commonplace. Are these sort of counts. You know and across America I mean how many would you say they're there are in this country that people just have probably never heard or new. Was just down the Streeter you know in their neighborhoods. It's a great crime and an actually. A bit and a. He could misinformation. That has been passed around about where this. Hart had more broadly are being called at any movement or to add a DB. You live in the Moakley at. I. Or BS department pocket there EMI ES an agreement saying that kind of group work here. Eric Eric being adding. Or acted individually with Erica light and are not. I'm and that the majority of the can actually get out of your load by there might be acting but there are engaging in one. Lion one on one pocket Eric I guess I articulate at Hank. And part of that movement that made under. Ed and I. And the people practice being at work. Integration Eric. Jeff it's just it's. It's more prevalent and come on people think Jessica in the film we also hear from multiple former so called ex gay leaders. Who claim that there are no longer gay but have since acknowledged that they weren't really telling the truth it. That they truly are gay or lesbian. Yeah I know we really wanted to focus on and leaders the movement and because. It's not just about. A couple of people it's really looking at numbers and they're being not just as a practice but as a as a movement and as long as homophobia and in Serbia are alive and didn't even. And Christian communities today to Britain they're beatable persistence Angel as ET Beasley there is you know. De sacs and come to speak out against numbers and they're being and more leaders from the younger generation. Won't be it product and their place. Am so focusing on the leadership really helped get to the root what it sustained the system structurally. Without revealing too much that's that's that's in this special. Can you tell me how do they explain. The hypocrisy. How to they how do they explain. How they. Were able to lie to themselves for that long. A lot of people entered with really good intentions. A lot of people who end up in leadership art eat at a and they. Car or by record in the conversant Eric beat them Al they make it appealing at community. Have extract and I'm. Or even medium moment and gender fluidity or actual validity is real and true change in all. Oh I want it knowledge that not and they nutter film really got to show. And I may. Urged people who are in the movement to compare rocking back elm. Because I think partly why people say they don't hear that Hillary survivors and the harm that it. I'm content where they choose not be here at. And they compiled critically and denial. People get could be. And I urge people cooler in the movement and felt they consider watching our common Billy listening to the story. This story a car and that killed he. Act or have people I'd be opened. I think I would just add that we end this is such a powerful example owns internalized homophobia and wielded outward in. I'm not making eyes and individually and collectively to our community. Before I get to my next question let's watch a clip from the film fatally suffered. Try Oman and they definitely resulted in extreme forms of self teacher in. But I survive. I'm really happy and I it sounds to me and love so much and we're doing well but. Not everybody is. Some ex gay leaders are doing what they believe is the best thing for all of us. The problem is that a sinkhole in healthy means. Trying to do it ourselves in this news can't beat. I wish that they would listen to us and believe us when we say. That we really are so much healthier and happier now that we're no longer part of that. God creating new rules for communion with one in America. In the highest expression. And this can mean we'll be your marriage. He makes this year for I. Okay. I wish that that they knew that we were healthy that's of course what. This so hard to convince some people thought Jessica explain to be the journey that so many survivors of gay conversion therapy go through what kind of trauma. Have they under. You know there's a real step into the hands of conversion therapy or even growing up and not a turning communities period list but us. Send messages that are similar to those of legendary B which is that you are not full and healthy as you. And something is detected about you can't beat the BTUs can use of your sexuality your identity and our cats each individual reasons. Journey through that trauma. It is really dependent unlike the intersection of different vulnerabilities that they have been terms of those. Then in terms ends their access to resources there are ways to get out hands. You know I think we also signed open a lot of LG BTQ slots down in. It's hard not earn being hands Egypt deeds beans and different. Compound in trauma zagging back. There's not an art out we don't we don't resolve the trauma that we face as LG BTQ folks who learned how to live with that and learn how to slowly and titles knots over time and that the water resource is that we have in terms of those earning community and therapy and mental health resources. And that are widely available the more we're able to continue on the journey and kindness not. That question and I'm. Sharing the land that. And remote measured on their it is exciting that it an even higher in the great. And and it and Leonel. Each a year that worked hard at WR is. And and well. I you can see how that would result very bad eating Lee in people picking their own lives and it. Horrible. And Christie you know you talk about the personal connection that you have to this that this this isn't. This isn't theory this is something that you and your family have dealt way. Absolutely. And it I trauma and a team. They've got mad at reverberate. You're out one family. And often never goes away then found would. I am when I went on trump school and it land. In the wake get paid back and I really. I'm truly article under and that so much of the pain at neglect attic area and eat. The lick addiction he chuckled when action anxiety a cripple this order result when that Renault. City eerie and living in. Al DD EU movement elite. And you know it had been our part of Michael making life met bit on probably would not have gotten made had he not have. I'm be in that led an incredible motivated I Greek I had to do something like that brief and it authentic action I'd let her camp. Well excellent that you made this film Christine Jessica we thank you so much for being here and for your powerful work the powerful film pray away. About the former leaders and survivors of the ex gay movement starts streaming August 3. And up next right here on prior technology and warming the heart ticked off a lesbian love and community. We'll be right.

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{"duration":"11:35","description":"Filmmakers Kristine Stolakis and Jessica Devaney talk about their groundbreaking documentary about the dangerous practice of conversion therapy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78366052","title":"Creators of Netflix documentary 'Pray Away' talk about importance of the film","url":"/US/video/creators-netflix-documentary-pray-talk-importance-film-78366052"}