Critics question president's 'Salute to America' parade over costs

The president responded via tweet, saying, "The cost of our great Salute to America tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth."
4:25 | 07/03/19

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Transcript for Critics question president's 'Salute to America' parade over costs
President trump is going to be good for the fourth of July. 2.5 million dollars big he's diverting that. Amount of money from the National Park Service to cover the cost of all the pomp and circumstance including a military tanks I want to bring in Karen Travers at the White House. We have Stephanie Ramos at the Lincoln Memorial. This. Anthony what do we expect to see what should we expect a thing. Well a lot of military hardware Kimberly at least two Abrams Haines. To Bradley fighting vehicles one of them is behind me pre positioned here. Really close to Lincoln Memorial and were told that in about another hour so they're going to move these vehicles a little closer to the memorial where they will be positioned for the big event tomorrow. And right now being Jumbotron is already been set up the white users the stage. Getting ready for the big and that tomorrow other elements that Woolsey a tomorrow a military units marching bands floats. Fighter jets. Everyone gearing up for the big event I don't wanna point now but some things that we will see tomorrow. Aren't really all that new military units for instance have been parading in DC's fourth of July. Of what a ban sport for many many years but what's different about this is that it's basically. Two dueling a beds we've got the presidents of ads and then it DC's. Traditional but that happens year after year and we know. We've heard from DC politicians that. They say they've gone. Two extreme lengths to accommodate the president's were class. Kimberly yes so can. Erin you know a lot of people are upset about this they're boycotting it on Twitter it's trending can you explain to us what the controversy is. Well the White House says this is about patriotism. Not politics Kimberly but this is Washington so politics creeps into everything that happens and it certainly does in the trump administration the president heads wanted to do an event like this day he wants to celebrate the military in his words but. Say that this is more about showing military force military might and not honoring the service members themselves of course by doing the fly overs and bringing in the tanks to the National Mall. This is also an event that every year is fully opened to the public if people can just walk down to the National Mall with their blanket spent a couple of hours have a picnic. And I the president appearing there. Everything takes on a bit of a partisan town and hitting critics will say that whenever the president delivers speeches that rally that the White House everything he does inject that partisanship to this. So they are expecting and that will happen. Tomorrow which is of course the nation's birthday the White House is insisting that that's not what this is about this is patriotism and the president has every right to celebrate the fourth of July. In any way he wants you. So Karen this was the president's idea to do this. Throw this was this is something that was. Sparked by a parade he saw in France in 2017. The president made a visit there at the invitation of French president and then on the crime and at part of the Bastille day festivities there. There is an impressive military parade in the president couldn't stop talking about it he loved what he saw he thought it was fantastic and he wanted to do it here in the United States. Kimberly trying to do this last year he when it's due a big. Veterans day event in Washington and he didn't really get off the ground running there was a lot of push back from city officials about the costs there was a lot of concern about potential damage to infrastructure here in this city if you had. Very heavy military vehicles coming down the city's streets. Still ultimately the plan was scrapped the the president didn't drop that he wanted to do it in some capacity. So what is essentially doing tomorrow here in DC is adding his own event to events and had been taking place in Washington on July 4. For many many years and Stephanie what it we know about this high price tag. Well Kimberly be administration what really say just how much. This event is going to culpable we do know with that the Washington Post. Is reporting that the National Park Service has diverted. 2.5 million dollars from entrance and recreation fees to cover the costs here and help those costs. We're primarily intended to then cover any expenses for parks across the country so bounce as far as. What we know right now and who knows we may learn more in the coming days once this event takes place. I read I want to think Stephanie Ramos.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The president responded via tweet, saying, \"The cost of our great Salute to America tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64113652","title":"Critics question president's 'Salute to America' parade over costs","url":"/US/video/critics-question-presidents-salute-america-parade-costs-64113652"}