Crowds enter Nationals Park for Congressional Baseball Game

ABC News' Serena Marshall takes us inside Nationals Park for the Congressional Baseball Game.
8:25 | 06/16/17

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Transcript for Crowds enter Nationals Park for Congressional Baseball Game
Welcome ABC news I'm Serena mark Hilan here tonight at Nationals Park AM in the ground right don't. We are he had the first bit. See any parent and. I just where did you. Actually so I referred punishment. Part of an update if you had been. Does this play in the game. Your life is about. I can give them. I mean for the party system is very. I think right now and I do. This came under great together in America's pastime. And his people would talk about. But in this Boston opened. Everybody can relate to. I think they're coming together today and supporting this game. Really is a nice little positive five words. I mean the American public. Involved accidents along. Right now there's a lot of 500. I'll show you grill and leave their very if we're. But does. I have integrity. Yeah. I like this might be able to. You bring people together and actually. A possible friendly agreement between those Marty and I obviously he's been very divided houses they're divided senate. And right now. Set aside. Value. Oh or at least disagreements between parties and come together. And that was. England started. The game. Didn't think there. Thank you and Burnett talks Marcos perverted scheme today IIPOR. Welcome they're coming out. Oh. Analysts and if you plan I think Henry tells her thumb bill bell and Brett to vote. And that they found that earned him an absolute. It I did and then when I think it well maybe not after it happened is an absolutely have to do. I've been coming to these at least since 2009. And it's been a major deal for me and a lot of my friends since then why you eat like. Where that these young Republicans were re organized group run DC and we actually do a lot of volunteer activism a hands. We're really involved in making sure that special elections happen hands go in the favor the Republican side. Law part of Virginia Republican who do you think things and a lot of this is you come out and socialize and get a lot of people of your cause because this sort of thing that motivates people today okay enlightening out of each other right. So now we can go do something seductive. And this is something for me where I met. My best friends through these kinds of events. I've met roommates I met my wife through this kind of bad. And it's one of the things where it's you're interested in politics it's her decision in conservative politics. Neither side you're gonna find people who agree with you are very vehemently disagree with the U. Yeah I understand every news side and you're gonna find people that you can interact with on a major bases. Thanks so happy yesterday tragic event and. I think it will be higher I think it right the players might play a little bit we'll. Bigger yeah like that otherwise leave the thing we've been it is where a lot of the now enjoy themselves you're kind of being together. Unity and let aren't you heard it and actually. 1008. Actually made out raise more than a million dollars for the fall classic five out. It's art you reach those goals now. I can't. Yeah yeah. Democrat your saw leaders of both come together. Yeah. They filled the. Yeah. The big thing for me is when I kind of these kind of things it's one of those things where everybody obviously went quite a humvee. This being DC everybody's good thing for the same time you also wants to. Evening in sewer line this experience where you get to see people on both sides of the aisle coming together just into lake in the ball. I meant that option but it. I. Experts. I don't think it would be as can't be good news. And I think the tradition is part of it part of baseball part of politics that's kind of what keeps going but could easily be events so bad salt. And I'm happy scene this unity over the past 24 hours talk. That little friend Linda I'm. Reality news fight why it is. I'm sorry. But there are a lot of time the Republicans and Democrats work together they worked together on March. Back yard field. In the air that's when asked the question is can it be to what extent of the size what is this Atlanta. City line avenue was the big bills right now in front of the house and in the yeah. Green boring here. Clean them I'm not Republican Democrat independent they weren't seen congress work together. Taken I have to record an expression. Yeah. Finally coming around now the man again. Community that we had and I would say that it all though there are a lot of incredible three back and forth back and we're. Since if you ever get to the quarter we see Republicans and Democrats agreeing all the time people getting hurt are going to be. The other thing is. I think there's a lot of benefit to bringing people into understanding and had only do we have the ability it have a conversation. What we can disagree in an agreeable manner I think. So far this problem is right now you have a lot of people talking very loudly about how there can be no conversation with the public. They're getting being no. Understanding between cardinal. I think the biggest thing that could possibly happen is people say OK maybe you were interested in stability again. They were interested in having this kind of conversations. And maybe rather than saying that having an opinion I don't agree wit. Stops happening and we consider it was actually worked together that's why I would like to see it happen. I'd like to see Republican voices start to be hurt. I agree that the global business movement passed and that it's definitely. And that takes away the opportunity. Your policy differences different idea. It's like working with him that if someone tells you. I can't listen to your opinion because your opinions differ from mine there can be no conversation. And that's the kind of thing that needs and.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall takes us inside Nationals Park for the Congressional Baseball Game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"48080026","title":"Crowds enter Nationals Park for Congressional Baseball Game","url":"/US/video/crowds-enter-nationals-park-congressional-baseball-game-48080026"}