Crowds Line Up Outside Central Park To See Pope Francis

ABC News' Charli James reports from the Upper West Side ahead of Pope Francis' parade through Central Park.
4:02 | 09/25/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crowds Line Up Outside Central Park To See Pope Francis
I think you're watching ABC did well and I am at the bottom of the Central Park in New York City and hope mania is an awful way. People it started lining up late this morning for the ticketed event. 80000 people are able to get tickets via a lottery online. And they have already started giving out at thousands and thousands of people in a surprisingly well run security situation hearings are. People with tickets are able to line up on side streets. And then they are brought down into the pen here on the right behind me and then he might tent that you're seeing all along the bottom of Central Park here. These are where the metal detectors are we're people back there being gone through and they're being patted down. And that's a very very. Organized this done here in Central Park and surprisingly though considering the tens of thousands of people that are here. And they're really excited are all in good spirit. We locked down from ABC news headquarters in the arc with just a few blocks up on 66 street. That thousands and thousands of people are wearing hope T shirt buying out flags to wave. Just on the program started eight holes I hope hot out walk but I. Look at that group of people all. People it black athletes one in wearing the Pope and dealt teacher who look like he's going up but there's going up and old local black and violent that a sporting events or something something like that. And I'll. Surprisingly. Considering how many. Considering how much police force out here and Mikey Dee also Secret Service at that secondly it. Are out here as well the Vatican security. So. Probably one of the biggest highest level of security event that happens and that you like new York and everyone has been extremely if it's an extremely good parent and hi. High spirited event for everyone. I mean we're in. We're near Patrick yesterday for similar back a little bit smaller not quite as many people. By people waiting in line for hours and hours there as well and no one complaining just get a glimpse of the help people are more than happy the way for 56 more hours. Just to see him go by and the Pope I'll. So right now. The Pope is on little break but he it will be had it up see. East Harlem today that school there. And then on his way to mass amnesty people coming down Central Park west inside the park. In his coat mafia all. And that is that night that it ticketed event not anyone can come but we've also seen groups of people lining up outside of security. Just hoping to be close to the pump we're not sure if anyone out idol actually ill to see him by here we are. Still hours away from I'm Pope Branson is expected to making its way down Central Park west in. It spoke well beyond belief Artie got people. Lined up just hoping to catch it land. People are lucky thumb on his way up sues saint Patrick last. Night he came up from Wall Street up the FD aren't here in the arc and actually went out the window down and with waving at people on the FDR could see him as well as an accidental Pope citing. I definitely exciting for people as well ABC at covering. Everything that the Pope is doing across all of platform digital theft report. Do you mag that these are just stay with ABC for. Everything your Pope grand theft if you hire is excited. As everyone here in New York I know that your interest and their stay with Wielding bringing you more reports throughout today and and you're watching

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"ABC News' Charli James reports from the Upper West Side ahead of Pope Francis' parade through Central Park.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34047037","title":"Crowds Line Up Outside Central Park To See Pope Francis ","url":"/US/video/crowds-line-central-park-pope-francis-34047037"}