Cyntoia Brown freed after 15 years in prison

Yasmin Vafa, the co-founder and executive director for Rights4Girls, discusses the importance of "amplifying the voices" of sex trafficking victims by bringing awareness.
3:33 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for Cyntoia Brown freed after 15 years in prison
What a turn next to send toy of brown the woman who was convicted of killing a man who had solicited her for sex sentenced to life in prison. She is now free after serving fifteen years in prison a number of activists came together to work for her freedom including guest involve. Who joins us now from Washington she's the executive director of rights for girls. What a gratifying moment this must be free who. Absolutely it's it's a tremendous amount of success Senna and one that many individuals and advocates across the country have been fighting for four decades. Kim Kardashian Rihanna the LeBron James those are some of the bold face names but. There was a lot of activism on the ground you know beyond that the famous people right. Absolutely there have been folks who've been working on some toy his case in Tennessee for a truly decades and her legal team has done a tremendous job. Led by Charles bone and others on and we've been very grateful to be able to support their efforts to amplify their calls. For her freedom and we're just thrilled to see that she's finally been released after all these years behind bars. And this is your one success story but did the issue of human trafficking it barely got a mention in the last democratic debate is is this gonna help the country. Focus a bit. We certainly hope so you know one of the things that we like to point out of Watson's latest cases that unfortunately it's not too uncommon. There's many other young women and girls like some toy who have been criminalized. For there exploitation and four. Essentially being forced to take their safety and to their own hands because. They've been failed to buy every system entrusted with their care. By all of the adults in trusted with their care young women and girls like Alexis Martin who was also sentenced as a minor to life in prison in Ohio. Four. Being involved in the death of her trafficker. She in that case didn't pull the trigger but they're there's many other young. Girls like some toy out there and so were hopeful. That through all of the attention that her case rightly deserved. Were able to amplify the voices of so many other young women who are currently behind bars. Who you know really don't deserve to be there and that we're hoping we can amplify calls to get their release look. We have a couple of cases here in New York when Jeffrey Epstein and next in particular that we Sonoma. Absolutely I mean I think we've been very involved in the Jeffrey Epstein case I think that was another example. How far we've come in our collective understanding of that victims in cases like his and in cases like some toy a brown. Are not in fact under age women and they're not child prostitutes. Right and so I think we've grown a lot and our collective understanding that these are in fact children who were Syria Lee raped. There are survivors of egregious forms of sexual and physical violence. And so we really need to treat them like that our systems need to treat them like that an a for them the same. Services that we would grant it any other victim of child sexual abuse and so. For continuing to work on cases like Alexis Martin's marianas Matt cans out in the Seattle area. And also just spreading information about the pervasiveness. Of this problem in our communities throughout the country if here in DC we get between five to eight referrals and children who are being bought and sold per week. So it's a tremendous problem and not just in Washington DC but throughout the country. Five referrals a week that's something yes things off of the executive director of rights for girls our thanks to you for. Bringing the issue to our attention.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Yasmin Vafa, the co-founder and executive director for Rights4Girls, discusses the importance of \"amplifying the voices\" of sex trafficking victims by bringing awareness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64859866","title":"Cyntoia Brown freed after 15 years in prison","url":"/US/video/cyntoia-brown-freed-15-years-prison-64859866"}