Dangerous ice storm moves across the East Coast

North Carolina declares a state of emergency amid severe weather threats.
1:20 | 02/18/21

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Transcript for Dangerous ice storm moves across the East Coast
East Coast is also bracing for more severe weather ten states and the District of Columbia. Are under states of emergency declarations right now dangerous flash flooding and tornadoes are expected in the southeast. While the northeast is on alert for more snow and ice Victor komando is in Greensboro, North Carolina where the governor has declared. A state of emergency Victor good morning. Diane really a quick break in this freezing rain but it has been coming down for hours all morning long and there is a lot more. All the way we're already hearing reports of power outages and that's where these guys come in. Overnight this parking lot was transformed into a sea of these bucket trucks they've come in from as far away as Florida and Indiana Duke Energy is warning that this storm. It could cause up to a million power outages and I could last. For several days north Carolina's governor declared a state of emergency with the chief concern being ice you see some icicle sort of form here on the sign. Just a quarter of an inch in this far North Carolina the lead to some real problems downed trees downed power lines we could see twice that amount. Half an inch. So right now officials are warning people urging them to stay inside stay off the roads keep him clear for emergency responders. In these crews the winter weather warning for this area is in effect until 7 AM tomorrow a very long day ahead. Dianne Sherri as great advice there Viktor Kenyon Greensboro, North Carolina thanks think there.

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{"duration":"1:20","description":"North Carolina declares a state of emergency amid severe weather threats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75975109","title":"Dangerous ice storm moves across the East Coast","url":"/US/video/dangerous-ice-storm-moves-east-coast-75975109"}