Teen Drops Out of HS to Build Social App

How growing up in L.A. drove this young and gifted 16-year-old to create an innovative app.
3:00 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Teen Drops Out of HS to Build Social App
I know that one of them. Largest sources of satisfaction and happiness in my life apparently building I think I was attacking her native and lemon. They got it June tack. Is something that it is like understood. I can express myself and it's kind of media. To express ideas or thoughts or emotions and just like solving problems. There was one. One that is all that. I'm Daniel singer and sixteen years old and I'm from Los Angeles county. I didn't Thomas stuff follows its war in your eighth grade it is not that hard and don't use that as an excuse. He's asking him. That it is a very special boy we treat them as as the adult in the house I mean everyone that has issues from. Tech issues to other questions we always come to him. Since he was. I think 1011. And rather than phase of a child he's more as an adult. I've known Daniel for and one a saver for four years now we really hit it off got a sense of what he was working on. I was really excited to finally stead to work with him partner with him. Helped build out when Houston child is an incredibly helpful fundraising this general strategy. Anything that organic relationship just kind of Foster something. That I look to for his friendship with with the caveat that yes maybe. Each of us can learn a lot from each other and that's where the management team which should be all pointing them might be helpful. You taking. A couple different ideas. And then eventually merging together. In the valley right hero flick. There's not lot of friends my block is a mile and how long this house cost us off so if you don't have to go door to lots intent to stick because some people. The biggest reason finally come from. See lots of people I just know that there's someone stupid foolish as I wish that I can. Kitty great people. So we wanna do is get people out of the house's difference really cool places where there already and hop on and while they're there been introduced since the best people possible. The way using bond work says. Nightclubs bars are able over of ball. Either get introduced to someone who's been there or someone catches your life it's vital possibly get. As this. We'll when he pitch that hits me. I was intrigued by the idea of course. Skeptical asked no questions how that work what is the approach he really satisfied all my questions but what I cared about more. Trying to find a father is someone who wouldn't learn quickly and find new ways to. Do you use that knowledge in the next and I think that's why that's less on Daniel enough so many say all right let's do this from the first. The engine of perfected a way of working together and shipping products. Very quickly and at a very high a level of quality that route bereft. Here's a classic. Product manager mindset she looks at. How we can get this done as fast as possible and I have to engineering mindset I don't want code breaking I don't want nasty stuff going on in Iraq the tactics. And so I try to make something that scalable and work. Forever essentially when the dean of. Hardware as they came to us and said that he's voicing this time and he should go and pursue his his dreams. For us it was and I said you're as surprised and as the but you're the teacher that's what to tell us and should be yes. What this ultimately now was he was gonna get a chance to. Tended to live now this. Year of use that he's kind. Because he's going to be focus on all the things that. Entrepreneur focuses on which is thinking of building company hired talent and meaning to product out the door and he. He's successful tactic is not a game that favors people who waited. At all after their two of talking was out. I went straight to their workers so. I still have that traditional way of thinking that generally have to pursue unification and then you get started on the my racket but. He coffees me. Did this isn't to have to think than him out of school who. It was harder for my wife which is more position movement and felt he has to complete high school for me. Heisman never have me and in an infant from Los nothing that they learned in high school. Have the neither and other businesses that have been in my career. We decided that we will. Given to see drowned whenever we can for his ventures and we told them that the partners or his Brothers as world. He didn't like that very month that he understood that. The thing that really stands out is. You know whether he has the experience or not he will go after it put. Every bit of that from him into it to make it happen and having someone with that in your teen is in I've seen any unhappy and throwers and what does. Whether it's the successful financially or not that doesn't involve a loss for him with the Marines through. Not even some of these wounds. He has enough time to worry about that and his hope I can build their products. We have to people. Use the products. And shy and become. A better person I think.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"How growing up in L.A. drove this young and gifted 16-year-old to create an innovative app. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41901792","title":"Teen Drops Out of HS to Build Social App","url":"/US/video/daniel-singer-creates-innovative-social-app-41901792"}