David Ortiz was not target of shooting

Ortiz, who is affectionately known as "Big Papi," told authorities that he didn't know of anyone who would harm him.
2:18 | 06/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for David Ortiz was not target of shooting
We Vinny keeping you updated on the Boston Red Sox icon David Ortiz who was shot in the Dominican Republic earlier this month. And in new updates police revealed David Ortiz was not the intended target. During the shooting so I want to bring in Victor okay no with more details Victor. Kimberly despite being what are the most recognizable people in the Dominican Republic a beloved icon here prosecutors now say that David Ortiz was shot. By mistake. The manhunt is on for the alleged mastermind. Noise and up until not PW don't. There's shocking twist Dominican authorities now say the intended target was a man sitting at the seemed to able list David Ortiz. Sixth Joseph David Fernandez who was also dressed in similar fashion to the former slugger. The attorney general believes the plots orchestrator is Victor Hugo Gomez who was last seen in the US. Where he's wanted on charges involving a pier drug cartel Gomez and Fernandez have believed to be the intended target are actually related. And prosecutors say goma's was upset with Fernandez he believed he ratted him out years ago resulting in him going to prison. This new surveillance video allegedly shows several suspects meeting at a nearby gas station. Before two of them are riding a motorcycle to the nightclub just minutes before big poppy was shot. One of the suspects taking this photo of the intended target. But at forty say the hit man simply shot the wrong person. Confusing Ortiz and Fernandez because of their attire moments after the shooting watch as investigators say another suspect supervising the hit. Stays on scene. Holding onto his beer sipping it. And making a call while everyone else police eleven suspects have been arrested so far including 25 hurled. Several feet that aired our crews who police say pulled the trigger last week the chief of police held up the Golan says crews used in the alleged ambush. That nearly cost Ortiz his life. The ten time all star is still in intensive care at a Massachusetts hospital. Lynn has recently been upgraded to good condition. Three suspects remain at large including the alleged mastermind the Dominican Republic has reached out to American authorities for help Kimberly. All right thank you Victor for the updates and where obviously very happy that David Ortiz is doing well.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Ortiz, who is affectionately known as \"Big Papi,\" told authorities that he didn't know of anyone who would harm him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63840963","title":"David Ortiz was not target of shooting","url":"/US/video/david-ortiz-target-shooting-63840963"}