Day 12 of Chauvin trial: Witnesses for defense take the stand

Legal analyst Terri Austin discusses what witnesses like Barry Brodd said during questioning.
3:48 | 04/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Day 12 of Chauvin trial: Witnesses for defense take the stand
And let's bring in Terry Austin host some legal analyst belong crime network for more on this case said Terri thanks for being here the defense is first witnesses. First with the very first witness really was the former MIT and and PD officer excuse me. Oh who was involved in George Floyd's furious arrest and 2019. He hasn't seen a very narrow lane in terms of what he described in this arrest and was really barely ass any questions by the defense at all. How this is about his testimony. And how much of it was about being able to show his body cam footage from that day. Well I think that the defense wanted to show that witness bars because they were trying to say that conjure exploit is a drug user and he's been arrested before he's had this sort of habitual habit. Ingesting drugs when he's arrested and the body camera did show all of that you're absolutely right though it was a very short direct and cross examination because. They judge limited to that. Medical evidence he did not want anyone to get into that character optimistically because that is not supposed to be on trial here at distant and they were only allowed to talk about the physical effects that drugs had on him that day not be emotional effects that they may have -- anything to do with Floyd's character. But then use of force consultant very broad got on the stand and yet first seemed like he was a strong witness. For the defense he testified in detail about why he believes show his actions were justified and in line with police policy. But it did you know holed up on cross examination he ended up conceding among other things that the prone restraint in this case could be considered a use of force along with the neon Floyd's neck. And that maintaining that forced after Floyd was compliant and non responsive. Was against police training so what do you think of the way the prosecutor kind of slowly pulls those concessions. Out of him and ultimately what do you think the impact of his testimony will be. Once again and I and you hit it on the head Steve sliced it was absolutely masterful. A little bit of pull and Tug wind. They started this cross examination but very quickly. He was able to get there a bride to admit almost everything as you said in fact when I was listening to that cross examination. Or second when I wasn't looking act this crane I thought impact that the prosecution was doing the direct of their own use of force expert there were so many areas where it is indeed. Individual admitted that. Yes if you're prone and handcuffed that could be use of force in that inflicts pain and they will be keen if you aren't that kind of bridge he basically talked about positional acts stick sienna and how in fact when you have pressure on the body. And you're on the concrete and your own body weight that this of course could cost oppositional X six yes. And I think one of the real major points that he may was that fact that children was not following. A policy. The police force and Minnesota and it seems as though Barry bond was not that. You know it knowledgeable. About what was going on and so. Rod I think was an expert but I didn't think that he was able to contribute Mike's. Here because he was an ax familiar with that process season he didn't realize that. Use of force in Minnesota really means you can't do this if the individual is comply aunt and heat basically admitted that he. At that point in time blood was compliant. All right Terry asked tonight's great to have your analysis thanks Terry and look to you a little bit later for ABC news lives continuing coverage of the trial Derek Shelton.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Legal analyst Terri Austin discusses what witnesses like Barry Brodd said during questioning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77070250","title":"Day 12 of Chauvin trial: Witnesses for defense take the stand","url":"/US/video/day-12-chauvin-trial-witnesses-defense-stand-77070250"}