Daylight Saving Time: Why Change the Clocks?

An explanation of why we do what we do two times every year.
5:01 | 10/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daylight Saving Time: Why Change the Clocks?
Spring forward fall back that's the daylight saving time monster but. Why do we change the clocks anyway does that really help anyone. It's twice a year ritual. The reminder daylight saving time except those clocks ahead moving the clocks ahead one hour on the daylight saving time in the spring. And then back again to standard time in the fall. The idea was by moving the clocks forward we will be shipping an hour of daylight into the evening hour wind we could really use it. Both that idea come from. I know it started because of farmers the moment her. It's time to planned exit to hide to arm us. Guiding them building it did go hearing that it was for the fallen people but this farm couple was surprised to hear that. Really really I think it was comers. Indiana sheep farmers outlook should pierce McKinney. Don't even rely on the clock they're up in the predawn darkness each day defeat their sheep and baby lambs no matter what time it. We know using. Again not like he's. In fact win the state of Indiana voted recently to join the rest of us in daylight saving time. Many of their fellow farmers actually lobbied against it. We get by pretty hard not to have. As president of the Indiana farmers union gem venom heard his members of loud and clear. I had no really no farmer that I'm aware of the benefits from from you'll actually farm activities. And daylight savings time. If you have to understand that farmers don't like change this grown old kind of get lonely whose car on how well not you agreed in happens. So it's a myth that we follow daylight saving time to help the farmers it seems the real reason congress asked just switch our clocks back and forth. Is to save on energy and I DNA can be traced all the way back to Benjamin Franklin and he said it jokingly as a way to save on candle usage. But what if we told you that even the energy saving part might be in that. Something like. Christie was the reason the US first tried national daylight saving during the world wars. But as these movie theater ads from the 1930s and forties show but many thought it was a bad night. We feel that gave like eight when it flat rock. Put it back what they all hold wait a minute why do you think I am having seen. Despite the ridicule the energy crisis of the seventies led congress to promote daylight saving time again their reason. But moving an hour of light into the evening we wouldn't use less energy for heating and lighting our homes so we were surprised to hear from this man daylight savings time saves energy definitely an energy saver we wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't sure what's surprising is that there's very little evidence to support that claim. Economist Matthew Koch and of the university California says. Congress has supported and even extended daylight saving time for decades based largely on one flawed 1970 study. The results were found to be not statistically significant how do you lay a success claim to a policy. If the answer to the question is within the margin of error. Think you have to ask the politicians to give your enhancer answer for that one so we did. To extend daylight savings time. Congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts has supported daylight saving time since the eighties do we really save energy in 2008 by changing time. I don't think there's any question that we do save energy by. By moving the hour to the evening but new research found just the opposite. After Indiana went through its first statewide daylight saving time in 2006. Madieu content was able to compare power used by homeowners before. And after he was surprised to find people use more. Yes more power residential electricity. Increased between one to 4%. Why we'll thanks to the law of unintended consequence is moving an hour of sunlight to summer evenings could mean something not thought out. Running the air conditioner an extra hour. A marquis says these findings don't apply to the whole country and points out the daylight saving had other benefits including fewer pedestrian traffic deaths. And by the way it also reduces the crime rate. Because. Criminals tend not to work when it's still daylight so you can move the sunshine to the evening believe it or not it reduces the crime rate in the evening as they wait. Until it gets a little bit doctor we have studies on lazy criminals all yeah this they just don't like that. 5 AM work. And marquis says as soon to be released energy study could prove him right about daylight saving time and even if it doesn't. It still brings a smile to people's lives. And many Indiana farmers now agree the farmers union has dropped their opposition and no one seems to mind. Well you've got to say about it dateline whether the clock says its air.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"An explanation of why we do what we do two times every year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26604840","title":"Daylight Saving Time: Why Change the Clocks?","url":"/US/video/daylight-saving-time-explained-26604840"}