DC Police Chief Warns Navy Yard Area Still Active, Stay Indoors

Officials ask community to stay vigilant as investigation of alleged second shooter continues.
11:33 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for DC Police Chief Warns Navy Yard Area Still Active, Stay Indoors
All right good afternoon I guess -- say good evening at this point. It's very long day very tragic day and the District of Columbia we all are deeply saddened. By the events. Of the day. We wanted to take this opportunity to. Refuse much as we can we really don't have a lot of new information -- as the investigation continues to. Unfold. Was still seeking the identity of the person was identified as having been in and been and they I understood. They drab olive color colored uniform in about fifty and -- your description. Earlier that person. Again I want to extend only half of the entire city and those who with us. The -- our heartfelt condolences to the families. Those who. Were killed in this -- trashing -- -- -- thirteen fatalities. To say each. Twelve -- which occurred on the side including the shooting. And then one of whom -- at the hospital. Again we don't have -- no known motive. At this juncture. We are. There are those who -- about whether terrorism was involved we have no information that would suggest that's the case at this point. And we will continue. Through the night and continue this investigation obviously in the days and weeks. Had. Want to call upon first of all what does this is -- more as we did before first of all -- -- for the metropolitan police department. Chief Cathy Lanier. Then we'll have our FBI representative we'll have our. Chief of the park police in our congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton chief -- The only thing additionally that right now is that we are still continuing. -- our community. Two remain out of the area and shelter in place. We still are working diligently to either verify or clear whether we have. That last additional person of interest out whether they're going to be involved or not that process is not complete. So this is still an active investigation we still have a lot of law enforcement activity in the area so please. Bear with us and asked that people stay out of the area until we give the all clear. I will also add that. And our officer from MPD. And is recovering he does have serious injuries. That we -- -- -- he's going to be OK and I want to thank all of our committee members who have. Sharon outpouring of support for our PD -- -- So when you have the option now who is a stable out of surgery and stable. Is going to be OK so. Traffic closures remain the same as before they -- -- main closures across M street. Throughout the night to this is going to be. A little bit now -- longer term investigation I think once we clear that last suspect whether that is going to be a person we're looking for not. Will have some additional other -- lifted but for right now. Everything remains close it was -- earlier and this is still very active -- are asking the shelter in place to do remain the moment we have. Additional information we will push -- the community and make sure that the press has updated. Thank you. -- -- -- -- Though we do not have any further detailed a share at this time about the -- shooter. We -- -- the public to look at the photos of Aaron -- access and contact the FBI what Annie and all information. The photos are available. FBI dot gov and all information -- reported 21800. Call FBI. That's a major investigation is still very active and we will continue to work -- our partners. To track down every bit of information that we learn. It's just -- -- the public is vital and investigations of -- tight as they try to piece together at the recent movements and contacts on the subject. No piece of information is too small. Please call -- core and an all information 21800. Call FBI psyche of. At one thing. Europe all are of local folks that follow -- following news coverage here. There is misinformation that -- getting out for a variety different sources. I will say to our friends in the media you have. Sources inside of the law enforcement agencies that are reporting they're not official reports unless they come through -- body. Are from the FBI so what unfortunately happens is law enforcement sources we'll hear something. As that gets passed around -- changes and often times is not completely accurate. And then is getting reported in the press so please if it is not coming from this official body or from the FBI. It is not confirmed there is a lot of -- information getting out we are trying to. Make sure factual information -- -- and pushed out through all of our. And -- sources -- -- city sources on our Twitter and DC alert and are all of our contacts and we make sure that the press -- any updates as they -- so please. If you have sources reporting something if you try and verify address before you put it out. It would be helpful us anonymous information that results in additional calls coming in the divert our resources so please of -- just ask. For -- patients there thank you. And our personal note at this point they were we're now on a support role is United States park police were among the first responders this morning -- -- one does. To thank the community who puts up with some destruction in the day one a tragedy like this happens -- have to reroute traffic court. We don't have a lot of information initially. But as the day has gone on our officers have been stopped on the street and says thank you two over and over again. So thank you for their recognizing the heroics of officers -- run towards danger every day in the aviators who plucked people off of the roof. It does make it very meaningful to them unattended daylight today -- -- thank you. Well thank -- chief and then he thanked the mayor and all who gathered here several times. Because -- coming forward to do. Our residents of the region information. You've done some very important you have -- the fear. Level down from the fear rises when people don't hand information and don't feel -- this happens to be. A thriving. Community of residents. Is not a place just four. -- the large federal facilities. He -- you see here when I go on the floor tomorrow evening our mind. The congress. For the shooting occurred in their neighborhood. This is the neighborhood of the capital. Of the United States and very close to congress. And yet. I just want to say to residents who are coming home today. That the response of the police. That taking down of the shooter so quickly. Convinces me yet again that this is the safest city in the United States. Not safe from attack but -- -- today. The police. And the responders saved many lives. Perhaps when this investigation. Is over we'll have some sense. Of just how many. Much of that has to do with the close working relationship between. -- and federal police of which they are several and chose to name and I think it's shown up. Very well. When I say this is this safest city in the United States I want also to reinforce the that these safety is that this secure that the security -- sea systems command has always. Generated and we know that because. Of the difficulty of getting there but also because it was open to the community in the evenings. Even built a facility so it could accommodate. Community events we want to maintain that balance. And tonight we want to say it's it's a residence. That we don't think there's anything to fear. In this city and I think you saw by the way in which multiple police forces who work so closely together. Achieved at a closure here. That this is a safe city and we should go about our business in the usual way thank you very much. Questions yes. On -- we're not gonna comment on an aunt -- right now so on investigation evolved pertains to evidence on them becoming an on this point probably not for some time. Will serve. -- active shooter wrongful. We have both -- On we had initial responding officers to entered the base and again of their -- -- we had official active shooter teams. Assembled -- news. It was -- the shooter. I'm not comment on this point. -- -- Video games. Or is there -- reason why. -- -- -- There's been. Obviously there's no place you know and any city -- not having multiple videos that are available there is multiple videos that are being reviewed. We have no video that we can release the public at this point. Right now -- video that we are here as part of the investigative process if at some point we have something we can release the public we certainly will. Let me add to the video to which our refer to wanted to -- that -- identified the person in the other uniform. -- we thought was a suspect initially. And we were able to confirm that. He was not a suspect that he actually was on the scene with someone else was shot. And he moved out of the way for obvious reasons when the shooting occurred and he was edited and reviewed and he's been result of any responsibility in this -- Users can you talk about your helicopter you. -- -- Now is talking about people that were wounded are being evacuated Hewitt fled to the roof of some of the buildings and I think -- cameras actually -- that footage. At the same time they -- eyes on the sky while they were there and with parents say police in Fairfax -- as well it was just a well coordinated effort. I don't -- Patrick and then you'll get the last question sir is there. No they're not we're still in the process of identifying who the victims are so. There is no. Information that's been fully confirmed at this stage that process continues. And so we will identify the trams of course first once we know fully who's been involved there's there's there's -- sir treated please. -- it was -- coming out of the -- -- how many there are remainder I do not know at this stage but as Lou coming though there was still. Some of the uniformed. Officers of the navy who coming -- getting on a -- so there are people still -- thank you all very much.

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{"id":20274260,"title":"DC Police Chief Warns Navy Yard Area Still Active, Stay Indoors","duration":"11:33","description":"Officials ask community to stay vigilant as investigation of alleged second shooter continues. ","url":"/US/video/dc-police-chief-warns-navy-yard-area-active-20274260","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}