DC statehood passes in the House for 2nd time

Democratic Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton talks about how the push for D.C. statehood was bolstered by the racial injustice movement.
6:42 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for DC statehood passes in the House for 2nd time
Today the United States House of Representatives passed a measure that Democrats say strikes to the heart of racial justice. And democracy it would make the District of Columbia the 51 state and joining us now to talk about this is a congressional representative. For Washington DC who could not even vote on that measure today congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton welcome on this big day congratulations. I thank you very much. Close so first. I do get help us make that connection. How did the racial justice movement in the spotlight on voting rights after this last election. Do you think it helped boost the momentum for DC statehood has it's. I think you guys but it is important to remember that. Most of its 220 years the District of Columbia has been a majority why. Jurisdiction. Bush today was much emphasis on black. So many African Americans live hear ADM can be. Bill paid schools simply because some of the concerns racial justice. And our I our country although I shouldn't predict. That but district it will probably be a majority white city when the next census is out of passes it has banned from also insulin or insulin is social so even with. Almost all the people here Saturday around 13 or why the Indians who was signed. Here is equal representation. So this has been a long flight three guys I know that as your your my congresswoman right here right now and my family as you first introduced this. I back in 1991. Pass for the first time a couple of years ago and 2019 and now you got to Biden administration firmly behind and Chuck Schumer says he's gonna bring it up in the senate. It does this have a real chance this time you think. I had increasing chances now we know there's Spanish. Has DNA placed where hills go to guy that's why Democrats who took all of this and it. And fewer call a candidate must play in all and I seen over one nation. So buster. It wasn't a filibuster which requires sixty votes. Support DC statehood. Is because the filibusters. Republicans. Leads in this from passing anti Seoul where people Gabe Desantis who boss we're going to be able to do anything. I that are unless we get rid of a filibuster and I am predicting year. That the filibuster is on its last legs and these he's ignored. But because this and it doesn't get anything done because other filibustered. When it also everything else in Gulfport DC statehood as well and we will become the city's first Indian. Well let's talk about that let me ask you an obvious question as somebody who lives in the district to a war plan right now. Used as we mentioned you'd could not vote on that bill. When. There is a statehood for the addition of Columbia. How would it affect your position in person holding that position in ways that then die is a resident and citizen here. Wouldn't feel would recognize what difference would it make in my life. Important to point. Out remember I do Mo. On an all matters in committee I chair a subcommittee. I'm Olympics. Even when Democrats aren't aren't something called Mineola all of the whole that's on amendments. But aren't final passage. Remember from the yeah at Columbia each time. Oh he still matter. Affects only the District of Columbia. The most important difference it will mean bill is not. I was vote in lean back and his general Collette we will have two senators as it is now. I passed a lot of matters and the houses act that was voted last year. But bull who the most effective house members are getting. Madison pass but what do I have to do I can't. You know two senators. I've got to go in the air and the. Allies and. I am very grateful that I have been able to find many allies would you tell me yet managed. Follow pass and I have gotten passage mounds. So let's talk about how about the politics we've touched on a Republicans. As you as you noted almost unanimously opposed here they're calling this partisan. Political power grab they they say the Democrats just trying to bolster their numbers in the senate. To help them with presidential elections as well so how do you answer that did that in this divided country. People's perception this will benefit the Democratic Party. Too much. Issue are how. Well certainly it is not being raged uniquely for the District of Columbia did she play. That issue was raised when an do you me. Territory once and economists say the difference. Between others. The district is that. Most often in fact almost always. Say he's calming hand. True latitude. So that was a Republican stay Indiana democratic state Alaska and Hawaii will absolutely. Flipped on the absolutely bad isn't even guarantee. The street is having to do it on its own yeah. Is doing fairly well on its almost the latest cold. It was a very detailed old. And show that she control per cent of the American people remember that number. Sixty vote percent of the American people Nelson. Support state alone the reason I believe that number is rising activity. And have to today's vote I think he wore eyes again. Is because. Mullis president's. Our country didn't whole. The exact but people who live in the nation's capital is never the same rights they have they now. Are only because of the hearings. And. Kind of odd to me Sanchez's Johnson courier on the floor today. That argument is winning more and more support across the country. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton thanks very much good luck. My pleasure.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Democratic Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton talks about how the push for D.C. statehood was bolstered by the racial injustice movement. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77251159","title":"DC statehood passes in the House for 2nd time","url":"/US/video/dc-statehood-passes-house-2nd-time-77251159"}