1 dead, 12 injured in car crash in Times Square

A New York City official said it appears to be an accident.
1:46 | 05/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1 dead, 12 injured in car crash in Times Square
Eyewitness News reporter and I can you tell us where you Lorraine what you know from there. That's our lives were at seventh avenue and 463 as you know the heart of Times Square. This is precisely the type of situation the NYPD has been worried about you can see where the car has come to rest. At the corner of 45 street. And don't Broadway. And seventh avenue. That is really Clark came to rest I had just spoken Liz moments ago with an eyewitness to the scene a man who now describes himself as a survivor. And what he told me again this is coming from one person but a very credible eyewitness. Who says that he was standing on that corner in that vicinity. When the car apparently came careening. Off the street the wrong way. Driving directly. Into a crowd of pedestrians. Let's get just got some video in that didn't we are we're told was shot just moments after that vehicle crashed into the hall. Here it is you can see it in the white screen powerful audience you can see the smoke coming out and the engine you see that fired the department. Covering the hole was on that vehicle this is just. We're told. Moments after that vehicle. Have somebody apparently a higher rate of speed crashed into that but we do you know also after it had plowed over. A number of pedestrians were hearing right now that number is at least. Thirteen and that one person is dead we don't know about one person dead at this time was a pedestrian or somebody inside that vehicle. But that's what we're being told at this point at least one dead at least thirteen injured and this is the video. Moments after the crash where it hit that ball.

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{"id":47490185,"title":"1 dead, 12 injured in car crash in Times Square","duration":"1:46","description":"A New York City official said it appears to be an accident.","url":"/US/video/dead-12-injured-car-crash-times-square-47490185","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}