1 dead, 22 injured in car crash in Times Square

The driver was identified by police as Richard Rojas, 26.
2:19 | 05/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1 dead, 22 injured in car crash in Times Square
Approximately 11:55 AM. 2009 Honda Accord this vehicle. The sidewalk on the west side of seventh avenue at west 42 street in Times Square. The vehicle. Occupied by male driver. Proceeded to drive at a higher rate of speed on the sidewalk. Eventually came to a stop. And in northwest corner of west 45 street where collided with the medals managed. The subject's vehicle struck 23 pedestrians. Causing multiple injuries and want it out. 22 victims removed a local hospitals. Driver a 26 year old male identified as Richard Rojas a resident in the Bronx was taken into custody at this game. The libertarian in investigation revealed that Rojas has. Arrest and two of them offered a life. There's no indication that this incident which terrorism related commission in Niagara will talk about injuries. Thank you and I'll I'll talk about the injuries in general terms as we do would not gonna talk about names specific injuries. We did have one person who was pronounced at the scene. They will for critical patients removed two to Bellevue to Roosevelt with various dramatic injuries including open fractures. Including multiple traumas. None of those at this point thanks to the fact that they will. Quickly transported to this hospital. Is likely. But that doesn't mean they are there are cleared none of those four. All right now. Likely to perish conditions can change we're very hopeful that the fact they were treated here quickly and removed quickly that they will survive. Three other injuries were very serious but not critical they were also removed to local hospitals. Fifteen are less serious injuries were called green tech injuries. All of these people have now been transported to the hospitals are being treated. We will. Divulge any names or ages or where they come from at this point but there was a very large amount of fire department police department resources. Arriving here very quickly and thanks to that. People receive care and very timely fashion.

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{"id":47492647,"title":"1 dead, 22 injured in car crash in Times Square","duration":"2:19","description":"The driver was identified by police as Richard Rojas, 26.","url":"/US/video/dead-22-injured-car-crash-times-square-47492647","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}