Dead baby found in suitcase next to New Jersey train tracks: Official

An autopsy will determine the baby's cause of death.
2:08 | 04/11/18

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Transcript for Dead baby found in suitcase next to New Jersey train tracks: Official
Investigators say. The baby was found inside a suitcase underneath the canal avenue bridge in Jersey City this discovery was made shortly after 1 o'clock this afternoon let's get right to Eyewitness News portal on glass for. Live with them. David and Anna let me set the scene for you I'm at the end of a band wagon an avenue. Just to the north of Broadway and right Tim might cite you might be able to see through the fence. The tracks for the past train we are really right under that pedestrian foot bridge that leads across Connolly avenue. This case was found by authorities there and that's where there investigating about a hundred feet 150 feet. To the east of me along the tracks you might be able to see that path train coming through. Right now Hudson County prosecutor's office saying that they are investigating what appears to be add dead baby and in his bid to. Possibly under the age of one. Found in us UK's was founded about 115 we're not sure who alerted authorities about the suit k.'s. Found just off the train tracks right by where the path train crosses. Hard to reach area you'd have to somehow get over this spend stack access that. That spot we have aerial views as well that we can show you where investigators are searching we spoke with residents in the area who is just shocked by. By this finding. That race that because I mean who led. Do that to a child Larry if it was in the land maybe they we don't know. It's very good press. Again the body of what is believed to be an infant possibly under the age of one found inside a suitcase along the path train tracks. Here in Jersey City an autopsy will be performed. To determine the cause of death that is a very latest from Jersey City that's where we're live Laurie last for channel seven. Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"An autopsy will determine the baby's cause of death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54400248","title":"Dead baby found in suitcase next to New Jersey train tracks: Official","url":"/US/video/dead-baby-found-suitcase-jersey-train-tracks-official-54400248"}