At least 1 dead after car plows into pedestrians in Times Square

ABC News' Gio Benitez and Charli James report from the scene in Times Square.
16:26 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for At least 1 dead after car plows into pedestrians in Times Square
Here live in New York you are bringing out some breaking news happening right here. In New York City we're gonna go live now to Times Square on my colleague GOP need as. Is on the scene of what appears to be. And deadly car crashed. GO what can you tell us right now about the latest there in Times Square. Good Morning America. Side. Requirements. So I don't. And it after this press. And just like to make what. When they say they. Are still trying to figure out. Now my. Right here in Times Square and Hopson. Main goal. Are there. As an infantry halfway on its side up on the sidewalk and some of those there I've had an accident like this driver who now know officials have confirmed. Two DWIs on his record he also learned that he tried to leave. Before being taken into custody. What are people on the ground there saying right now because as you mentioned this huge Torii. There are a lot of people coming through there every day. You know. Right now we know. When it. Man. 07. Here I'm just here that famous. After he actually. I also like. No connection to terrorism that we'll right now this apparently. We're going to be learning much. Are coming out. It incrementally year and we thank you for breaking us up to date on that if you mentioned you know if it's true this driver was going the wrong way. Down 180 avenue it's important to point out for people who aren't familiar with the way New York City streets work. A lot of these avenues only go in one direction from multiple lanes of traffic going in one direction and if you aren't familiar or for whatever reason. Make that wrong turn. There's really no way to get out of it so if that is in fact true and of course as we learn more details. We'll bring them to you here live but that is an incredibly dangerous. Situation. Looks like we're seeing the results of some of that right here suit GO describe for me if you can. What it looks like now compared to what it usually looks like. Down in Times Square around this time. Good morning America's. Right here some major majors. Where you have all the restaurants public goes for a company right. Stores you have so many. What we're facing. They now have video. And CEO as we know there are cameras everywhere in that area so hopefully that will help. In their investigation. To some degree and we'll bring you details about that. As we learn and I think our colleague Charlie James. Is also there in Times Square on the scene and a Charlie can you hear me. Okay we'll see if we can connect with Charlie I believe she was making her way there. To Times Square. As well GO hacking had a chance to talk to anyone there you know for anyone who heard about this story. Likely may have learned about it through social media he goes on Twitter right now there are just. Scores of photos and first hand accounts. The people who were there who saw what happened unfold before them have you had a chance to talk to anyone there. About what they may have seen or heard. In real life girls. We realize that. A lot obesity. Times Square actually. Perry has you know. We might have a clear shot right now. C and make out the bumper that's right here. That is a block from where the bars right now. Right now that's a lot of the started saying I'm. Area. Here I'm. People to witness and I can share McGee now the NYPD. Who has of course been keeping the public up to date as quickly as possible as they learn more. Just pleaded that confirming that one male is in custody in the Times Square. Vehicle collision they also tweet it's believed to be an isolated incidents. It remains under investigation into the ports deal is he mentioned something like this happens. The immediate thoughts especially in a place like times where especially in this city. Like New York is was this intentional was there some other motive NYPD saying for now. It looks to be isolated and that has to be relief. For a lot of people there GO. Absolute. All of us who live here. Working here. That's the first thing like. Right now we're terror threats of right now we know. Following that investigation as it goes I think our colleagues by the gains has made her way. To Times Square now as well Charlie can hear me. I am saying yes I can hear you weird theater at seventh avenue and forty sack and and there are a lot of people if we can panel that a lot of people trying to figure out what's going. On the police here trying to keep the situation under control as well they keep us. Moving people back further into the subway station you can see right here the and trends has been closed off now 42 street station and is still open but some of the entrance as happened close stop. This is one of the biggest transit the New York City as well. They haven't closed it down completely but they are making sure that people aren't coming and an out. Of this area a lot of people confuse understand how to get to the other son I had. Police sending them around. Because. Honor member of all yes times where we know right as such a tourist destination and there's also a lot of offices. And even some apartment buildings right in this area so people. Art trying to get to their homes and offices as well. And this is definitely just dropped dead the a regular flow of life here in one of the biggest. Intersections of the world. Charlie it's a good point you raise there that yes it's a tourist town but there are also offices. Thousands of people reporting to this area every day just to go to war on a regular basis there are retail store fronts and transit hub. And it is we should mention just blocks away. From Penn Station which is certainly one of the largest hubs. In the country if not in the Western Hemisphere so just and the possibility but missing have been much much worse. Absolutely exists in as we mentioned when anything happens in New York of course that not only gets the attention of the rest of the country but have the highest office. In the land we know now of IA eight tweet from white house Press Secretary Sean space or that the presidents. Has been made aware of the situation in Times Square and will continue. To receive updates there you see that tweet from Sean Spicer. Press Secretary at the White House and Charlie if if you're still with us there eight certainly speaks to. The level of concern when this kind of incident happens. On the ground particularly. In a place like New York. That's right in addition to the president being and forms New York governor and her mom mouth. Also very quickly after this incident was first record edf isn't. Was sent to be making his way down here to Times Square as well in in New York City is always. On the idea on alert for potential attacks this does not look like it buzzing terrorist attack but the NYPD. Really came out in force. Very quickly we thought I really big increase presents not just right around here but in the trade ins. And I producer and I took the train down here and there was a police officer in our car. And then when we got off of the train. He's stationed here at 42 street was full of officers. He and Mike ET. Really coming out in force here to you not only take that person into custody but also control the crowds here and make sure that everyone is. Informed and home. Apparently it's worth updating everyone now we're getting some new numbers. As PO I mentioned earlier within that we don't have time. Full update on how many people were injured the numbers may change as time goes on but the FDNY that the fire department of New York. Has now confirmed an updated patient count in the Times Square motor vehicle incident that is now nineteen injured. And wine fatality he cannot know the condition. Of those who were injured in this car crash that it is fair now calling it the fatal car crash there was unfortunately one fatality. As a result of this incident nineteen people. As of now. Confirmed injured and Charley maybe you can tell us a little bit about some of the emergency personnel presence there were still. Hearing sirens in the background we see some fire trucks there are some people earlier reported. Seeing smoke and fire is there any Trace of fat that's still there. So we ERR a couple of blocks down from the car actually struck but as you can see. There is still a lot of movements with police vehicles and fire vehicles coming in and out large areas roped off what the police tape. And I just get a little bit more in Portland don't. No it New York City in Times Square of what Times Square it looks like it really is a mixed use area. If there is pop art. Our traffic but a lot of it has then changed in recent years to be more pedestrian friendly now it does appear from the pictures we're seeing. That the silver barricades that have been put up in the pedestrian areas. For this very purpose to keep. Vehicles from being able to get in tune with the disaster areas works and the pictures that we've seen what the car up. On top of those. Builder barricades it. That fact captains a lot of heart damage from potentially happen so. If it's not exclusively. Pay pedestrian area. And it does look like the car was capped from. Ensuring. The pedestrian plaza in Times Square from those barricades. Charlie it's an excellent point you raise everything keep this picture up a little longer it is absolutely worth pointing out that as much as it is. A major thoroughfare in terms of traffic those posts you see there. Those sort of half silver barriers those are a recent addition that pedestrian area was redone. It used to be a streak that now when you are driving down towards times where you have to turn to continue York southbound journey because. That is purely. A pedestrian area for people to hang out and say it's and enjoy and take pictures some of those iconic self beat a lot of people have seen. All over social media. So at this time of day and as Gil is Gil mentioned earlier to help the middle of the day and beautiful sunny day in New York. That area had to have been incredibly proud and if those posts had not been there. Charlie can only imagine how much worse this and a bit. Right and I imagine you know more enough height of tourist season here in New York as well. I imagine that's blocked it out a lot of people. Where fearing the worst in this situation. That if there was going to be in attacked police off with the car on nightly that was a couple of years ago. That that. Was. In in times where it didn't sell off thankfully. But that this is an area that's a target it's not payments area around the world and it's somebody did want to attack New York. This could be an area that would be targeted so I think that is life. A lot of people feared the worst in this situation by. As we've heard from the police department doesn't hear at that this was. Just an incidence. Driving under the influence and not. Attack on that street. And I am purposeful attack on the Austrians hearings this. Bring the latest on that investigation of course as we learned Charlie James live in Times Square thanks so much Charlie. Our thanks to GOP need as as well for his reporting and thanks to you for watching. Stay with us here for the latest on this incident this car crash in Times Square or you will go to For more for now I'm on an Abbas announced he would accuracy.

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{"id":47491511,"title":"At least 1 dead after car plows into pedestrians in Times Square","duration":"16:26","description":"ABC News' Gio Benitez and Charli James report from the scene in Times Square.","url":"/US/video/dead-car-plows-pedestrians-times-square-47491511","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}