Two dead in Southern California wildfires

The Saddleridge Fire has consumed over 4,000 acres in the San Fernando valley, just north of Los Angeles, and is 0% contained.
1:40 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Two dead in Southern California wildfires
A massive fire emergency intensifying. In California driving record turnout. Multiple inferno was burning out of control destroying dozens of homes and counting. The embers from that win. Had been traveling significant distance. Which houses another fire start. Firefighters dealing with powerful and erratic winds gusts up to sixty miles an hour spreading the flames quickly as Stanley's scramble to evacuate. To. Crap and crap like this. The rush to safety creating chaos on the roads with multiple freeways clothes because of heavy smoke and flames. The embers down hair above me but it's coming this way we're gonna get out. This destruction happening in spite of extensive precautions. This week utility companies shutting off power for hundreds of thousands of people ahead of the critical fire weather. Firefighters in San Bernardino County also now monitoring hot spots in this mobile home park where more than seventy homes were leveled. Durable video capturing the source of that fire this garbage truck driving by it was small. Pouring out of it. Contractual was dumped. After the side of the road ignited education. And then obviously the fire spread from there. And at this fire in Los Angeles county you can see firefighters still working to contain the flames some of them burning right now. Up on that hillside a 100000. People here are now under a mandatory evacuation orders. And he's strong winds that you concede that are fueling the explains aren't expected to let up until later today. Martha Gonzales ABC news a Porter ranch California.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"The Saddleridge Fire has consumed over 4,000 acres in the San Fernando valley, just north of Los Angeles, and is 0% contained.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66213111","title":"Two dead in Southern California wildfires","url":"/US/video/dead-southern-california-wildfires-66213111"}