Deadly school shooting in Santa Clarita

Two students were killed and more injured in a shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California.
27:00 | 11/15/19

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Everybody welcome to the breaching her mom Kevin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us here on ABC news live this Thursday afternoon some sad news breaking right now on California. Two teenagers are dead two others are injured after a sixteen year old gunman. Opened fire at a high school near Los Angeles before shooting himself police say he was using a handgun. The first shots were far this morning around 7:30 Pacific time at Saugus high school in Santa Corina one law enforcement. Official told ABC news that they identified what they believed to be a single suspect there he's now gravely wounded in in the hospital. But students say they were terrorized. Is still something and I got to tell us senate has ratcheted sunning beside him likable Atlanta evidently in quiet and now we heard TG a lack. And NASDAQ and I like this is this is really is something is wrong. This is not normal and then another plus and three more and that's when we grabbed our friends and me we just ran venue anywhere gonna go continued to get out. And then we've been on the school and went right there it'd Jason's house. And he let us stand and everyone was crying overall pass a bill. I thought that there was something else anything there events sad. Hello my class Scott. He's you know that's and she's. Kids are reading how. As campus. And regional delights. When sound came. I you felt like I was reading from I like everyone else's live I it. At that moment I just prayed and prayed that everyone was OT and sing it. And parents have been flocking to a nearby park to try to reunite with their students at this hour one of those Kerri Wright shared with our affiliate KE BC. Some horrifying text messages from her daughter who was inside the school at the time the shooting. Her daughter writes he mom I don't know what's going on here at school but I love you and I'm so thankful for everything you've done for me I love you so much. Everyone is saying there's a shooter on campus I don't know what's going on but I love you and dad. So much a message. No parent wants to receive here Washington lawmakers received news of the shooting as they were conducting official business. Pop up on Capitol Hill as lawmakers and the White House remain gridlocked. The exasperation. Was felt on the senate for. As I fifty. On the floor right now. There is a school shooting in Santa Clara California. How can we. Turn the other way how can we refuse. To see that shooting. In real time. Demanding our attention. Requiring our act. We are complicit if we fail to act. It is not just a political responsibility it is eight more all in Paris. And the unconscionable. Loss of life. Is. How our responsibility. Senator Richard Blumenthal speaking on the senate floor as the shooting in California was unfolding we should say he mentioned. Hiding creek location that she happened San a clear read it California. Nonetheless senate Democrats also joined today by senate Republicans in saying something needs to be done about these shootings in the ball ever went seems to agree is in the court of the White House the president for his part. Has not spoken today on this shooting and has yet to release. I public proposal to stem school violence. From guns we still await that but for reaction now to the Saugus high school shooting where we go from here and joined by. Someone who is no stranger to gun violence in their community mayor Nan Whaley. Of the city of Dayton Ohio joins us mayor it's great to have you back actor and ABC news live it's hardly that's been three months. Since that shooting took nine lives in your city what was your reaction today when you heard what happened in California. Just just more sadness frankly you know it's easy on happening we knew they split. It frustrating is that we continue to see no action or year. If we you know after going through something as terrifying is this which I have not I imagine. That it shakes your sense of trust in just about everything. You know particularly security and in a place it's so familiar your hometown and how does a community. Rebuild that what will send a clear read a have to go through you've lived it. Well I think there's a lot or. Worse because the density cities. And school shootings oh yeah. Jindal eaters an act prevents that. To do this work and it's ask that you don't want you have to go through it certainly. When it happens at school even markings authorities Stanley and young people. And you know we have. An amazing network in. That our plan. And on and on these terrible tragedies at you know we hunger for action or are we. Concord worst. And you're. And how can people we've heard from so many young people in this town and obviously the march for our lives students. Foremost among them how can people. Feel so strongly about wanting their elected officials and gun balance to do something. Capitalize on this moment what would you tell. Supporters like yourself. The priority and it is at each other. Eight. You know what it experiences lost their media members of their communities. You know this is an incredibly occult confident. Will definitely hold them. As and it's as they're through bits but it's just so incredibly frustrating. For those bright and the because it doesn't have either its weekly hat action if we have a congress that would not they action. President that catch. Us. Rainier Nan Whaley of Dayton Ohio stand by mayor we do want to come back to you for our next segment to which is turning now to those public impeachment hearings. Up on Capitol Hill day one in the books it was a dramatic and compelling day. As those two US diplomats in the Ukraine testified yesterday for six hours. About the president's policy in that country and threats to national security we'll talk in a moment to a reporter who was in the hearing room yesterday. About his big takeaways from the hearing what to look forward to tomorrow in the second round but first. Our reporter Rihanna store down South Carolina sent us this snapshot of voter sentiment. On how they saw the hearings. I think that. Transparency. In government is extremely important. And that. He. Allegations against the unprecedented move executive branch need to be investigated by congress. I don't think there. Will he'll never give him praise for goes senate. Some don't have enough votes there too impatient but I think passed my due. I I won the most adult person in the room to figure something out so we can move that's as far as my support goes on either right or left. A more of earlier this car over woods and you move on the other stuff you got to do now. If laws were broken new media handle it if it has it clear demands let's move off. I think that on this trial will show his actions and definitely. See where his views are when it comes on these social issues and then his influence on them as well. An interesting mix of opinion from South Carolina our thanks to be honest Stewart for sending us that snapshot Ben Siegel our investigative reporters here now you were in the from yesterday them for draw what was it like. In there for this for this year's was the big day there was oh it was a very serious tone in there there is the circus out silently with thoughts of reporters lots of cameras but in the room. Yeah its remember this this process has only played itself out four times in American history and and the members could clearly feel that they. Approaches are very serious way and so what will boil it down for us we've not 24 hours after the jury has wrapped what were the big takeaways people should. Have from the here sure I think the first one is the new information we learn that phone call that ambassador William Taylor testified. To learning about from his staffer in it was a phone call that his staffer overheard between Gordon silent. And the president one day after the president trumps phone call with the Ukrainian leader and he was asked according to the staffer about the status of the investigations so this is this another suggestion that president trump. I was more involved in what was going on them than the White House has previously suggested. The other tech way for me were these two witnesses these two foreign service officers very impressive individuals clearly. The members of congress away with how detailed their notes were about the events in this impeachment inquiry. And really sort of poured cold water on the circus atmosphere that some Republicans. Who were casting this is a very partisan exercise expected. And the last thing was a defense this is the first time Republicans have publicly defended. The president are sort of pass water on on India Democrats. Impeachment inquiry so far in public. Armed and they had concerns and that they were very clear that they thought these secondhand accounts of what happened at the White House what the president was trying to do Ukraine. Could not hold water and we're not impeachable but it was interesting we did not hear anybody echo what president trump has said is his main defendant which was that call was perfect. There is nothing wrong with what he told the Ukrainian president did not hear that from the Republicans but they did offer strong defense of the president. In interest in glimpse into how this is gonna play out over the next couple weeks many more hearings to go but as you say it very credible compelling. Interest in peace of this puzzle to kick things off a bit due to change any minds that's the bigger question here how did the public. Not receive this testimony yesterday to the public watch six hours of testimony on Capitol Hill let's bring in now. Two young Americans who we know are plugged into politics in Washington but they are outside of Washington. I'm join by will Haskell he's a democratic state senator. In Connecticut also Jenna Powell joins us she is a Republican state congresswoman in Ohio one of the youngest serving Republicans. In the country really appreciate both of you. I've been here well let's just start with you what was your take away from the hearings in to watch the hearings. And did you think it resonated. Thank you so much for me like it's a millionaire and so many members of marriage act that loss. In the Euro. Students Joyner who told me that they kept the capital in more class couldn't way I was certainly guilty at that. As I was sitting in meetings yesterday act didn't take my eyes away from your insulin. President Chara has eroded trust in government and I'm so thankful that impeachment because I think it's the Berry burst. It's our history of the public speaking in elected officials. And the belief that no matter what office you hold you to all the law to be out. There are fewer jobs. Blix is her community in state and stewards of taxpayer dollars. Plus the public really believes in us believes that we are trust where he believes it. Every year ought to earn their vote on Election Day. I am just greater opera. And it does not. In history nears a reinforced its huge Green Party. And country at least we're just waiting with eighty acre grass taller and to realize that they're making a wrong. Yeah and Joanna let's bring in your perspective on this as well how closely did you watching yesterday you know we look at the poll numbers. Around these hearings and a majority of Americans want to hear the information they're kind of curious as to what will come out do you find that that's the case senior community. And people that you represented that they want to hear what is found here. She's having me today. And I'm just northwest of that day in area and Ohio auction you know what is it incredible I think a lot of people let you talk to people. It my sister and a lot of them say. You know what I like it or we really love president China has done crash and be right crank it seems like it's part of her which has been happening since day one. On sends presidents and become our president a lot of people in my district that. She'd done and ready ready gonna do he's got more money back in our pocket he helped her fill our American strange. A lot of people at this point in my community and migrant prisoner saying. Will it. We don't really. You're quadruple what's happening anymore because we think it's it's a good conversation is totally shifted its not actually true what's happening. And the rhetoric online is just completely and in cracked in all French people in our community their working hard building company they're working hard and filling their American dream each. And they're watching MB DA BE reading Twitter every single day but what they do know is that Donald Trump doesn't waste that he's gonna do. And a lot more money in more armed. To mayor Whaley when you're out in your neck of the woods in the Dayton area we spoke around the last debate a couple weeks ago. You predicted that people would watch with with with bated interest do you think that any minds were changed in light of this first hearing. People just taking any information. Out. You write in this. That watching or hearing yesterday yeah the Republicans called the public it's public. Aren't. When president and well I'll go every day out. Aren't watch. Our agent process. It is important to our constitution in the future of our country what the president is alleged to have Dutton. It is to let Johnny quid pro quo all teary. On help from Ukraine. Well and with bet. Country the question is what kind of I art. That's really. Our every day audience. Right now I know eight. It's done it's not the focus on where. They're actually it action. Comment on legislation. You sat and Robert eighth for our country. And it you. A lot of people disappointed that this is what it is right now Washington. Mayor is so great to see you thank you for coming on mayor Nam Nguyen lived in Ohio also great to have. I democratic state senator will Haskell from Connecticut thanks for sharing your views will and Jenna Powell a Republican a state congressman from Ohio thank you so much Jenna. And then back to you because as we mentioned this is witnessed two with 21 two witnesses have all along was to witness is the public will hear from what's on tap tomorrow. So tomorrow we have ambassador Marie Ivanovic is the former ambassador to Ukraine Democrats consider her the first of what they say a victim of the president's effort to pressure Ukraine into these investigations. Forced out of her post we'll see her try to do express what happened are very personal terms how does that come across Republicans for their part of said that they she served at the president's pleasure. So how did they frame this and how much are do they discuss essentially a what we're conspiracy theories that were pushed by Rudy Giuliani and other conservatives that that led to her being pushed out you know we had the witness the entry defending her character saying that she was somebody who did the United States should have over their overseas. I'll never to mention on this during story meantime the new information that came out this phone call that allegedly people overheard the president his own words you're talking about investigating Joseph Biden. That person that'll do the over hearing of the phone L will be behind closed door. That's right that aide David holes will be on Capitol Hill after he Ivanovic testifies publicly he will be as you said in private. And again this is another potential instance of the president being drawn further into this. This Ukraine impeachment inquiry his own actions his own interactions with some of these people now under the microscope. And Siegel excellent thank you so much our investigative reporter from Capitol Hill we are you being there tomorrow and continue to follow us here at ABC news live for special coverage of those impeachment hearings starting at eight. 30 AM eastern time. On ABC news live carried gavel to gavel with analysis after the fact necks now. To the race to 20/20 in the democratic presidential primary officially now having a new candidate former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Entered the race today he's now that eighteenth democratic candidate less than three months to Iowa. He made the announcement in a campaign video earlier this morning then travel up to New Hampshire to file the paperwork to get into that State's primary and that's. Where our correspondent which Johnson is now he just caught up with Deval Patrick where it's great to see you you asked him why he got in. This late in the race what he had to say. Well DeVon it's really interesting as you know this potential aids. Could cause a major shake up on the campaign trail governor Duvall Patrick it's a two term governor from Massachusetts now jumping into the race. He said to me that there are a number of reasons but one specific reason why he waited so long to jump in and here's what he told me in our interview. This very late moment to jump into the stuff that's funny agency greatly because. And I assume what you do with its a few months until the nominating began was nobody that I mean I know that you know we have been. Campaigning for you know years and years. Months years there have but from the from the voters' perspective. It's constantly. I would have loved to gotten in earlier I would have looked at that we get me close a year ago. But just around this time a year ago my way it was diagnosed with uterine cancer. And and that that's sort of thing that brings everybody's feet right back down to earth. So is your wife's cancer a big reason line you waited yes. And well in fact. It was a reason website not to go. And we celebrated I think that wedding anniversary in me she's cancer free. And since. At this point really strong and really he did in in the meanwhile I was getting encouragement from. All sorts of quarters. You know lots of friends and acquaintances and I think the most from them moving from people like never met. To take another look. So the governor gave very candid they are talking about his wife's cancer diagnosis and why that really delayed its decision but. I DeVon is you know about a year ago he said that he was not going to get into this race he has since changed his mind he has talked to a lot of different people. Who were encouraging him to get and and it's interesting one of the things that we heard from him today the way they he. Talked about the state of the race right now described it as a sense of the stall gel on one hand and on the other hand a mile away or no way at all I asked him directly. If that was in any way of veiled shot at. Former Vice President Biden and senator Elizabeth Warren to the front runners here you said no. He said the state of the campaign as a white hot he doesn't want to get into this but clearly he believes that he has the lane in this race he said DeVon that he wouldn't be and it if he didn't think he could win. However he's well aware of the challenges ahead as we are ever here in New Hampshire we've been talking to candidates who've been here for. Upwards of a year or shaking hands meeting people participating in the debates. This is one of those early nominating state so where he thinks he can be very competitive governor of a neighboring state in Massachusetts the people here are familiar with him they're familiar with his name and he also thinks that he could. To a degree push aside Joseph Biden in the state of South Carolina. So this is a candidate who could potentially come in late still run a national campaign but be competitive in those early states Devin. Banks where. For more in this hours or by political director Rick Klein Rick sixteen major candidates already in this race part of that have her. Adding to that list now if you think there's actually a lane for Deval Patrick why is he getting in now it's a narrow one look there's people around him that that say he's got a message that could penetrate and he is pitching himself as an Obama asked candidate even letting it known that he talked to Barack Obama he's friends of the personal presence long before. Obama was president. So maybe there's room for that kind of uniting unifying figure who's not candidate going there it's your people out but he throwing herself in the middle of some very divisive of political fights. A positioning himself against Elizabeth Warren just a Medicare for all in his first couple hours. And he's gonna have to raise it a lot of money really fast become relevant is a debate next week he's not gonna be at another debate December he's almost certainly not gonna qualify for. How do you. Elbow your way into this very crowded field with so many candidates have been out there for a year now trying to do it's not an easy thing and what argument is he making mean he's in his message today sort of stuck to broad fifteen ounce at a very familiar but we're who is he actually trying to appeal to what's his base. It's about centrists and it's about pragmatic Democrats who want to win a lot of it is needy people that are supporting Biden or mayor people Asia is at this moment. I'm very skeptical of the Warren Sanders progressive wing and I'm concerned frankly than any of them would lose. Deval Patrick is easy maybe not a centrist as governor but is considered a centrist and today's party the party is moved so far that brought Obama. Would be a center right candidate in today's field and I think he sees himself as an heir to that legacy. And and again I I I I think he pieces of self as as Obama ask in the sense that Obama was able to do something that wasn't purely ideological it was more about. A unified message I'll tell you he's one of the most talented political communicators I've ever covered politics he gives an incredible speech he's got a truly inspiring life story. A rags to it's it's it's a riches type of type of argument that he can make about his own empowerment. It's very compelling stuff. But it may even better made a year ago when this all began. Right it's he is very charismatic but what's his platform how is he gonna get out there when he's not on the debate stage she doesn't have the money to run ads just yet and history has not looked favorably on candidates again this late in the race in fact we haven't been able to find any candidate it's gotten in this late in a primary and actually pull that off neo Nazi. As it got as late as its it has in recent examples include Wes Clark Fred Thompson Rick Perry all of them had issues just gathering. Basically what went Wes Clark he was quoted recently saying we knew we were trying to fly a Jumbo jet at the same time we're building it. And once your in the air and you have to be out we're in less than ninety is that you this is not a time to it to start do we staff hires they've already missed the ballot in a couple of Super Tuesday states they're in danger of missing the ballot and in Michigan as well. In this all -- happened so quickly I and a lot of his top steamers are on top is a skeptic but. Mean he's defied the odds before as alike as Alia. We'll see religion do Qichen and often New Hampshire reclined thanks so much thank you don't. A spring Claire Claire Malone now from 538 joins us from from new Yorker believe Claire great to see you. That you have tracked these guys from the start Claire all these candidates with the fall Patrick Guinean and it would seem that. I think that's that's they're something to that the new judges is billing for. Basically Joseph Biden's voter by saying listen I'm moderate I'm also younger than Joseph Biden. I was up a New Hampshire this weekend and that's the argument he's making there he's doing very well in Iowa but both Iowa and New Hampshire are very white states. And where someone like peak but age age could be. Threatened by some elect Deval Patrick is but a judge has a very white's college educated base he doesn't have much traction with voters of color. Until I think his campaign is probably. A little bit worried about Deval Patrick stealing some of his thunder in say a place like New Hampshire when of those important early states. But it but you know to what Rick said it is really hard. For Deval Deval Patrick to be getting in this late be missed seeing some of these Super Tuesday states that have a lot of black. Both in them but yes I think both Biden and booted jets are probably. Looking a little bit askance at at Deval Patrick coming in a potentially stealing some of those moderate voters. He does have all a lot to catch up bond though it just looking at the poll numbers which Joseph Biden now has made a regular practice of referring to. When questioned about Mike Bloomberg Deval Patrick but take a look at people who images is new poll numbers out of Iowa this just coming out a couple days ago. From our friends at Monmouth University. You know one snapshot of Iowa at this point to take it with a grain of salt but it does put booty. Right on top for at least tie aid with Biden in Warren what do climb Clare meet soon to. That Patrick is getting in potentially crowding booted judges lane right is he's having a moment in this campaign. Yeah I mean but a judge has been he got into the race officially in April but you could say he's been running since 2017 when he tried to become a DNC chair. I mean you know again. The hitch has been in those two early states Iowa New Hampshire a lot of it is just old school real retail politicking. Putting your face in front of the local state senator or a local high school gym and I think the fact that they needed just so young. Is kind of to his advantage when I was on the bus this past weekend he was doing four events a day talking to media for an hour on the bus in between. There is sick the certainly something to be said for. The youth and newness of that a judge so yes Deval Patrick is is coming in that sort of an interesting moment. Will see if he can stop up the momentum that that a judge has I don't necessarily think I see that but who knows you know it's a kind of unpredictable. When he twenty ray it's like. It's a dramatic and fluid race for sure and of course is that debate next Wednesday in Atlanta we will be there as well 538 and the entire team. I covered Clara long thanks so much a terrific piece up right now from Claire at 538 dot com taking a look at the -- judge moment and deep dive. Worth your time today if you haven't take a look. Great to have you with us here in the briefing Europe on this Thursday on Devin Dwyer in Washington we're here every day 3:30 eastern time and we will be back with you tomorrow at 8:30 eastern. For special coverage of the impeachment hearings into Donald Trump on Capitol Hill. To see here that.

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