Deadly Storms Hit the South

Severe storms in the South on Tuesday killed at least four people.
1:40 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for Deadly Storms Hit the South
We're gonna begin this half hour with a deadly storms in the south and the Christmas travel nightmare that shaping up and major storm is battering from the midwest and east and. That may mean some travel delays our coverage begins with ABC's. Josh Haskell. That massive dark cloud is. Tornado or else he'll Mississippi. Severe weather killed four in the deep south Tuesday night just look at what the storms did to this ambulance. And this home. Wind so strong they left buildings without roofs and towns without electricity. Got a lot of all a lot of vol light rain and storms say he was all possible even sure we hereby or else. In Tallahassee Florida the problem is really the National Weather Service declared a flash flood emergency is over sixty. No white Christmas in the south but in the midwest snow plows out boy. And in the rocky ski resorts now have two feet of fresh snow. With millions of people on the move to make it home by Christmas Eve airports are crowded and things moving slow. Still waiting for luggage it Charlotte Douglas international airport 84 flights arriving and departing were canceled 241. Delayed. About an hour and a half. Because they saw that it was raining here. According to the flight tracking service flight aware the US saw over 5000 delays on Tuesday and 582 cancellations. Disruptions due to the poor weather expected to continue today. Josh Haskell ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"Severe storms in the South on Tuesday killed at least four people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27813073","title":"Deadly Storms Hit the South","url":"/US/video/deadly-storms-hit-south-27813073"}