Death penalty sought against suspected serial killer in Florida

Robert Hayes, 37, who was arrested in September, has been indicted on three murder charges.
3:40 | 11/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Death penalty sought against suspected serial killer in Florida
We've called this press conference. Because we'd like to and nails that we have obtained three indictments. In the case it's been commonly referred to as the Daytona serial killer case involving Robert Hays as the defendant. At some humane. The defendant Hayes was a rest in Palm Beach County several months ago for homicide that occurred a year. And there was press conferences then that we have not at that. Obtain indictments and charges. That has happened today. The village Cammie falter in grand jury. Issued indictments and I'll I'll go over them with you name. It's a three came out indictment. Three can outside D'Amico a first degree murder involving a firearm. It's involving victims misguided thermos grain in this patent. We did not. Seek an indictment. Yet are now miss gauge that case is still open and end actively under investigation. But the three victims in this garner miss grain in this patent the grand jury returned indictments today for all three of those first degree murder. What they Farrell. One of the interesting things that occurred. After in the international. Story about. Hey he's being charged with three Palm Beach County case was we had what we believe as a survivor. Come forward. This was back around the time of the initial. Homicides around six ski area now bullish camp. We have we have had contact with the survivor I will not reveal her name at this time. But I can tell you that she's been interviewed along with a witness. To help corroborate what she had to side. This was never reported to law enforcement. But this robber came forward after having seen. Media coverage involving mr. nice. So we're following apple bat as whale. I can tell you that we will help me out seeking the death penalty. We will be filing our notice of intent to seek the death penalty today. Will be be sure to get you guys copies. That notice if your if you like we're in the process of obtaining their mail. RP Jon Scott can assist you with that as well as copies the indictment. If if your in client would like to. By the get copies of them. I'd like to what I acknowledge. Chief of three and sheriff jail lie I mean this this all started in 2000 and files. And it was for his hard work dedication. And diligence gun issue and brave new world technology I'll put together. That has got us to this point here did die and that there later she happened detective minorities make that this case and in that put it. Put it in the hands of our office in ship in in top ship shape we really appreciate Fayette. I'd like to also recognize. Lori in the Paula Tom that is the chief genetic. Genealogy at full Florida Department of Law Enforcement. And I'll say see see more there was the chief genetic. Genetic epidemiologist. With terrible. It was because of these two floats and in the weren't made the end. Whitney genetic genealogy that we were able to develop. It's Hayes as they sought suspect. And ultimately. Be able T will bring these charges. To hold him accountable. For the murders of those three victims are mentioned here in Malaysia Kim.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Robert Hayes, 37, who was arrested in September, has been indicted on three murder charges. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67201323","title":"Death penalty sought against suspected serial killer in Florida","url":"/US/video/death-penalty-sought-suspected-serial-killer-florida-67201323"}