The Debrief

Dangerous weather impedes holiday travel & Thanksgiving dinner help.
25:02 | 11/27/19

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Are right we begin with those dangerous storm systems moving across the US this holiday week bringing damaging winds flooding and lots of heavy snowfall of cities like. Minneapolis Minnesota in blizzard like conditions where we find our Alex Perez. Alex this is just not the best timing for all of this the right thing. Eight Kimberly mother nature could not have picked a worse time to dump all of this no you might hears a noise behind Edwards and technology gets aid. This area or re are already being swallowed. That's just one private club crew here but. That entire state has about 800 salt and plow trucks that have been working around the clock to try to keep up with this note that check this out when we went to bed last night here there was no snow on the ground when we woke up. So there is headed here from six to ten inches of snow at one point it was falling at a rate of about. Two inches in hours to this snow was just coming down. They bully it's stopped for now and this is a fast moving storm. So it's headed to grave problems in other areas but here right now it's all about the cleanup in trying to keep things moving. It's right before Thanksgiving everyone wants to get to their families. And no one wants to be dealing witness Kimberly. Yet have you talked anybody on the ground in May be frustrated by the situation. Yeah oh you know anyone who has a travel right now who's headed to the airport to Minneapolis and Denver had all those problems we saw yesterday. All of you are very frustrated right now because trying to get from point a to point B. Has been very very difficult but here in Minneapolis you know this is the upper midwest and they're used to cold there used to snow. And you can see by that while cleaning up they deal with it pretty well and they get back on the road as soon as possible so right now it's complete cleanup mode. And try to get this snow ended the roadways cleared. But the roadways have been pretty bad in some areas across the plains and the upper midwest. That icy slick conditions combined with the snow has been creating a lot of problems so crews authorities. Across several states have been working nonstop to they've been pretty busy as well Kimberly. Yes everyone has to say states and Alex we appreciate the updates and hopefully I'm you're gonna get out of that soon could. All right some guys to get the latest on these storm tracks and how this might impact you I wanna go to our chief meteorologist in Jersey ginger. Kimberly thank you hope you're ready to. Listen athletic and they're still wants as an impact something people no matter where you have family almost can't get away from a bunch of storms at that it's not about to come and start. With what's going on today so this is across the nation does. Outs only states with some sort of impact. You see even Tucson and Phoenix don't get away this year with a dry conditions but they have flash flood watches. A wind alerts that are all throughout misery to Western Pennsylvania include West Virginia and even southern Michigan. That's the storm one that's lead in Minneapolis lets us know earlier this morning they'll get back cleared out but and it's windy Chicago let's see gusts to sixty miles per hour I think absolutely impact of air travel. And then you move this thing into the northeast and so fewer high profile vehicle that's going to be a problem twenty to forty hour passed the snow showers and rain showers an art western side. But I think this is going to be the one embrace talking about because the Macy's Thanksgiving Day break they're going to be really close to their threshold. They would be way above it went to crescent city California where did this damage was happening with in low pressure system that looks eerily. Like a hurricane now it did come on shore overnight and I could end up being an all time record low pressure that they've ever seen in California in recorded history that's wild. 34 foot waves were reportedly that you saw gusts up to a 106 miles prowler. A lot of people 7080 mile per hour that's even closer to the post cell wins yes our gonna be witnessed the girls of missy green and Santa Barbara Los Angeles with party scene at this point and you end up putting that much rain hampered stars like Santa Corey. Or in Santa Barbara you can easily see mudslides and debris floats that's the worry here mountains now one to 38. And then this storm most of the east and by Friday it's severe weather that we're concerned about from much of Oklahoma and then down through Dallas and interstate 35 travel through the afternoon maybe. And ugly. That is a look at the Saturday into Sunday that they makes it into the northeast it could start to knock up a travel then Sunday and Monday. But that was a little borrow to get to I think pat spends. Epic Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving yes definitely enough and of course that we're talking about terrible weather. That no doubt means travel nightmare situations with frustration traffic delays and cancellations as we've said. Let's take a look at the math on the flight aware map planes headed in and out of places like LaGuardia Airport where we find our Trevor all to. Trevor LaGuardia I want a normal day. Is a bit packed and frustrating so what is it like a right now let's. What Kimberly I'm happy to say that at least so far this morning and into the early afternoon it hasn't been so bad we've been here about an hour to happen it's definitely noticeably more busy than what was. When we first arrived here you can see the lines are. Pretty small right now nothing too bad but it is absolutely going to pick up across the country we're talking about three million American travelers are so just today. I want to take a look at the American Airlines what we're gonna notice right now in New York City the weather's pretty mild so far so. This is about on time top to bottom but that's not the case every flight if you're flying to Minneapolis where Alex Reza as we know the whether they are as bad. There's a lot of delays happening in the Minneapolis the same is true for San Francisco went so. You have to consider the ripple effect what we're seeing so many travelers and so what we're talking about is specifically places like. Atlanta places like Minneapolis Chicago O'Hare is known for its delays too so across the country need to plan on arriving early because these delays right now there on time. That is certainly not going to last throughout take him. Yes and are there any recommendations on just how early people should arrive because normally they say about two hours but I feel like it should maybe be a little bit more. And right yeah. Yes so well according to a flight experts that did the typical time when you write for domestic flights about ninety minutes before they see today you should do it's about two hours early know what we're seeing right now with Gordy you can probably get away with an hour and a half pretty easily but. If you're planning on this afternoon of the busiest times of the start to pick up around one. If you're flying from three to seven absolutely get here two hours early if you can. These don't wanna get stuck here if you flying internationally should give an extra hours three hours for international flights luckily. Aren't all I gotta say it's everyone and good luck to cover up thank you so much for the update we pre game because. They DO. As but oddly enough travel is not the only concern here in the city another big question with all of the strong winds in the forecast. Is will those iconic balloons fly in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade tomorrow. Our GOP need as is on the upper west side as in upper west side with some answers hopefully GO. Hey. If those balloons are going to be flying at all because these balloons these giant balloons cannot fly it sustained winds exceed 23 miles per hour or if those gusts are stronger than 34 miles per hour. There is a chance they may be grounded now we saw the dangers of high winds during the parade back in 1997. That iconic cat in the hat balloon got caught up in the wind does it blew into a lamppost. Injuring four people. One woman was in a coma for a month so it's very very serious so the NYPD they're going to be out here tomorrow with special devices to measure the wind. And they're going to be making what they call a game day decision to decide whether these balloons why at all or how high they will fly we will just have to see but again. Just got to keep people's. All right GO we shall see in the meantime we're gonna move to Washington. The president signed an executive order to create a task force. One murdered and missing native American women a community that experience some of the highest rates of violence in this country and to discuss that moved. I want to bring it and need Kelly Chesney the executive director of the sovereign bodies institute I'm Anita I'm glad you're with us today. You weren't and Nightline piece and in that piece. There was a saying that is common in and the native American communities which is. When an indigenous one man goes missing she goes missing twice first her body man Asia is. First her body vanishes and then her story. I just want you to speak about that because it's pretty. Powerful. So where one here is our bodies institute on where and a home the largest defense orders are missing authorities indigenous and it cost McCartney. And I'm we. We actually have my right sayings is eight Aaron need human intimacy and three friends Winston life once in Paris and Lindsay and Dina armed gangs. That's a concern that we've been working to just last night near security increases lines aren't aren't there community initiatives. Yes so can you just give us an idea of the numbers on how many American Indian in Alaska native. Women and girls are actually missing in vs how many have actually been reported missing. And well we have documented 4000 missing here anyone in the US and Canada I'm over 2000 of those cases occurred here in the US. Arms so we've seen a lot of activity in Canada this issue international inquiry eight constantly asked ridge out of here in the states were still connect Chechnya fox aren't even though the problem is actually potentially worse here than it is there. So what do you think of this new executive order. I I am. I have to stand disappointed in it I'm eighteen. We have some really great bills out rate now around and are invisible acts since Manning's act and of course aren't the violence against women act and what we've seen it is arms the executive order. Just kind of bypass is really hard work stacks channel leadership and indigenous women and including into really strengthen those bills. Andre creating a task force that doesn't include tribal leaders are only members of the missing Iranians when in art. Artists or writers and analysts house. And a researcher and impeached used to unit but I am also a surrender sex trafficking are innocent rancorous way threatening domestic pilots so I feel pretty strongly backed him you know eyes as community members at Stanley surrenders. Probably have a lot of expertise to contribute and it's really so clinging that was in tops in the creation of this task force. Do you think that there's something that can be done about that and also I'm just curious why the federal government is getting involved now as opposed to. Early. I'm. You know I think the government is getting involved now because we've been working really hard to hold an intolerable to get involves far years arm. He's needs Aaron. You know ID and all the credit goes to generate at least our Marines and activists who are underground during the where arms. And and Lindsey also we benefit from an early in the using indigenous woman sneakers which is first arms for example Deb how it has taken leadership on this issue are also seasonally agree. Highest Aaron White House years faster aren't you know that's not something we necessarily high tenor whose teen years ago so it's encouraging to see even non native policy makers aren't getting involved in the issue. And and eat up before we go I just want to ask you this because you know everyone is set to celebrate this holiday with their families but I just went Judah. Tell people white this time means for indigenous people. And while being that it plans are it is native American Heritage friends regardless of the fact that China has decided not to declare acts. United's attacking our our communities and aren't aren't contributions that need people meets all of our communities as a whole and there's a lot of stereotypes and new people as I'm not really being involved in the instincts is Iranian just chill. When they're all singing is linked and aren't aren't you know researchers are peach season ends like ice house armed learn. And all sorts of places aren't necessarily expected to be armed and I think that's the beauty out of them. You know I'm does this woman stepping up to teach our leadership as we work to benefit not just our communities and our communities. Arms offering any new deals like you know how can understanding of Canadian people aren't really encourage you to reach out your local communities to choose our own we have a lot to give and worse ready to get. All right I appreciate you joining us today on its Lynn and need a Lee Casey exit your name. Wrong earlier the executive director sovereign bodies institute thank you so much for joining us. Meet absolutely. In guys we're gonna stay in Washington president trump at a Florida rally last night. Blasting the impeachment proceedings by house Democrats. This as the president is also starting to distance himself from one of his allies and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani's let's take a listen. What was very. Giuliani doing in Ukraine on your behalf. What you have to ask that duty but Rudy utter uttered even know. He didn't direct him to go to Ukraine to do any thing or put all of and directed by hanging he'd. He would say he is a war here where he's a warrior. Our rights I want to bring in Karen Travers parents so and that radio interview I'm he's basically saying. He didn't direct Rudy Giuliani to do anything in the Ukraine. They certainly seems to be in trying to say Kimberly that he didn't know what Rudy Giuliani was doing when he came to his outreach to Ukraine. And this is striking because it first the president distancing himself from his own personal lawyers still working for an and second because it was very clear in the memo transcript at the White House released. Of the president's phone call the president of Ukraine in July that he was telling him talked to Rudy it was right there in the president's own quotes Kimberly he said. I would like him to call you he says if you could speak to him. That would be great so he clearly in July trying to ring angry Giuliani with presidential Lynn ski. Also of course her from Gordon silent last week EU ambassador who. When he's testifying on Capitol Hill with naming means an essentially saying everybody was in the loop on this he said that all Ukraine policy was going through poverty and that that was that the president's direction. And he was working we Giuliani because that's the president wanted him to do so it's hard to Seattle White House is not going to say. That the president had no idea what Giuliani was doing essentially putting it out there as freelancing on significant form policy. Yes flocked to follow here and of course there's more hearings next week on what is the White House saying about. Judiciary Committee is going to have a hearing next week isn't going to be officials current and former who will be testifying its expert witnesses legal witnesses. School look at the evidence that is in her that presented so far by house Democrats. The constitutional framework for an impeachment. The White House wasn't it to this hearing Kimberly they sent a letter to the president said you can com or you can send a law here. The White House today says that there are reviewing that offer from chairman Jerry Nadler and considering their options here but there of course calling this whole process of partisan sham. Kimberly notably the president will be in London next week he has not been able to attend that hearing himself but rules he'd say gender the next few days to see if they decide to send anybody from her teen highly unlikely though because. They had not wanted to participate. And give any credence to this entire process. All right Karen Travers right NRDC bureau thank you so much for the update we appreciate that. And guys if you remember the me too movement how could you not it sparked a lot of conversations for men and women some things clear cut. Other topics would nuances in layers on what is appropriate. In what is not a conversation that continues today of course and a new look out last week by Cleo Stiller called modern man they conversations about. The complicated world of a good man. Today and Cleo joins me now at some in the see you face and having me absolutely so Cleo the first question I think anyone it would asking is how is the woman. Or how does a woman decide. To write a book about modern man had what compelled him. This OK so that is a completely fair question and and I get it every single day. So my background is as a health and relationships reporter and television passed. Now rewind to 2017. When the Harvey Weinstein scandal happens and need to hit the mainstream. Lot of men who watched my show started writing into me to say. Are you season on that's because I have so much to say about what's happening right now. But I'm afraid to say anything publicly because I don't wanna get in trouble it's all so confusing. Yes that's kind of like that gray area. This book deals exclusively. In the gray areas yet. And I have it here so. And I started reading that in what I understand is that. Guys in this book it seemed like they have a lot of questions about some very basic things so explained though some of the questions that they were asking OK so. First bought every chapter in this book is dedicated to different area of your personal act there is dating health work money parenting. And the reason is is because all the questions and I got fell into. All of these camps right. Need to and what it means to be a good man is infiltrating. Every single area of our lives absolutely so present I we're getting from single guys I. I am terrified to approach women right I feel like everything I was raised to do is now considered creepy. Questions from parents right millennia dollar gen X-Men who just had new BP's new sons. I'm grappling with what it means to be a good man how do I raise my son. Workers' right in the works factor I talked to a lot of people were like listen I would not copped to this in real light rain but I am a hiring. I have a lot hiring power and I don't wanna. You don't want to work with nineteen employees I don't wanna hire more women it seems like more arrests. Are. So here's the things so all of these questions in the book but in these pages you offer some advice tips of some sort completely answering the questions that these men Anna yeah. Yeah that I did is I said okay this is this isn't national conversation everyone is thinking about it. And we all have really different reactions to what the best way to purchase this right. So I interviewed nearly a hundred men and women around the country. To get to the bottom. Up like okay what are you doing over there now and what are you doing over there in India rank and now and also spoke to historians anthropologists. Neurologists about plus it hurts a lot of history yes so basically jurors are we anti. This question. What does a good man do in XYZ situation. What I really recommend people do is deep parent this idea. What a good man does what a good woman does yes and get really clear. On what a good human it's okay it sounds really basic by this whole idea. And should men still hold doors for women should men pay for dates should men be providers protectors. Should men have any feelings besides anger right yes. A lot of this stuff is a distraction. And what we really want to get too at the bottom is. Is are you acting like a good human yet so the question slash keep it a little more general right yes and it just an example right. It's less do you hold the door for the woman behind you disagreement united badminton back. Hold or for that person coming up behind you regardless of their gender because that's the good human deaths okay. The breaking down. You bringing down already admitted today it's really sign yet insisting and her. On our way clear is Stiller modern man that conversations about the complicated world on being a good man today and it is complicated idiot if it without looking at it we appreciated the people can pick this up yes it's. Where awesome good to see you absolutely are right so we are one day away from lots of people gathering with friends and family for this holiday and as you note Turkey is usually the main chick in butter ball. Has been Thanksgiving expert with the Turkey talk line that has been answering America's calls for the last. 38 years and right now I'm joined by Nicole Johnson the director. Of the Turkey talk line. You know the call this the hilarious because it hasn't been around thirty years but you guys are modernizing this now can you just Telus. Out. We sure are still are actually 39 feet in strong. And we started out. Several seasons ago with a mere five home economist. With fight ladies Manning the phones. And they housed all their information out an old school Roland acts into your point we have certainly of wallet technology. Are keeping up but all of the trends. Were fifteen women and men. Strong now. I per say but on the top line for eighteen years now and number one question her gating whether it's through the phone email chat. Tax the course run social media the question her Guinea right now is how to write from my Turkey. So they get cancer remains the same it's 24 hours for every four pounds of Turkey me to trying your fridge. For getting that phone call to gay people are a little bit worried maybe they haven't our debt buying process may be having purchased or Turkey yet. So we're certainly here to help with and question you have in Wheeling courage your reach out to us. Unbelievable so I know there is a millennial that are hosting a lot these days then on being more adventurous when it comes to cooking their turkeys. How are there questions a little bit different than in the past. The act but points all these certainly are seeing this new generation millennial entering their kitchen and they want to help their family wicket Thanksgiving meal. But the else to put their own stamp on the day. Omni Media want to train new cook message. Maybe air frowning so we actually research that over the summer we added get to our digital binder. Maybe they want to try deep frying electric Connor top roadster Alvin cooking bag outdoor grill so many different weights or embracing all kinds of traditions. All kinds of gatherings. We all work in eight to ten hour shift on Thanksgiving Day alone all hands on that with our busiest day. So people ask me. You worked for butterball but you don't really work on Thanksgiving Day together with our biggest day so we have our own Thanksgiving celebration here we ever friends if the we take shifts we're all gathered around a table we have our own celebration here. That's amazing and I have to ask you because obviously meat is the focus to what about the people who don't. Eat meat begin the recommendations for the site. This is. Weeks die dishes to get a lot of questions on May act. We're accepting tax you can send us your taxed 8448773456. And sometimes people don't even have a question about Turkey but they want to send us a picture of their beautiful table all other sci dishes. We get pictures of Ali's family and friends together which I love because I have four little butter balls at home. An attorney Nikki think and then my husband's on Turkey duty and it get these tactics in phone calls if you like your part they're celebration TO so it's it's a very good day for us. I love it and so where we're showing now where people can help suggest where people can get the cooking help so you can just tell us that really quickly. Sure it's 1800 butterball you can email us she acts. Tax of course they that the butterball dot com web site aren't social media. We partner with the lack alleged years to get at lax is still fat in your kitchen gathering information that way it's well. Are right Nicole Johnson director of the Turkey talk line for eighteen years thanks for being with us today we appreciate it can't beat inks it ain't Inky happy Thanksgiving to you. And as we asked our morning show band how many calories are they going to consume this weekend. And our favorite response was from any Rubin who said I don't even a heightened state is number but she said. 9998999999. Have a great time with your family continue to take care of your selves and if you're around you can stick around for the briefing room at 3:30 PM. And you can check out world news prime at 8 PM if you wanna stay updated on all of these headlines you can go to Or download the app and Kimberly Brooks and have an amazing holiday C next week.

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