Delta debuts planes with wider seats

Major upgrades are underway for the A-220 regional jet.
2:45 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for Delta debuts planes with wider seats
Moving on now some good news for air travelers at least if you're flying delta the airline is announced they are making wider seats even bathroom windows available on some planes are David currently got a chance to check it out. Here's what he found. Greetings from Atlanta DeVon you're looking at any dealt 777. And if you've flown internationally on a wide body. You know that can be really really confident we'll delta is introducing a new regional jet and this is it. It's called the eighteen point eight. This is actually an aircraft that's baiting Canada by Bob Barr DA and has been now a deal with Airbus. This is the first time it's flying in the United States we're giving you little tour. What delta says they're trying to do with this aircraft is give you the feel of that wide body aircraft the triple seven or any other big aircraft. On this small regional jet. So if you come aboard. We're gonna show you how they've done that in the. Reason it feels a little bit more like a wide bodied and sage. Any other regional jets you fly in is what they've done with the seats you can see that it's three. And two that means there are many fewer middle seats that you don't have to worry about. And while airlines have been shrinking some of their seats delta actually decided in this aircraft. To give you'll wider seats of this is eighteen and a half inches wide. And they actually give you a picture of 31 inches so your knees and my knees sometimes it's of the other aircraft. Are pushing against the seat so you've got a little more room. The biggest screens they say in their plea in the main cabin so you picture entertainment center here you've got power and everything else so the idea. According to them. Bigger windows bigger seats. All an effort to give you a sense that your in a wide body aircraft they like to see if you flew a wide body internationally to the United States Mingo got of one of these. BAQ twenty that you probably wouldn't feel the difference it would feel. Kinda the same as are flying on this aircraft. And there's one little thing that's really fun about this aircraft. The laboratory here in the back it in the main cabin. Has something as I called it it's it's a room with a view there actually is it window here. That you can see out and it's a laboratory that's got some decent size. That is the new eight to twenty the Delta's just introduced the service this mostly is gonna fly. On business roots Boston LaGuardia to Houston and elsewhere. Comfortable buying and this is a regional jet. Not that I know you like a flight of and so Sunday you have to give the 820 a truck DeVon. All right our thanks to David Curley for that one look forward to trying out the bigger seats on delta.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Major upgrades are underway for the A-220 regional jet. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61242085","title":"Delta debuts planes with wider seats ","url":"/US/video/delta-debuts-planes-wider-seats-61242085"}