Democrats call Alexander Vindman’s testimony crucial

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., says Gordon Sondland, who is set to testify on Wednesday, is a central figure to what happened before and after the phone call.
5:44 | 11/19/19

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Transcript for Democrats call Alexander Vindman’s testimony crucial
No earlier today on the hill are getting too are caught up with a representative. Represented about here on the Intel committee just take a listen. Registered CDS are here thinking we're thank you so nine witnesses three days packed week what is it that Democrats hope to accomplish this week. I think this week we wanted two things one and a lay out for the American people what we understand to be the evidence and explain why it matters and then to. Allow the American people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves is one thing to hear about them ordered deposition transcript as another to see them. Alive and said you know decide for themselves. Whether these folks are credible or not got four witnesses to be Catholic a couple of key players you've gotten to the Kurt Alexander and then he was on the national security staff. Listened in on that from home in this afternoon. Kirk role for special envoy sure why are those two millions of significant story twelve Inman was on the phone call he was a participant in the July 25. Own also he has a first hand account. Some of my colleagues on the other side. Like to say oh this person wasn't on the phone call how it he or she know what happened well it turns out mr. Inman was not only on the phone call but he took notes. And he helped to prepare the call transcript. And then the second person Volcker. Was part of the three amigos. This group of Volcker silent and Kerry under the direction of Giuliani and of course president trump who commandeered foreign policy in the Ukraine. Away from you know. Career professionals. In the diplomatic corps people like Marie Ivanovic whom they fired. And on May twentieth of this year replace them with their three amigos. And you know we've it's kind of gone off and a very bad direction my it. Since a lot of these individuals they have heard the call first hand that they are. The central policy makers here you don't have Bolton in the hot seat yet you don't have. The president himself he seems to indicated maybe he's going to comment on do you need that to seal the deal on this case at the American people. While they're welcome to come. We want to hear their testimony. And who knows maybe the president may or may not come but I think that's actually a possibility you know I'm I'm not holding my breath. Given. How much the president has obstructed the inquiry so far that being said. Let's just taken in for winning for example he actually worked for bowl. So he spent a lot of time with Bolton and he knows. What happened in the national security staff remembered then minute visit currents. Member of the administration brain he still employed at the end of the day after he testifies he's going back through I think the White House gates. Foot two is to his job in so. You know these folks are very important. How critical. Is Gordon song and the EU ambassador he'll come on wins game. He's the man actually was speaking directly with Ukraine about some of these ideas re eager most important witness I think that he's a very important witness. Not only. You know it was the central to what happened before the phone call but he was central to what happened after this phone call and he talked to president trump. Repeatedly. About what was going on and in his declaration which he attached to his deposition testimony. He sat at the military aid. Was conditioned on an announcement of investigations. Of president Trump's political rivals by the ukrainians. That's about as clear a statement. Those. Wrongdoing that's been alleged against the present as we've seen 70% of Americans and on new ABC news gives us poll find the president's conduct. Wrong yeah that's the word used but a quarter of Americans wanted for actions they didn't think this is wrong what do you make it at DD. He's there a problem there that a quarter of Americans. Don't buy into this idea that asking a foreign government to work help with. Investigative Group rival as well I think that you know some folks are not gonna find anything wrong and you. By this president regardless of what happens I think he famously said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and plain sight and still not be convicted. Convicted of any wrongdoing. And done. But focusing on the rest of the population the fact that they would. Fine this conduct to be wrong as you said is all the more important why we have to press forward with this inquiry. I withhold judgment until the end done. You know how I'm gonna come out on all of this. But it's so important that we proceed with this inquiry as quickly as possible because we got to stop the wrongdoing. At the end of their family no really possibility that the age. You guys are gonna impeach the president has them. I don't know I I honestly. Feel that a lot of my colleagues want to withhold judgment until the end. Which is the right way to give me this is a weighty decision I mean we don't we should not ever even inquire about removing a president. Willy Nilly and so because of the gravity of the situation we should come at this very carefully. So this is the second week of public hearings you've got Thanksgiving next week a lot people wondered how long is this gonna go on do you have a sense. Are we nearing the end of public testimony ended this week will this move over to the Judiciary Committee who by the end of the month. A good question I didn't know of a David Holmes until last week when investor Taylor brought him up in his testimony so. To the extent that new characters emerge from this week's testimony I think it will obviously have to question them and then go go from there. But short of that is this year of this is your poor folks who com. That as of right now I think we're going to be talking to the bulk of them you know this week but often they think you can appreciate it thank you sir.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., says Gordon Sondland, who is set to testify on Wednesday, is a central figure to what happened before and after the phone call.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67132484","title":"Democrats call Alexander Vindman’s testimony crucial","url":"/US/video/democrats-call-alexander-vindmans-testimony-crucial-67132484"}