5 Democrats hold lead over Trump: Poll

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows some candidates would beat the president in a head-to-head matchup as Democrats prepare for a third debate in Houston.
4:03 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for 5 Democrats hold lead over Trump: Poll
All right so we're gonna check back in on the 22 when he raise some you all know that the candidates are making their way down to Houston and some of them just like last check out this tweet from mayor Pete booted Jane's one his united flight he was sitting. Right behind senator Klobuchar he's said and very funny wonder what their conversation was about. And our team has descended upon Houston Texas for the third democratic presidential debate because we are hosting it. In partnership with Univision and you see it there drone shots of the city and you'll also see the debate stage. Getting set up but time lapse there so things are ramping up because tomorrow for one night only. Ten candidates will make their made to the American people an hour out of Kelsey is right there in the debate hall. Adam good to see you what's happening right now tell us what's going on. Good morning Kimberly well aware like you said inside it to be all right behind me honest about a Wacey concede is unbelievable stage that we got set up. Some last minute rehearsal some blocking as our fantastic production crew gets ready for Thursday night but as far as what's going on here in Houston were actually seeing a little bit less. S activity from the candidates that we saw during the first few rounds to beats you may or call back in Miami for that first presidential debate and number of the candidates for using it basically is a campaign stop they went down today immigration detention center in homestead. To make the case that. Immigration reform needs to take place to trump an interest in policy of holding on some of that to some of those folks holding them criminally responsible for crossing the border I did not abide basically with what the democratic platform was and then in Detroit for the second round of debates and trips up to Flint, Michigan call attention to the water crisis there. Visits to neighborhoods that were affected by gentrification and other issues and trade as well so less of the campaign stops more of a kind of focused effort to prepare for this debate now that we're down to ten candidates and some of those top tier names. Yet even traveling with Bernie Sanders said do you know how he's like ramping up for ten or that debate tomorrow. War. Why think first and foremost Bernie Sanders is taking a bit of a -- it's been a busy past couple days for him he was in Manchester, New Hampshire for the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention on Saturday went straight there to Iowa made about three or four stops over the course of the day and a half and then had a very large rally I in Denver Colorado not a typical early voting state but it sure will force from the sanders' campaign brought out about five to 6000 people like park in Denver right now like I said taking a bit of a break to send a little bit -- in Denver the other day and really preparing he's going to be on -- states like I said with all of the top tier candidates Joseph Biden Elizabeth Warren -- -- -- judge Pamela Harris who we haven't seen those big names all together on one seat -- first so for someone like Bernie Sanders Sanders going back through his briefing materials making sure that he's ready for some of the attacks that he might face as somebody who is on the liberal side of the political spectrum. And this is going to be pretty excitement exciting and there are some new. Poll numbers showing where strong stands against the other candidates. Dick good numbers for Democrats released this morning an ABC news Washington Post poll found that. Five democratic candidates would beat president trump. In a nationwide. Head to head match up so like I said some of those names Joseph Biden Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders commonly Harris Pete booted JH. All of them pulling ahead of Donald Trump at this moment in time in. What this it would be impacted the these poll numbers is gonna have on the races that somebody like children Joseph Biden who's been campaigning on a message of electability may have to shift that message out he's been saying that he is the sure bet for Democrats he's the one who can go up against president trump and beat him in November 20/20 but now Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders people who -- -- Harris they can make this seem case they can point to those month numbers great you're on the debate stage on Thursday night and say hey we are just. As likely to be president trump as you wore the numbers show wait so what else can you bring Joseph Biden and that's going to be a question he's gonna have to answer during the debate. I right Adam Kelsey right there and he stand. And of course everyone can watch the debate on ABC news live it airs tomorrow and starts at 7 PM eastern time.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows some candidates would beat the president in a head-to-head matchup as Democrats prepare for a third debate in Houston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65541048","title":"5 Democrats hold lead over Trump: Poll","url":"/US/video/democrats-hold-lead-trump-poll-65541048"}