Democrats to lay out full case on impeachment

First-hand witnesses to testify on Capitol Hill during the second week of impeachment hearings.
3:24 | 11/19/19

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Transcript for Democrats to lay out full case on impeachment
We have a new poll out 7% of Americans saying that the president's phone call was not right with Ukrainian president that July 25 phone call that so much of this is about of one of the known Mandarin to rewrite notion of former political director for Hillary Clinton's campaign. An ABC news cook contributor Barbara Comstock also joins us former Republican congressman from Virginia so amid I want to start we view what are some of the points Democrats won a heat here it and how to they benefit all this politically. It impeachment does not move forward in the senate. I think what you're scene is really a full picture of what's really going all of this and restoration. And at what they all are bringing forward is. How does all this work together what does this administration look like and whether or not this is a kind of leadership this country should have. I think it's much bigger than politics and you're beginning to see that hear that from the witnesses themselves. And that's really what these last couple a days have been is really having career politician or career. Career experts talk about what's going on and why this is bigger than actually politics and certainly. Democratic Party and what they're doing. Is really laying out a full case of why this administration is very different than any before it. Part of Maine a thank you Barbara Republicans your hope to have. To win back the day with her two witnesses later today. Well yes I mean this morning we're going to hear from the first hand experts. A professor who were on the column in the in the afternoon the Republicans. On went with Tim Morrison in the Volcker apparently seemed to think. That they are going to be helpful. But I would costs and that. Did the Democrat council gets to question them first for 45 minutes or they will certainly be bringing out information. That will lie not with the information that the other witnesses have testified today. There's been some talk. Think leading up to this hearing that Republicans are going to go after kernel of men men. You have to act congresswoman and Liz Cheney so to chastise the president. I'm when he you know when they did that and when when others tried to go after. I'm colonel Ben min before so. I don't think that would be sort of a wise tactic to take. But it it known there hasn't been any information that they've indicated. Where he that was problematic for him. But what's so important this week is these are firsthand witnesses and particularly tomorrow we've Gordon some land. You're going to have all this previous testimony. That's kind of builds up. And been fairly consistent. Now. Center and then today's testimony then tomorrow Gordon Sunderland is a key person who talked to the president. Was working with the Ukrainian officials and then with firsthand working McVeigh's three amigos menu also have these two witnesses who overheard. His first ten discussion with presidents and that is going to be. Be a building up to to. Jonah Hill comes out on Thursday who worked for Bolton. Who. Obviously also has a lot of first and information I would also point out that she had raised alarms. Hurt John Bolton. I'm July 10. About their concerns about what was going on so this colonel Benyamin raising alarms in July 25 was really two weeks after the alarms. That Fiona hill and John Bolton raised. Our Barbara Comstock we thank you for your analysis.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"First-hand witnesses to testify on Capitol Hill during the second week of impeachment hearings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67132648","title":"Democrats to lay out full case on impeachment","url":"/US/video/democrats-lay-full-case-impeachment-67132648"}