Democrats push for gun control legislation as Congress returns

Republicans are pressured to allow gun control legislation to pass; Trump cancels meeting with the Taliban; and Democratic presidential candidates prepare for the next debate in Houston.
24:46 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Democrats push for gun control legislation as Congress returns
Yeah. Happy Monday welcome to the briefing room coming through for the Washington bureau BBC news I'm John Santee chief thanks for joining us on ABC news live at a busy week purity BC news we are gearing up for our first debate. Other funny funny cycle getting radar hosted down in Houston where George Stephanopoulos David Muir Lindsey Davis and Jorge Ramos of Univision are getting ready to moderate one night on ABC ten candidates taking the stage. We're gonna have much more on that coming up a we're gonna begin. Here in Washington where congress they are back from their summer recess six weeks off. And the first topic on the agenda. Gun control and that's where we're gonna start right now we saw a press conference earlier today. From House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer where they were addressing this very topic what they plan to do and how they hope president trump and Republicans in congress will join their efforts take a listen to that press conference earlier today. Two people in Washington. Can make sure. The background checks bill pass. Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell it is totally up to them. The question now is whether leader McConnell. Will allow the senate to consider that house passed background checks bill on the senate floor. That is the number one question looming over this capital as we return. President trump has a historic opportunity to save lives by indicating his support for the house passed bill. OK so where does this all go we are joined right now by ABC's Catherine folder she capitals covers Capitol Hill in the White House for us an over the White House. Jordan Phelps has been watching what's happening over the administration let's start here in the bureau up with Catherine so they're back. They're back from congressman Lee says I'm sure your regular run around the halls are there with our team so we uses starring on because we know the White House has been going back and forth there have been efforts. Come by senators mansion in two need to get something done right now up on capitol. What's Aaliyah and we've reported that the president's staff has had bipartisan talks over the recess about gun control but I think. The way you put it back and forth and back and forth and back and forth that seems to be where it is right now the president is. I'm obviously contradicted himself a little bit on whether or not he supports background checks and house Democrats and Larry passed. The two background check bells and other waiting on Mitch McConnell to bring it to the floor he's at a one point he'd be open to but he's waiting on the White House the White House says. They're waiting on congress and I'd say that I'm McConnell. It did you speak briefly on the floor amendments know where he laid out the agenda. For a September October into the fall and he didn't mention is nothing at all at least for my initial arena that he just finished speaking and some time ago so I think. Is there it during the tough position right because as you and I am reported the the White House asked the campaign to gather data right on this issue here and we know that the base they they think that it would be politically harm on a sense cents a the president are you any. I'm sort of legislation at the same time he wants to do some thing you the rain hours ping pong back and forth between the two now. Later this week at a House Judiciary Committee when mark got some bells. We'll see Rebecca. Yet and as you said Dick information that we reported on his campaign Dina was looking at. The trump lease but also looking at independent voters there is some other data they were watching right now and that is our new ABC news Washington Post poll that shows six in ten Americans. Are concerned about a mass shooting obviously would everything we saw. Over the summer recess from shootings in California to Texas and Ohio let's go down the street to the White House refine. Jordan Phelps of Jordan his cabinet was just talking about we know that the White House was waiting for is dated to come from the campaign are sources tell us. They've received did it is seems to indicate. That right now it would not help the president this is their data not help the president's take any action on gun control this point in time. Sure John there's that data from the campaign there's also this new poll showing that 89%. Of Americans support doing something. On background checks the president just departed the White House. Actually wasn't asked about gun control at all so where the president is today is a bit unclear but John as we've been talking about we know. That the president said any immediate wake negotiating fat. He thought it was a time to do something meaningful on background checks we see him. Obviously corps on that over time. But we know there's been a concerted effort over here at the White House and within a broader administration over the last month to craft a variety of solutions that they could. Bring forward were expecting a proposal to come from the White House at some points our latest guidance last week was that we could expect something this week. By John I just talks to a senior administration official who said we could expect something this month. So that timeline is released Friday at a certain point have to wonder if people are dragging their heels. And on that note Jordan coming back over to Catherine with that one of the things Mitch McConnell has said repeatedly that he will not bring anything to the floor of the senate unless he knows it has president Trump's support though right exactly and I gets back to who's really crafting. This legislation that as we also don't want part of the Department of Justice for example a little over two weeks ago. Since some sort of legislative package. Over to the White House we implement and some. A sort of holed up inside the white house counsel's office on the on the legal language down and they haven't I've heard back from the white house on the proposals so it the right Mitch McConnell. Wants to bring will bring something most likely to the floor if it hasn't supported the president. But of course is when and Jordan thought. Finally on this topic going back to you one the other things we find in the ABC news post poll is it 76%. Believe mental health screenings would help Donald Trump on the campaign trail has been saying that nonstop the president say at this is a mental health issue. Do we think that that is an area of the White House is exploring especially given. What we're seeing in our new poll and not going to go towards a background checks. Or an assault weapons ban. John background checks have always been the big question mark mental health is an area where president trump in this administration. Are most comfortable and something that the president always talks about. When he talks about addressing the root causes of these mass shootings so that is certainly something that this White House is very seriously exploring. But John I had come officials over here argue to meet that addressing this mental health issue is really the same saying they argue. As going after background checks because they say they're one in the saint. Jordan fell to the White House Catherine folders covering Capitol Hill for us ladies thank you ball we're gonna switch gears now. In the briefing room we've learned something over the weekend go figure from president trumps Twitter account. And that is a the president was negotiating with the Taliban potentially. For a peace deal let's bring in ABC's Justin official Annie BC's Connor fanning and over at the state department for this once O'Connor let me begin with you. First of all I know you've been trying to figure this out I feel like I'm the 75 person ask you this but. Have you able to pinpoint Connor what exactly happened this weekend between this possible negotiation deal that was supposed to take place allegedly Camp David. John it's a question that I think many American officials are also asking themselves still. Presidents from tweeting on late Saturday night that he had invited the Tolle month leadership as well as the government of president Ashraf Ghani. To come to camp deviate it would have been. Really surreal spectacle for him to host the militant group that harbored al-Qaeda operatives that were responsible for 9/11 just these before the anniversary. Of those attacks but what we know so far is that this was about closing the deal. The US in the Taliban had been in talks for an over nine months rent now over nine rounds of discussions. And they finally reached an agreement in principle last week. The US chief negotiators on the clues I'd even went to Kabul to brief the Afghan government what that deal included. It meant that the US will withdraw its troops begin that withdrawal including a 5000 troops within a 135. Days. It also meant that the column on would commit. To not allow Afghanistan to be a safe haven for terrorists ever again with unclear now is that after the president has canceled. This Camp David meeting. Weird is that deal stand and whether or not the US will implement. Law and the president was just ask that this Conner before departing the White House where these negotiations stand let's take a listen for the president was asked on the South Lawn. He had day meeting schedules. With my idea that it was my idea is terminated I didn't even I didn't disgusted with anybody else. What I heard very simply. That they killed one of our Sony's and twelve other innocent people. I said there's no way out meaning of that base is that no way I'm meeting. They didn't miss that they thought that static kill people in order to put themselves in a little better negotiating position. What they did that they killed twelve people what happened to be a great American solved here. And just an official joins us now here in the briefing room covers and leaves our White House coverage team formally cover the Pentagon for us so. Johnson is the big thing here that stood out to me is that Donald Trump has always compared himself to Barack Obama's saying that he's done more than Barack Obama. But when there's always a tweet for that. It's interesting because when president Barack Obama tried to negotiate the Taliban Donald Trump attacked them seeing why would you do that why would you try to make a peace deal here but now we see the president trains. This thing negotiate with the Taliban stomped every president back to bush and and and beyond that it's just it's it's why we've been there for eighteen years is why it's our longest war it's not. Something that's easily done Connors actually right if they had done this this weekend. We learned that the secret meeting occurred in Camp David could be enormous headlines today had they actually think something. The problem was that he. The president says he got upset that this suicide car bomb hidden in Kabul killed US service member. And he said over twittered this is why I'm can't say they can't negotiate in good faith. What's interesting about that though we Hamlin are well we have Mike Pompeo on this week on Friday he said. Just in the last ten days the US has killed. 1000. Taliban I mean that's. Clearly he had an early morning blood being. Shed on both sides so the question is. Was it something more complicated now why did I mean not to diminish and that that blood loss than in endorsing any game in Afghanistan. I mean this is this has been happening for eighteen years yeah. There and then to New York Times had a good write up on this today they were basically saying that. That the Taliban leaders coming to the united suit wanted to make sure a deal had been inked before they sat down on the president Camp David the president. One to close the deal he won the make it put his mark on an AM and then go out and have something so which is not surprising to seeing how the president negotiate rest wrecked so. Maybe there was it was a disruption there there's there's also. Parts of the deal that had been signed in principle figure and principled but not totally figured out what what he knew and all the Taliban prisoners com. And Connor alluded to this I think the big question going forward is. He says now he sent them on the talks are dead well but we know he still wants to pull out US troops right did you then anyway right he's talking about home final as an out and he's. Insane at since he was on the campaign trail before he got into elected office but you mentioned Mike Pompeo he was on the Sunday show George this week. Talking about this very mean take a listen of that exchange. Talabani overreached the killed an American and in an effort to gain leverage at the negotiating table. President trump said enough toward the peace talks now dead ambassador Collins odds efforts dead as well. It's coming home for now I hope it's the case that the Talabani will a change their behavior. Will recommit to the things that we've been talking to them about for months. In the end this will be resolved. Through a series of conversations I hope. Hope the Taliban will agree to meet with the Afghan government president Ghani essay that Jihad gonna have to end it is put out a statement. World will say. Let me assure you and America's capacity to protect our nation. From a terror attack ever emanating from that place again that after will continue. Mike Pompeo speaking in George Stephanopoulos this past Sunday want to go back to counterfeiting in Athens Conner one of the things that I've been tracking anyway I think you can actually spoke about this the in the last week. Is that the dynamics right now among Donald Trump's foreign relations team if you will not an and the biggest disagreement that we see here is that the secretary of state Mike Pompeo in the national security advisor ambassador John Bolton and they don't see head to head here. Yeah that's right on for weeks now and there been reports of tension between these two key senior advisors to president trump. They ideologically match up on a lot of issues in particular. On Iran where they both support the maximum pressure campaign against Iran but Afghanistan has been a point of departure between these two. John Bolton. Does not support the the peace deal that the US government has been working on with the Taliban whereas Mike Pompeo as the secretary of state. Has really been the driving force behind it it's his special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad who's been in the room with a large State Department team negotiating with the towel mind. And he's really own this entire process he was in Kabul as recently as June. He sees me as as June and and so there's this major point of departure here and on a couple of other key issues I think most importantly. On North Korea John Bolton again not really supporting the negotiations. Doesn't believe the Kim Jong-un can be trusted. Mike Pompeo ever the dutiful soldier is following through on president trumps orders. Kind of thinning at the State Department thank you sir before we wrap up on this topic you and I were just talking about. One of the attacks president tribe is getting here is that this doesn't mean it was going to be held. At Camp David he's actually attacked by Liz Cheney yes congressman English Cheney the color and former Vice President Dick Cheney and it comes on the heels of her saying that I'm in response the September 11 attacks which were about to have another anniversary of in just the next couple of days that is where the nation's leaders on actually met to plan the response after the 2000 I mean that he. And this I think it's a lot of reflexive trump bashing both on the democratic side and you know and of course are some Republicans who have from two but I mean. I think that most Americans are at a point after eighteen years. And I can really mind so much where you get to deal Heidi get the deal. If this is our goal to not have a permanent force in Afghanistan it's time to make a deal now have no matter where you do it. I'm any other broader point yes it's just before and the 9/11 and anniversary that will then that resonates with people. But in peace fuels are not typically made as they say with your friends and dom. You know so I think I think is the point is not so much about where and no mechanism by how he might have died just that just that he was trying to do it's why it's. It is a piece of criticism we're seeing the day after that might sort of Rosie is concerned small in the bigger picture and the whole thing just in special thank you for that much of. He she we'll have much more on this story tonight on ABC's world news tonight with dean it me or we're gonna switch gears though. Here in the briefing room because we've got a lot of activity happening out on the campaign trail one of which Donald Trump the president is heading down to North Carolina tonight where he is getting ready. 48 keep America greeting and rallying that's refined ABC's Rachel Scott she's been on the campaign trail for. Got racial lot like sixty streets you paid all over the country and just a little bit here but you're now in North Carolina you've been out there talking to voters already online for the president's rally. Tonight what are you hearing so far what's on their minds on this busy week. Tomorrow so what I'm hearing is tomorrow in the evening near partly. Republicans. But now we're seeing a very what some are calling it very tight election it. Tomorrow in visible here the president obviously north and just about this rain here on it out. Calling me. At this summer. Lehman wing rhetoric had with souvenir and I'm nasty thing. Here in this district represented a lot of what Trevor pregnant not believe in the rhetoric he believed that he hasn't come on immigration he believes the sad. An amendment rape and sell them here is going to be seen. And then all of the rhetoric made all the and then all of the backlash and the president has gone in this summer then maybe Republicans don't. And when he when he might. Hear him. Only flashing red signs in this campaign that they didn't start rethinking their strategy. And as you as you mentioned their racial that is a key state that president happy is the 18. In 2016. The state is going to host the Republican convention into 1 each morning where Donald Trump is again likely. To accept his party's nomination. But Rachel thing as far as the topics were talking about right now in congress coming back. Into session is Catherine and a Jordan we're speaking about earlier there is a huge push on Capitol Hill to do something. On gun control are you hearing things on that topic right now down North Carolina or I know Europe and New Hampshire just couple days going from up there on the trail. That's in the topic on a lot of voters might hear a lot. What is your number what is it and they say we're expecting her second and regular people walked out and here they have not certain that they act on here at well I think the I'm on them as well. They that they should protect our right here. What about the president saying baby wanna do meeting that wraps. Here they say that's on the that's not a very good. Other people saying don't have a problem is that what I do initially hit record hot month but that's. What I'm getting. Point second amendment rights and do not believe that we. And then let minutes not. People that are dependent not gotten better doing it. The president say over and over again and again apple don't back down the street your again mission at eight reading from and our race that they want it because. Not your comments and I'm not only gotten your right about 100 miles away from Greenville. It's important. Enron scandal erupted earlier this summer putting North Carolina in the spotlight folks not telling me you're that they don't have a problem with the president. It is quite right on the country I was at yeah answered I mentioned. I was in nineteen democratic candidate Eric I spoke to one Republican who is now considering turning. My Democrat and he net. It's simply too inflammatory but you're telling me out if we don't agree with everything adding that. Love the economy that would easily forgotten ranked and that's where they stand. Going to be a long fourteen months until Election Day Rachel Scott crisscrossing the country thank you Rachel and speaking of things coming up until Election Day. I don't know I think I mention this 13 or ten times we have a debate coming up Thursday night downing Houston that's her refining ABC's Devin Dwyer he took the early bird special one to get there before things really got kicked off DeVon I know Europe down Aaron excited it's great to see you so before we dive into what you're talking that would voters down Houston you're already getting the lay of the land the city so we have ten candidates coming there for RE BC debate let's take a look at the numbers right now. From our new ABC news Washington Post poll that we released over the weekend the top numbers DeVon not too much surprise seeing Joseph Biden holding onto a strong command. A 27% Bernie Sanders right behind at nineteen but really are Ryan is here DeVon in this poll for senator Elizabeth Warren. Yeah Elizabeth Warren comes into this debate we John surging up six points. In our poll from July ACC but I'm also struck by Joseph Biden's durability C and there. Despite all those gaps in the negative headlines. New York Times Washington Post saying he made up that story about Afghanistan he is still on top and voters tell us. And that's in large part because they want someone who is electable and right now Democrats. Continue to think Joseph Biden as most electable but we should say. Take a look at the whole Elizabeth Warren getting another look she still pretty far down compared to Joseph Biden 14%. Of democratic voters think you know. You know she could potentially be downloads from that she is still hanging in there this is. I think a big week for her on that debate stage head to head with Joseph Biden for first time can she bring those numbers after more. While and then on the are flip side of that obviously that's the top three they are the only three according to our poll that are in double digits that's for others like the rise we saw for come on Harris who's doing quite well early on the season she's now in single digits you could see it. There on the screen from our latest poll down to 7%. They really need to have a breakout moment here and on the stage of ten candidates that's going to be quite a challenge DeVon. Gets pretty close to do or die time in making these candidates in single digits in those that did even make this debate. You might think this is this is it for them although we should say if you made this debate. You can still make the next debate in October so there's at least one more go around for these candidates times Dyer added to that next debate we know he's qualified so. Com or kind of in this crunch time now with this tougher standard on the debate stage I think. A lot of people this week have been talking to folks down here in Houston back and in Boomtown popping here it's about to turn into a far great place. If you're in town for a lot say in the sandwich shop in here. Other folks are really interested in seeing this smaller field for the first time ten candidates and they want to hear about the issues. On campus earlier today was that Texas Southern University historically black college where the debate is going to be held students there. I'm very eager to hear the candidates talking about guns big issue in the state of course HB CU's health care and college debt. And DeVon any Kennedy from here near Tora campus any candidate or candidate needs that you felt were resonating. More students compared to others. There's a lot of popularity. Amongst its new student crowds as you know from Bernie Sanders although I was struck by the number of students we talked to were actually reluctant. To say a name they really want to hear the issues they want to see these candidates up posters a lot of excitement for the first time. I've been a democratic primary debate will be held on a historically black college or university very significant speaks in the democratic party's. I importance for African American voters in for student voters so. A lot of anticipation to get up close engage with these candidates in our camp. This week before anybody's said naming names. All right DeVon it DeVon hey Al before I let you go you you've already done a good site serving in the town right he found a good restaurant for us to go to while we're there. When you get down here Johnson Tucci I won't have a list of restaurants for you and all things you can keep cool it is hot here else any upper ninety's in the Bahrain 90% humidity so bring banks. Hello grade out I'll make sure not to Wear a tie just like you that. Okay Devin Dwyer downing Houston Texas thank you my friend and again we're gonna remind you purr like the 500 million timed or other people gonna do it too besides me are debate Thursday night right here BBC television network. Coming up at 8 PM you can watch it on ABC news or of course stream it. Live on Hulu and of course on ABC news live George Stephanopoulos are cheap anchor. Along with David you were Lindsey Davis and munitions Jorge Ramos set to moderate he do not want to miss it I'm slightly biased but. It's going to be a good debate that is gonna do it for us in the briefing room thank you so much for joining us I'm John Santee she makes sure to download the ABC news app for any news any time. You while watching ABC news.

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