Democrats tangle on policy differences during 3rd debate

Ten presidential candidates clashed over hot-button issues during the ABC News-hosted debate in Houston.
3:23 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Democrats tangle on policy differences during 3rd debate
Now want to bring in our deputy political director Mary Alice park was right there in do you stand. Mary Alice don't get to see you yesterday on you weren't there for the actual debate. What if the moment feel like in that room after weeks and months of preparation. Well Kimberly I am clearly biased because they're my colleague. But I think the moderate delivered a sub connected debate voters who were dialing in were evil to see a debate that was really deep in policy. The Democrats have angles on some complicated new want he really showed that they disagree on some of fine tune. Health care and immigration. But also moment where I think voters could step back and see some of the fundamental. Differences in this race. See where Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders really have an entirely different vision for governing this country and Joseph by. Anything did. Well I mean you had people. You had some of the underdog on stage last night and obviously. All of the top contenders but who do you think did a really great job. I think is a former vice president with thirty year in this debate that he's been in the last details. He seemed more prepared to not only take them in coming but to bring back the fight. I was surprised by the fact that he brought the fight to Bernie standard and Elizabeth Warren even on their signature issue. I'm health care. I think it was that stand out night for a tax and local former congressman battle Rourke but really able to capitalize. On his hometown advantage. He was painted over and over again by his colleagues for his leadership after the El Paso shooting. And he really drove home his message there on that date it reform. So I just wanna go back and Biden for a second am what did you think. The exchange between him and Castro. Yeah advocates is not a great moment for the former Hud secretary I think cloying Caster out. Tried to tangle wood Joseph Biden. Over policy but it ended up being a politically. Bruising moment for Castro. He basically tried to make an ages and claimed he tried to save that Joseph Biden eighty forgot what had just been mentioned we'll do about it really whether having that. An Indiana. The bloated did not land well in the realm I think Italy castor is reeling from that this morning. And so lots of people obviously talking about the candidates on stage of the people who are also. Talking about our ABC. Moderator Lynn B Davis some asking some very tough questions and trending. App the Lily she really had a break out night she was able to talk about these issues of race. And criminal justice reform and the candidates own record with such authority and sophistication and I think it really resonated. And we were proud of her I know that she had a lot of buzz online as well. All right Mary Alice park is our deputy political director there could those good job in Hughes stand and good to see you. And coming back to Lindsay on she certainly made history as she is the third black woman in history. To moderate a televised presidential debate the other two were Carole Simpson on ABC and Gwen Eiffel. A PBS so some real black girl magic there.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Ten presidential candidates clashed over hot-button issues during the ABC News-hosted debate in Houston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65596463","title":"Democrats tangle on policy differences during 3rd debate","url":"/US/video/democrats-tangle-policy-differences-3rd-debate-65596463"}