Derek Chauvin found guilty

The former police officer was convicted of murdering George Floyd, and the reaction from the city of Minneapolis.
5:20 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for Derek Chauvin found guilty
And joining me live now from Minneapolis is more on this they got Kenneth moan with us thanks Kenneth you know George plays Stanley we saw their reaction to the verdict -- there reacting now. To this news about the Department of Justice investigation. We're still waiting to hear from George for his family used as you can imagine Diane in the past the M. Less than 24 hours or so there have been so many emotions going through this family. But we know how they've reacted to. Any type of calls for reform or investigations into the Minneapolis police department. And they're looking for major reforms they're looking for major change. When it comes to how they feel about it. Any type of the next step so the next chapter in the year welcoming it big say bring it on essentially here because they say there's still work to do you. And so George forward to siblings. They have been in the forefront of this and winning. It comes to the next steps they're looking for some accountability. And they're looking for again Kelly change but drastic change. In the Minneapolis police department and police departments across this country Diane. And Tenet that met the family themselves we know you also spent a lot of time in Minneapolis particularly. Around this case so what this city what's it been like there since this verdict was announced in an idea expect people there in Minneapolis. We'll react now knowing their whole police department is going to be investigated. I'm looking down the street below me here and I and there are still some businesses that are boarded up but this city is starting to come back. It's starting to Rio Grande this morning what we really saw. After that verdict was announced was I think calling a better this past week celebratory. Moment here there have been people who been streaming a steady stream of people. In to George sportswear at 38 in Chicago just about five miles from where I'm standing here in downtown. They would have wanted to go there to pay their respects we know that some content autonomous zone as they call it where it. Police are hadn't really not been welcome their media really not been welcome there as well. But we've seen people going there. There have been memorial spear that is where George Floyd. But tickets last breath right their cup crews are trying to cut through June 30 in Chicago so we've seen a lot of people streaming and and to god that area we saw people outside the courthouse as well but this. City is starting to come back guy there was an energy that we thought after the verdict was read. Hot in here when it comes to how they're responding to this news federal investigation into the Minneapolis police department. This is what they want it they wanted to shying this light on what they say systemic. Issues. And with the Minneapolis police department here. And we know that when it comes to the police chief art Don he says that there were a number of reforms that he enacted when he took control. Of this police department what about three years ago. But there's a lot of work to do when it comes to the policies and procedures that choke polls Powell. Suspect is detained. I'm we've seen some high profile incidents in this city and powerful Mohamed nor and now under chairman and George Floyd. And so. This city wants to see change there was talk about disbanding. The police department that didn't happen but their budget was cut by. A small percentage. And at this City Council and the mayor here again promising reforms of the police department. People die and they want to see change. And tenants we know the verdict is in but the whole trial isn't over just yet dirt showman is said to be sentenced in eight weeks what are we expecting to see there. We're expecting for the prosecution asked for more than what the judge is likely thinking under. Current state law we know that the sentencing guidelines cyan. Back Taft for the second degree murder charge an intentional and also this third degree murder charge he gets twelve and a half years or so. Potentially for that more serious charge of second degree could be fifteen years. We understand in eight weeks the prosecution we've seen size of the prosecution plans to ask for a lot more for that second degree manslaughter charge about four. Hi years because when you look at your shirt over his record he didn't have a record no criminal record before this answer that. And so the family is asking for the maximum and we talk about the maximum patent we look at the number of years. You're looking at decades here something like forty years in the maximize different degrees of forty years for second degree unintentional murder. 45 years for third degree murder ten years for second degree manslaughter most likely he won't get that but all eyes will be on what happens I backcourt. An eight weeks some are calling it the next battle because the fence is obviously going to argue that because he didn't have a previous criminal record there. That he doesn't deserve. You know the harshest sentencing guidelines here. But the state is gonna play and Keith Ellison the attorney general has also indicated that the state will push for. Quite a few years for their children and he's being held at a local facility. That is called the Pope park. Heights facility in Stillwater Minnesota very close to Minneapolis here. We saw that news mug shot overnight from here Joseph he was transferred. Arrived many people saw that image of him being led away in handcuffs and image that so many across the globe wanted to see since George Ford took his last breath time. Tenet mountain forests in Minneapolis thanks Kenneth.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"The former police officer was convicted of murdering George Floyd, and the reaction from the city of Minneapolis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77220640","title":"Derek Chauvin found guilty","url":"/US/video/derek-chauvin-found-guilty-77220640"}