Derek Chauvin, other former officers indicted on new charges in George Floyd case

What the federal civil rights charges mean for the defendants and other cases involving police use of force.
6:22 | 05/07/21

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Transcript for Derek Chauvin, other former officers indicted on new charges in George Floyd case
For Minneapolis police officers including Derrick Shelvin have been indicted on federal rights charges civil rights charges for the arrest and death of George Floyd. They're accused of violating Floyd's constitutional rights while acting in their capacity as police officers. Our Alex Perez has the latest on that and a separate indictment against show and Alex. It and we knew the feds were investigating the officers' actions for months about these new federal charges just now being announced now a federal grand jury has indicted all for now former Minneapolis police officers accused of George wood's death. Accusing them of violating his civil rights. Now according to count one Derek show been deprived George Floyd of his right to be freer from the use of under reasonable force by a police officer which resulted in bodily injury to you. And the death of George Floyd now count to alleges that toe tile in jail Alexander king both were aware. Show bay that was holding his Neil cross George Floyd's neck as he. Lay handcuffed and and resisting and willfully failed to intervene. Ending count three all four according to the indictment. Deprived Floyd of his right to be free from a police officers deliberate indifference to his serious medical needs. Adding that he was in clear need of medical care and willfully failed to eight Floyd. Those children who was convicted of killing Floyd in state court last month also facing a separate federal charged in an unrelated case. Involving an interaction with a fourteen year old boy and 27 team that required. The boy to get stitches according to court documents that show been allegedly held a juvenile by the throat and struck the juvenile multiple times in the head with a flashlight. That resulted in bodily injury and children also allegedly held his knee on the neck of the upper back. Of the teenager even after he was lying prone. Handcuffed and under resisting and Diane George Floyd's a family is reacting to these new federal charges. Saying this is continued justice of Ford George Floyd and they also say that they believe this case will impact the black citizens and Americans. Altogether for generations to come Diane. All right Alex Perez thank you and I wanna brand Shana Lloyd a criminal attorney and managing partner of the Cochran firm for more on this. Shana thanks for being here how significant do you think these new federal charges are and what could mean practically fur Derek show that of these other opt. Officers. It's incredibly significant sea east of charges brought especially on criminal sign on with its federal criminal standard high. The Department of Justice is stepping inch to what many feel like was a clear violation of his constitutional right now the practical implication is that their can be increased sentencing time for these officers. Indy. Can choose to have sentences run concurrently or consecutive weekly age there are charges that you and sentencing guidelines that you go along what charges have been brought. And Shawna did these charges send a message two police forces around the country and others about how the Department of Justice. Is investigating these kinds of and to incidents. Absolutely this sends a clear message that the Department of Justice is going to be looking into these incidents and more specifically. There were the second charge which is there they did not intervene. And I use of unreasonable force that sends a message to other law enforcement officers that says if you see something that is correct or unreasonable used force you should be intervening I think that sends a very significant message to the police officers. And how they operate within their. Now this comes after Schilling's attorney filed a motion for a new trial alleging among other things juror misconduct. A photo on social media shows juror Brenda Mitchell attending an August event to commemorate Martin Luther King junior's I have a dream speech. And he's wearing a shirt that says get your knee off our next a George Floyd's brother and sister addressed the crowd at the event that day. But Mitchell told a star Tribune the event was about the march on Washington not George Floyd and that his attendance had no influence the middle deliberations. Or the verdict so I won't I wondered do you think there is any chance that Shelvin gets a new trial here. Typically this is not unexpected and we expect that defense in this type but she's won all three charges were found guilty to bring these deals specifically regarding that juror it's it's really going to depend on the facts surrounding his attend the shirt in in the south is not enough to grant a mistrial. What we're gonna focused on what the actual overarching message was at march if it was in Shaq really a mark where the Lloyd family how you have made comments. And that's different he did not go to an actual protests. According to Floyd sham each they're going to be looking at the surroundings incidents still very carefully questionnaire to make sure that he did in fact answer everything correctly and then the totality of the circumstances. We'll likely see that this was not a rise the level of the type of Germans conduct that would allow or mistrial. And saw on that questionnaire if he answers that no he didn't go to any demonstrations. Pertaining to George Floyd could that come into question here. It could and they're gonna look at what was advertised for this particular march if it wasn't track just saw a march to honor Martin Luther king and it just how an actor George Floyd Shanley was they're seeking a sock and a rise to the level that he was dishonest because he did on admit you being pro black clients matters. It would seem that there may be some discrepancy in how he interpreted the question as it is she an outright lie. So let's turn back to the officers in these new charges. From the Department of Justice could affect the state trial of the other three officers that set for August. They are gonna run separately and independently state charges in federal charges will happen independently of each other they will be sentenced independently beach obviously when we talk about trying to choose it juror pool we may have some influence and that jurors are gonna now you we're out there are these federal churches and I criminal defense attorney shuttle I'd always good to have a shot thank you ain't you.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"What the federal civil rights charges mean for the defendants and other cases involving police use of force.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77562740","title":"Derek Chauvin, other former officers indicted on new charges in George Floyd case","url":"/US/video/derek-chauvin-officers-indicted-charges-george-floyd-case-77562740"}