Destroyed ‘Dress for success’ store, makes plans to go virtual

Joi Gordon the CEO of “Dress for success” on how they’re picking up the pieces after the store was destroyed, and planning to move forward.
4:10 | 06/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Destroyed ‘Dress for success’ store, makes plans to go virtual
As concerns of the pandemic give way to the cries of protest some businesses are finding themselves caught in the cross hairs. Just this past weekend a dress for success story in Oklahoma City. Was destroyed by arson joining us now is the CEO of dress for success to a cordon and joint thank you so much for joining us. And so sorority care about what happened can you tell us about the fire. Sure it appears that Saturday night there was a peaceful protest in Oklahoma City amen around she 30 in the morning what was peaceful. Ended up being somewhat an unassuming not someone who cared anything about George Laurie or his memory or his legacy but someone threw a Molotov cocktail. Our building and virtues to the ground. It was shocking to all of us to wake up 1 Sunday morning. And to realize that a place of hope a home for women in the community. Was no longer there. Now that's so desperately needed in these times more than ever before so what is your plan to move forward despite this. Thanks for asking we have immediately reached out of the community and what I know about Oklahoma and I know this because I was raised there. I went the college at University of Oklahoma. And Oklahoma is my second Holloman so what I know about oklahomans that there's strong. And they are resilient and immediately. And lock arms around grass is it that. People who come through our doors because they needed clothing. But more importantly the community heard the mayor but a call to action to support organization. Cell we have had a record number people join us. From a five dollar increment to a 2500 dollar increment on. A go finally page and said that will help us rebuild dress for success Oklahoma City. We also have a number of business that is clothing companies like Alberts and just this morning a job man called me from Oklahoma City. I got president of market dip back for. And he wants to make sure he's they're real estate owner and manager properties. And Oklahoma City area and he said not only Willie is sure they we come back but he is. He is gonna find us a new home in dress for success plan oklahomans that. That just gave me chills there is more good in the world we all need to remember that and I know. That we are still dealing with this pandemic which has left over forty million people unemployed. 55% of whom are women to talk about how dress for success has adjusted to these new circumstances. In a mavericks when he days we went from 5%. I'm running virtual programs to 90% of our. Are reaching. Started to run their programs virtually and so on any given day anywhere around the world we're running programs are women and make sure they have the skills they need to reenter the job market. Disproportionately. It is is that affecting brown and black communities in bats. A large majority of the women we serve here in America and so the types of jobs that will be slow to come back. Hospitality. Restaurant. Retail those jobs that are women wholesale while they are at home. And unemployed. We want to make sure that companies like general assembly in a Deco and and Al HH and companies that are focused on. Giving people the tools they need to succeed in the workplace. Are working with dress for success in providing screenings for. At no box marked by. That they're ready the new job market when it opens up again for them. You mentioned those generous donations I'm sure people who are listening and watching right now want to help so how can they do that. Well we welcome anyone you go to our website which is dress for success out of order and final local source the success near you we need volunteers. And of course they need done this for years we need donation to close at some point. In the near future so we appreciate that Doug nation that we reject the support. Now let's start with rebuilding dress for success Oklahoma City and let's be Oklahoma strong right now. I love that you are literally the face of resilience right now an inspiration Joyce Gordon thank you so much for your time today we're wishing you the very best. Fake thing we.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Joi Gordon the CEO of “Dress for success” on how they’re picking up the pieces after the store was destroyed, and planning to move forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71069286","title":"Destroyed ‘Dress for success’ store, makes plans to go virtual","url":"/US/video/destroyed-dress-success-store-makes-plans-virtual-71069286"}