Details about Dayton gunman's past revealed

The ex-girlfriend of the gunman said he was suspended from high school for having a hit list of classmates.
3:42 | 08/06/19

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Transcript for Details about Dayton gunman's past revealed
And we moved in Dayton Ohio and as we said another city jolted early Sunday morning. By domestic terror officials are learning now new disturbing. Even pilgrim on the ground with the latest. Even good to see you had he been able to talk to any of the other people who were affected in this tragedy. O eight seconds a lot of people who are here in a why is that a normally is he a lively hard at capital organized entertainment district with a bunch of bars and restaurants that wasn't Saturday night it was busy they were. Out here are some people inside. The bar here is Ned peppers the bite into the memorial building and a product that we spoke with the gentleman who was. Actually trying to leave the bar when this year came at Torre said. It was the bouncer at the door that saved his life to listen. He stood there it was just a little off to the side just getting people and his main goal was to get as many people in the club. If he wasn't there and especially if the officers went there I mean. I know I'd be gone one of the first Kong they everyone put their lives out there. And we've talked the talk to send any people who talk about that. Terrorism that happen in the aftermath of this stating regular people. Take getting involved helping performed CPR helping in anyway that they can giving their belt giving out I'd love. Helping officers move people and ambulances. Anything that they continue to help. He is. These people these victims who were here on the CNN we've spoken to so many of them at. Dave many as you can imagine shaken in the aftermath of this shooting at and that lamenting that we don't get to talk about an awful lot at the ripple effect. That's something like that happened the has. Back when it happened has a community art markets talking about the psychological. Effect that it has had on the entire community. It's not just the people who were here or the people who lost loved ones it's. The people that know those people the family members that extended family that the friend. The co workers that favors all of those people also affected by this tragic really. Absolutely even kind of traumatize in for everyone involved and can you just give us updates what the latest is in the investigation. Paulino to investigators went to that shooters house they removed. How about just out from the shooters around Matt his house that they are now. Fifteen through but these tales of the shooters background that his history and now starting to come forward sound. Former high school classmates had him. Speaking at about. The fact that he was suspended I was in high school because of a hit list. Those two women telling us one of them was actually on the list and and they hit list was classmate that he wanted to kill or. Sexually assault he was suspended from school for a time and then eventually. Came back to school we spoke with an ex girlfriend. Who was dating him as recently as march she says she broke up with him in today. And broke up with him because. Some alarming scene that he said he was doing at an alarming things that he was inflicted in. She said she realized he'd just. It wasn't a good idea for her to be dating him and says she broke up with him nailing stated we're trying to time but. Some disturbing comments that he made sure her and railing. Rightly that pilgrim right there in Dayton Ohio. With the latest thing he's so much for joining us today.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"The ex-girlfriend of the gunman said he was suspended from high school for having a hit list of classmates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64807611","title":"Details about Dayton gunman's past revealed","url":"/US/video/details-dayton-gunmans-past-revealed-64807611"}