New details in Mollie Tibbetts murder case

The autopsy report for the murdered Iowa student was released Thursday.
1:32 | 08/24/18

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Transcript for New details in Mollie Tibbetts murder case
Hey there I'm Alex Perez for ABC news here in Brooklyn Iowa where you can see it is a somber rainy day today Molly tidbits would have been wrapping up her first week back at the University of Iowa. But instead her family is now preparing for her funeral coming up. This is Sunday now we're learning more about Molly's the last moments of B medical examiner releasing a preliminary autopsy report. And according to have that report Marley died from sharp. Force injuries. Indicating she was likely stabbed to death now the suspect 24 year old Christian Rivera. The judge ordered he be held on a five million dollar cash bond he has not entered please. Just yet were also learning that the suspect's girlfriend. Anna Molly actually attended the same high school with very yearbook pictures that they are. Both and but. Investigators are telling me that in a small town like this one were a lot of people go to the same heights who that is actually not unusual investigators say they have no reason to believe the suspect's girlfriend. And Molly actually. Knew each other investigators. Now was saying they are not revealing any details about a motive in this case just yet as it makes its weight through. The legal system the suspect is expected to be back in court. August 31 that's the latest from Brooklyn Iowa I'm Alex Phares for ABC news.

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{"duration":"1:32","description":"The autopsy report for the murdered Iowa student was released Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57380553","title":"New details in Mollie Tibbetts murder case","url":"/US/video/details-mollie-tibbetts-murder-case-57380553"}