Detained American Released From North Korea

Jeffrey Fowle freed after six months of captivity after being accused of "hostile acts."
5:24 | 10/21/14

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Transcript for Detained American Released From North Korea
An American held captive in North Korea finally freed 56 year old Jeffrey full was accused of leading a Bible. In a hotel room back in May and was held for six months before his release today. Right now the international hot spot North Korea hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen. New York poll came to North Korea as a tourist and was in the hermit nation for ten days before he was stopped. From boarding his flight home. And was charged with trying to preach religion in North Korea. Which is illegal right now Marie Hart deputy Press Secretary at the State Department is speaking with and in. As you've seen I am sure from the statement I released just. Few minutes ago out. We can't confirm that Jeffrey Fallon has been allowed to depart the DP Eric Kane is on his way home to rejoin his family we welcome that CPR case decision to release him. While this is a positive decision by the DP RK. We remain focused on it continued detention of Kenneth Bain and Matthew Miller. And again call on the deep barricade to immediately release them in the US government will continue to work actively and both of their cases. We think the government of Sweden for their tireless efforts as you know there protecting power in the DP RK. And will buy additional details about his return home when we are able to do so. We won't be able to provide a lot today and get an Easter Island route back I will attempt to answer your question. Sorry Har that the State Department and for the latest now we are joined by ABC Asia he Cho from Seoul South Korea. This sudden release of Jeffrey full surprising many here in the US do you know exactly how this all came about. It was a surprise to me as well I just heard it about half an hour ago. We don't know how it happened all we know for now is what the State Department said as the deterred. And the US does not have formal diplomatic relations with North Korea so how his release negotiated. Yes the US does not have diplomatic relations with North Korea and usually on all these negotiations are handled by Sweden. This Swedish embassy representatives they visit the seven detainees at the jail. And they interview them and they are the ones who mediate between the US and North Korea seo and asked the State Department said. It was though got the government of sweet and that negotiate the release this time to. He we saw US air force passenger jet in Pyongyang how rare of aside is that. That is very rare or apparently and eight. An American government plane in Pyongyang airport and that's how we heard the news but that was very rare but we hear that North Korea. Requested the American plane to come pick up much of three found. And can you tell us why North Korea was holding foul captive in the first place walk us through all the details. Yes he injured North Korea on April 29. And we hear the news actually in June and then apparently he went in there in a group tour. To tour the country. And their two conflicting reports that he left the Bible in his hotel room and then there's other reports from North Korea that says. He left the Bible in a nightclub. In a sucker. North Korea so we don't know have to ask Jeffrey when he comes back on that. But apparently. Nor is very sensitive over religious issues and especially bibles it's not supposed to be spread heat spreader up. And what you know about the other Americans 24 year old Matthew Miller 46 year old Kenneth day. There's still two of them are both still serving jail term at the moment with hard labor sentence. Kenneth Fahey. Was detained four taking photos of North Korean Cilic and that's all we know about what happened. And with Matt and Matthew Miller he when he lending to North Korea we heard that at the airport he just. Announced that he was he wanted to sign him but then the North Korean. Court said that he it was all planned in advance and he want to actually. Research. Human rights situation in North Korean prison so we really don't know what their truth this and that she'll have to have him when he comes back. But that's the reason why he is detain at the moment. And us from Ohio or his family waiting all these months to see him again do we know when he will arrive back home and will he be going straight home. That we don't know I think we'll have to ask the State Department to come from that. But. As long as the air plane left North Korea takes about sixteen hours. Fourteen to sixteen hours to get to Washington where Ohio so we'll probably hear from them very soon. ABC's Joseph he show in sil South Korea thank you for joining now us. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app. And star and this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Jeffrey Fowle freed after six months of captivity after being accused of \"hostile acts.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26355336","title":"Detained American Released From North Korea","url":"/US/video/detained-american-released-north-korea-26355336"}