DHS secretary, Trump to travel to US-Mexico border

Trump administration officials made the trip to oversee emergency response on the Southern border.
2:55 | 04/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DHS secretary, Trump to travel to US-Mexico border
Today in DH ace secretary Nielsen is visiting border facilities. In Yuma Arizona after spending yesterday in El Paso. This comes ahead of a planned border a visit by president trump tomorrow I wanna go to Alex Stone at near the border in California. Alex are there any updates about her visit any updates about what president trump plans to do tomorrow. Yet what we know Kimberly that the president is going to stand up a chunk of tomorrow here in California. She is in Arizona today she'll be joining him in California tomorrow. They're going to be and Plaxico about two hours east San Diego. Going to what the white house calls a new section of the border wall that. Has been built since the president has been pushing for the border wall. That's debatable and there was now stands already there they updated defense. I it is now the Bullard style this deal Bullard styled the president says seems to prefer but. There's debate over whether or not it's a new fans because there was already one there. Nonetheless the president and secretary Nielsen. Will inspect that area. They're gonna meet with Border Patrol officials and then the president will head de LA for a fund raiser but they'll be on the ground during all of this. Unknown about whether that the president is going to add to shut down the border and Plaxico very much is dependent on the border sister city across the border Mexicali there's a lot of back and forth would business would stand late. Lot of people and Plaxico don't want to see it shut down. And Alex just for clarification I mean president trumps likes to call this a crisis but in reality this is a humanitarian crisis I mean we have. My great kids who are dying from bacterial infections so elaborate on that. Well yeah both sides agree that there is eight humanitarian crisis going on in and now we're hearing from the White House and they're saying that as well as. There are families who are. Sleeping under overpasses Ian taxes. The Border Patrol is overwhelmed right now. Amid these asylum cases coming in not only here in California. But across the entire border in that something needs to be done. Wearing did series is the response to it the president talking about shutting down on the border. Democrats say no that that's the worst thing to do and that it wouldn't stop. All of these asylum cases people would just avoid those official ports of entry and they would go elsewhere and then claim asylum. And many Republicans are saying no because the cost downs of what this could be on the US over a billion dollars in trade every day. Between the US and Mexico were already here in California seeing prices. Avocados going up other foods in anticipation of what if the border shut down. I so that there's debate about how to deal with it. But both sides agree there is a humanitarian crisis Republicans say jostled a safety crisis going on along the border. All right Alex thank you so months.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Trump administration officials made the trip to oversee emergency response on the Southern border. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62169297","title":"DHS secretary, Trump to travel to US-Mexico border ","url":"/US/video/dhs-secretary-trump-travel-us-mexico-border-62169297"}