Diabetic Driver Who Fatally Hit Girl Had Previous Crash

Oregon investigators reopen case of man who lost control of his car and ran over an 11-year-old girl.
2:07 | 07/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Diabetic Driver Who Fatally Hit Girl Had Previous Crash
-- -- -- Stanley wants you to know she wasn't playing in her front yard the day she died as investigators have said. She wasn't allowed to play out there. The neighbor girl next store had left her scooter in -- -- the sweet person she is says. I'll -- -- -- -- -- bring to you and she was just coming back from that she was standing right in front of her front door. When this man crashed into her. The same man who crashed into a tree on northwest science park drive in Washington County in 2007. The police report indicates a diabetic issue then as well. This same man who told the detective after high Lee's death he has never felt low -- off while driving because of blood sugar issues. David Herman is the man a Washington County prosecutor had decided last week. Would not face criminal charges for what happened to kindly but I do thank you for bringing that to our attention. Washington county sheriff's spokesman Sargent Bob -- says since I told them about the 2007 crash. They've figured out a sheriff's investigator did run David Herman's driving record after -- died. But it's unclear what that investigators saw and how the previous crash fell through the cracks. How exactly did not come to the attention the district attorney I don't have an answer for that. But I'm glad that we have the -- now. Was it in a report that got myths or did it never make it into a written far are we not see any means written form okay. But as far as you it was viewed electronically. I do know that but it did not make it to written form to make it to the district attorney. -- Stanley says they're not out for vengeance against David Herman. -- -- -- even understands better than most the responsibility and the -- diabetics face when they drying. She understands because she has -- -- -- TO. And I carry around us dollar 99. Bottle of glucose tablets that you can get just about anywhere and make sure that I have something on hand at all times to combat -- -- if it happens nothing can bring her back. But if somebody else. Cannot make that same choice when they don't have control. And maybe had a life to be seen. When they don't have to lose their coyotes.

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{"id":19680761,"title":"Diabetic Driver Who Fatally Hit Girl Had Previous Crash","duration":"2:07","description":"Oregon investigators reopen case of man who lost control of his car and ran over an 11-year-old girl.","url":"/US/video/diabetic-driver-fatally-hit-girl-previous-crash-19680761","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}